Testing Your New Niche Market

December 17, 2008

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Once you have found a new niche that looks like it’s going to be a profitable one don’t make the mistake of jumping straight in without doing some testing first.  I’ve been hearing lots of talk lately of people using Adwords to test out their new niche – others are claiming that they don’t do anything at all other than build a site around the niche.

Both of these options seem like a LOT of work to me that could be a complete waste of time if the niche turns out to not be as profitable as first thought.  If you like building sites and are good at it, then all well and good, personally I would rather be building sites and blogs around a niche that I have researched a little more.

One of the best ways to see if a niche is worth building a whole campaign around is to use Squidoo a few good tips for using Squidoo and some articles.  With an hours worth of work, we can quickly see if a niche is looking profitable enough to dedicate a whole site or blog to it.

Research your new niche well.  Look at the sponsored listings on Google to see if there are people spending money to advertise in that niche.  Check to see how many competing sites there are.  Find some good solid keywords to build your lens around.

Check to see that there is a good affiliate program open for your niche and research that too.  There is nothing worst than realising that the affiliate program you are using is rubbish and never pays anyone.

Then go to Squidoo and build a lens around your keywords.  Once you have done this, write a few articles and push some traffic to the lens.  Remember that you can continue to work on your lens as you go but don’t use that as an excuse to throw together a spammy looking lens that offers the reader nothing.  A well written lens can do you more good than a website or blog when done right.

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One Response to “Testing Your New Niche Market”

  1. PotPieGirl Says:

    Hi Kelly =)

    Great post and I totally agree. Squidoo is a wonderful place to test a niche market. I do it all the time.

    Sure, PPC is another good option, but that takes money. Testing the profitability of a niche market with PPC can also turn out to be a very expensive lesson =)


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