Why Is My Squidoo Lens Not Getting Traffic?

November 1, 2010

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So you’ve spent time and energy building your Squidoo lenses only to find that no one else but you is there reading all your hard work!  So what can you do if your Squidoo lens is not getting any traffic?

A top tip for increasing your Squidoo lens traffic is to make sure that your lens is ready to receive the traffic in the first place.  You can read more about getting your lens in tip top condition at my lens How To Get More Squidoo Traffic.

Squidoo Lens Traffic

Another great tool for helping you get the best from your lens is Squidutils health checker – a great tool for helping you get some essential parts right.  It’s easy to become a little obsessed with this tool and you do need to just tackle one step at a time and not feel overwhelmed.

You know that you have achieved something when all the right hand side come back “Okay” like the image.

It took me quite a while to get through all my lenses but when I did it was fantastic.  

Another great tip is to understand that your lens is not going to be built, ranking in Google and making sales within a few hours.  Just like Google, Squidoo lenses take time to settle, you’ll probably notice that they can climb fairly fast in the first few days and then start to ease off.

So long as you keep working on your lens and trying to improve there is no reason why you won’t see good results.  Just remember that lenses (just like blogs) can go up and down in Google too – this could be down to nothing that you can identify.  I’ve had lenses that were pulling in hundreds of visitors per day just drop off the radar only to appear a few days or even weeks later as if nothing had happened!

Keep working hard on your lenses and aim to provide quality – good luck in getting traffic to your Squidoo lenses!

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10 Responses to “Why Is My Squidoo Lens Not Getting Traffic?”

  1. Roland Leveille Says:

    Great tips Kelly. Squidoo is still as much fun as it ever was! Your blog looks great.


  2. bambang Says:

    nice tips and very useful for me, thank you very much 🙂

  3. Kelly Says:

    I hope that you put them to good use – nothing worse than knowing ‘how’ to do something and not putting it to good use 🙂

  4. hans@mobil ideal indonesia Says:

    Hi kelly, thanks for your suggestion tools, I don’t hear that tool yet before.
    I understand now why squidoo doesn’t effective for boosting my blog. once again thanks and I’ll try soon, see you 🙂

  5. Elizabeth Sheppard Says:

    I will be going to Squid Utilities very soon, and checking all my lenses. Thanks for the great advice!

  6. Charles Somer Says:

    Great stuff.

    I have two lenses that are dead in the water. Here’s hoping your tips will help me out,


  7. daveM Says:

    Thanks so much for all the work you have out into your sharing of ideas for bloggers and squidoo peeps.

    I have learned a lot from your work.


  8. Linda Says:

    Hi, Kelly,
    I am focusing on Squidoo for the time being. I thought I already knew a lot, and I guess I do know more than some, but this post has really opened my eyes about a few things. I knew about SquidUtils, but did not realize that it would help me determine what I need to do to update my lenses.
    Thank you!


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