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Some of you may have noticed that my Squidoo activity seemed to go a little quiet over the last few months and to be honest – it kinda did!  I never once stopped using it but I did have an issue with it, some of my most highest earning lenses were locked and then deleted.

Luckily what I teach (never put all your eggs in one basket) meant that I was able to recover much of the lost revenue from other places, but I did lose around 10% and I took it badly!  Like a small child that wasn’t getting her own way I was throwing a little tantrum and felt that my lenses were NOT in breach of any T&C and had already had them unlocked four times previously – showing that they were good quality lenses that for some reason kept getting caught up in the nets.

Anyway, what is done is done and a few weeks ago I went back to building some lenses for one of my new projects – things have been changing over there!  I’m now back and encouraged to build many more new lenses – go and check out the monsters 🙂

Squidoo Queen Lenses

Not only is Squidoo going to help you make money online, you also get to have loads of fun in the process – it can quickly become addicting 🙂

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