Ready Made Squidoo Lenses & Lens Building Service (Limited Offer)

Christmas is almost upon us – have you started building your holiday lenses yet?  Do you have time to start building them now?  Traffic to Christmas themed lenses has already started to increase and the sales are picking up – are you going to get your slice?

Don’t worry – help is at hand!

How would you like to buy a ready made Squidoo lens that is ready for the Christmas rush?  These are lenses made by me and my team that are brand new, have not been promoted etc – they are fresh off the block and ready for you to take over ….

(Go to the bottom if you are looking for our Squidoo Lens building service.)

This Weeks Ready Made Squidoo Lenses For Sale

Best Girls Jewelry Boxes

Best Girls Musical Jewelry Boxes

Not just a Christmas lens (although is targeted), this lovely lens would suit anyone looking to expand upon gift lenses.

Again, if you are interested in this lens it is on a ‘first come first served’ basis.  Send me in your request via email ( and I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal, you then have an hour to reply or it goes to the next person.

Best Girls Musical Jewelry Boxes$75

Ready Made Squidoo Lenses

Best Newborn Baby Christmas Dresses

Ideal for anyone who has an interest in baby clothes – there is so much scope with this lens to expand on.

If you are interested in purchasing this lens it’s on a ‘first come first served’ basis.  Send me in your request via email ( and I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal, you then have an hour to reply or it goes to the next person.

Best Newborn Baby Christmas DressesSOLD!

More coming soon ….

Squidoo Lens Building Service

Do you want to cash in with Squidoo but just never find the time to get started?  Perhaps you want to drive more traffic but don’t want to learn how to use it?  Regardless of your reasons, this lens building service is just what you need!

How long have you had Squidoo on your ‘to do’ list but just never seem to get around to getting started?  Most people want to harness the power of Squidoo yet don’t want to spend hours or even days learning how to use the site.  Now you don’t have to 🙂

I’ve decided to build a handful of Squidoo lenses for people – the last time I did this was more than three years ago!  It sold out within hours and this is the first time since then that it’s being repeated.  It will not be around for long and I have no idea when it will be repeated again (if ever).

This really is a one off and I cannot say if it will ever be repeated but what I do know is that when I build a lens, it’s done right.  I’ve been using Squidoo for more than four years and have built hundreds of my own lenses, and built a lot more for other people – let’s not even count the number of lenses that I have helped on in some way.

If you want to get your own Squidoo lens without the hassle of learning how to use Squidoo, finding out what works and what doesn’t, writing 100% unique content plus loads more, take advantage of this offer now.

Check out a handful of my lenses now to see the type of quality you’ll be getting – at my Squidoo Queen account.

Our Terms For Custom Made Squidoo Lenses

Please ensure that your niche does not fall into Squid Don’t.

Remember, this offer will not last long and will be taken down without notice.  The price will go up after 24 hours if the offer has not been taken down within that time.  Please do not think that this is a false promise, it is not and you WILL miss out on it if you don’t act fast.

There is no way for me to tell if your niche and/or keywords are going to be profitable.  I have no way of knowing if your Squidoo lens will make any money at all, all I can do is to build you a lens that is not in violation of Squidoo and their terms and conditions.  It is your responsibility to do all/any niche research.  There are no refunds given on custom Squidoo lenses.

Who Builds Your Custom Lenses?

There is a team of four people working on custom lenses (including me, Kelly Stone) and one of them will work on your lens under direct supervision from me.

No lens is completed until it has been checked by myself so you always know that you are getting a quality lens.

What You Get When You Buy A Custom Made Squidoo Lens

One lens, one keyword phrase, one product type.  This is as simple as it gets.  You let me know your keyword phrase and the product you want to target and I’ll build your lens around it.

You’ll have the following modules in your lens …..

  • Three 100% unique text modules (including your introduction.)
  • One poll module (if suitable)
  • Between one and three Amazon/eBay modules (if applicable)
  • One Guestbook

Each lens will be …..

  • A blog post will be made on one of my blogger accounts (great for getting indexed fast)
  • Five quality social bookmarks (the only ones that really count)
  • Twitter mentions at least twice over 5 days
  • Facebook liked and posted to my account
  • Each backlink from the above is then pinged – along with your lens

How Much Does A Custom Lens Cost?

Each Custom Lens Costs $50 (unless you want more work doing in which case you need to contact us before purchase).  You can buy your cus

Buy Custom Lenses

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