Why Checking Your Squidoo Stats Makes You Money

October 9, 2012

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Checking Squidoo StatsIf something isn’t going quite to plan or you think that something should be working better than it is – find out why and make sure that you start with the basics first, it’s probably going to be something silly that you have overlooked.

Recently I was looking at my Amazon earnings and noticed that there was a lot of ‘clicks’ coming from one of my Squidoo lenses but only a couple of sales – the traffic was converting really badly so I started looking into it.

After a few days of scratching my head wondering what I could have been doing wrong, I went in and checked my Squidoo stats – something that I’d not bothered with at first because I could see that traffic was coming to the lens from my dashboard and new that they were clicking through to Amazon.


The answer was right there and it was such a silly mistake to have made that I’m actually embarrassed to admit it!

Squidoo Stats

Squidoo Amazon Links

I can see that I’m getting a lot of traffic from Google and it actually took me a few minutes to realise what I had been missing – the lens was aimed at the UK market!

Squidoo Amazon Links

The traffic that I was sending over to Amazon from my links were nearly always in the US (most Google.com traffic is the US) and my links were pointing to Amazon.co.uk!  How many sales had I missed over the years?

Once I realised how stupid I had been I changed the links to Amazon.com and within two days my sales were showing up – 6 sales in two days.

Even though my Squidoo lens had been getting good traffic for a few years, because the commission on the product that it promoted was low I just let it fade into the background.  Those low commission items can make all the difference – lots of small commissions soon add up and help push your commission rate up.

It’s worth checking your Squidoo stats to see if you’ve missed something basic!


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9 Responses to “Why Checking Your Squidoo Stats Makes You Money”

  1. Rich Roller Says:

    Love it!

    Something so simple but I have to be ghonest, I dont know if I would have thought about that. I thought that amazon worked wherev er you were??

    • Kelly Stone Says:

      You need to sign up with the Amazon site that you want to send traffic to.

      I’m only with Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk – there are quite a few available to you though.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Hahaha 🙂

    Excellent post. I just went and checked some of my older lenses and can see that it might help them. Two of my lenses could do with some kind of help, they get traffic but no sales so I’ll let you know if this changes anything.

    Thanks for the tip Kelly.

  3. Squidoo User Says:

    Kelly this is something that I’d never thought of before. Thank you for sharing, it will take me hours to check mine now to make sure that I couldnt be making more sales 🙁

  4. Steph Says:

    I would have never thought of that! I’m going to check that now.


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