You CAN Do It All …. When You Learn To Hustle

September 30, 2008

Social Marketing

Today I got my daily dose of ProBlogger delivered to my inbox and saw something that has taken a good two hours out of my day.  I would normally be telling you that this is BAD news and something that you need to avoid – I always go on about staying focused and not letting things distract you.  This was GREAT news for me though.  I found out about someone that I had never heard of before, this one person has got me very excited about the new things that I am working on right now.

In fact, I am THAT excited about what this guy can do for YOU, that I have scrapped some boring post that I was writing this morning and have got this one ready to go.  Now this isn’t going to cost you a penny, you just go and watch some of the videos on his site and you will see what I mean.

My favourite one, which I think will benefit a lot of you here, is this one on working really hard, balancing your time etc.  You can view the ‘You can do it all’ video here.  Then you should spend some time listening to what this guy has to say.

So who is this guy?  His name is Gary Vaynerchuk.  Some of you are going to have come across him before, some of you wont have.  I hadn’t until today and I’m sorry that I didn’t find him earlier.  I guarantee that you are going to be seeing and hearing much more from him in the coming months.

I’m sure that there are going to be lots of you saying things after watching the ‘You can do it all’ video like “But you said it would be easy Kelly” ….


I have said this about Squidoo marketing, internet marketing and niche marketing.  The principles behind them, basic marketing skills are easy and once you have them in place, you can reap the rewards for a long time to come.  Work you do now will continue to work for you for months or maybe years to come.

My view is this …  Once you learn how to market on Squidoo or Facebook or any of the other social marketing sites out there, you can bring in a great income.  BUT … what if that income was gone one day?  What if Squidoo stopped allowing links etc – trust me, stranger things have happened.  Your whole income has just been wiped out.  I work really hard, I manage my time and I continue to build my income streams.  There is no way I would leave my income open to attack.

Most of you will know this and I think that Gary will show those of you who are struggling that it can be done and this guy is worth listening to.  How many people have you heard me rave about?  I don’t, I’m more likely to try and rip them apart or expose them for scamming people. 

Listen, learn and implement.

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One Response to “You CAN Do It All …. When You Learn To Hustle”

  1. Jennifer Clements Says:

    I LOVED this guy – thanks Kelly, as normally really great recommendation.

    Jen x