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February 11, 2008

Social Marketing

We are all aware of how things are changing online …

We are all aware of how many people are excited by Web 2.0 & Social Marketing …

We are all aware of how important this is for our marketing efforts and marketing business …

Or are we?

Since I have started speaking about my new product that is launching this week, the emails that have come flooding in all center on one thing … Can you clarify how this works Kelly.  Or, Explain to me how this is going to change my marketing.

Answering all of these emails has given me a case of sore fingers from all the typing, so I decided to give you all a report that lets you know exactly how this is going to help you, how it can change businesses overnight and why YOU should be getting involved now.

It also lets you know about the dangers that are lurking behind social sites!

In short, this report is something that you should be reading.  You can download your copy by right clicking below and ‘saving target as …’

Download Your Report On Web 2.0 & Social Marketing Here

I also want you to go through the blog and look at a post I made a while ago about using Digg to get free traffic to your blog.  I admit in that post that not many of my posts were getting dugg, things are changing on that front, with some of my posts getting 6+ diggs.  Not much compared to hundreds of other sites, but still on the up  🙂 

Later this week, I’m going to let you guys have another report that lets you know the process that I have started to use to increase these diggs.  Well worth reading!

Keep checking back daily as things are starting to hot up around here!

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9 Responses to “Web 2.0 & Social Marketing Free Report”

  1. cashflowin Says:

    Thanks for the free report Kelly,
    Just like your book Squidoo Queen it’s a no nonsense report filled with no fluff info that anyone can use to be successful online Thanks again.

  2. Marvin Says:

    I’m a way behind. my site has 60 pages to uploaded and I’m a newbi. I’m still looking for a decent professional webmaster to help me finish this job and other web wizards income.
    BUT; when ever I see your Name on my screen, immdiately I click on it
    U’re great!
    Thank you

  3. scotia williams Says:

    i scotia, want&needs to let the people of kelly stone, readers no that she works,countless hours,for others, like me & all off u out there, sit,and think for a second without out KELLY STONE,were would we be?doing? to make that dollar….. so stone, i deeply thank-u for ur kind hearted,and very hard work trying to help and do ur very best for us all god bless u,ur the “”B E S T”” :roll: from scotia a williams.

  4. dailygratitudejournal Says:

    😀 Thanks for offering this report. This is an area I am trying to learn more about for a few reasons.

    1 to promote my sites
    2 to know what my kids are up too.

    I will come back and post more once I have a chance to look at your report.


  5. malcolms Says:

    Kelly thanks for the great information you provide. It is just annoying the way your blog displays on Firefox. 🙁 Still read it though 😀

  6. Kelly Says:

    @ cashflowin: Thanks, I try to make sure that I don’t create a report that is full of fluff and filler just to make it BIGGER and BETTER!

    Quite often – less is more. Thanks for your comments.

    @ Marvin: Thank you for your kind words – now get back to work! :mrgreen:

    @ dailygratitudejournal: There are a few sites that my children can use better than me! The power that these sites offer us as marketers is amazing and something that EVERYONE should be learning and harnessing for their own marketing.

    @ Malcoms + All Firefox Users: I am really sorry about this – I thought that it had been fixed 😕 . The new blog should be up and running in a week or so and we shouldn’t have this problem then!

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to let me know.

  7. WealthyMind9 Says:

    Kelly, thanks one more time for allowing us to have access to this report. That is a mark of a leader. This marketing journey is an ongoing process. We often need to pause and reflect on how we did things previously. The point being made here is that everyday is a new day, and a new learning experience, therefore, the potential for growth is endless, we just have to dive into the information. :roll: :roll:

  8. Kelly Says:

    @ WealthyMind9 : Thank you for your kind comments … Taking the information you have and working with it is key. More importantly you need to take action and really go with it.

    The more action you take the quicker you will see results … This means an better income for you 🙂

  9. www.go2fish.com Says:

    hey kelly ,

    thi is a great report..thanks for all teh work you do for us.