The Squidoo Slap?

December 3, 2007

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For a few months now I keep hearing people talk about the Squidoo Slap as if it was some major incident – I guess it was if you were a spammer!  For my members though it was nothing more than a ‘glitch’ in the system.

Over at Squidoo Queen V2.1 we are only encouraging people to build a lens that is going to last and provide people with what they want to read.  Squidoo got slapped by Google purely because it didn’t keep it’s house in order.  If I was to start throwing rave parties each week at my house, the police would soon have something to say on the matter 🙂

Basically Squidoo made the process of building a lens so simple that everyone jumped on board.  People saw an opportunity to turn Squidoo into a cash cow and they abused it – big time.

By the time that Squidoo had managed to catch up with these people it was too late.  Google got there first.  They stopped the traffic that they were sending and told Squidoo to tighten it’s belt.  Squidoo, in all fairness, did this straight away.  They acted swiftly and took action.

I know that only two of my lenses moved, one fell three places, the other one fell four.  Overall though, my traffic didn’t suffer.  Only a handful of my members reported anything worse than that – some of them admitted that they hadn’t really created a great lens anyway.

Within two weeks of the slap taking place, every one’s lenses were starting to stabilise again.  Not one of my members reported losing any money that they were making!  Everything is well again over at camp Squidoo 🙂

The thing that really makes me laugh is that people will tell you that Squidoo is dead.  It’s normally the same people that tell you that Adsense is dead, AdWords died years ago and that affiliate marketing is coming to an end.  It’s just not true.

Ezinearticles have been slapped by Google along with lots of other high traffic sites.  They all come back up the rankings after cleaning their house.  It’s just how Google gets the best search results, they make sure that sites have great content and if they have – they reward you for it. 

All in all, Squidoo is very much alive and kicking – if you look closely you’ll even see some of those ‘bigger’ marketers creeping back in 😉

With all the spammers gone the field is level again and open for everyone to get in.  Are you going to let this major platform get past you?


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