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May 14, 2012

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Buy Squidoo LensesIt’s not often that I make a post stating ‘Squidoo Lenses for sale’.  The last time I sold some was probably more than two years ago!  All of these lenses are offered on a first come first served basis so if you are interested in one of them you need to act fast.

If you want to buy one of these Squidoo Lenses here’s how it happens ….

  1. Decide on the lens you are interested in from the lenses listed below.
  2. Email me at kelly[@]kelly-stone.com letting me know your PAYPAL email address and the lens that you want to buy.
  3. I send you a PayPal invoice for the lens (until you have sent the funds the lens is open to anyone else) which you need to send back ASAP.
  4. I’ll send you an email once payment is received asking for some details about your Squidoo account etc.
  5. There is the option to leave it with me and have me update your lens on a regular basis and mention it on Facebook from time to time.  This is discussed in my email to you.
  6. I transfer the lens to your Squidoo account.

That’s it!

Squidoo Lenses Available To Buy

The lenses below were all built by me – some have been promoted a little, some had nothing at all done to them and some are getting traffic etc.  This is reflected in the price, the one’s with the most traffic and/or sales are in the top band etc.

$150 Squidoo Lenses For Sale

SOLD – Present Ideas For Sisters – A seasonal lens, this lens BOOMs at Christmas and makes sales via Amazon and via the lens itself.  Through the rest of the year there is some traffic coming through and some random sales.

SOLD – Another seasonal lens, this lens really takes off at Christmas but does well all year round.  Sales are made via Amazon and made all year.

SOLD – This lens gets heaps of traffic but has yet to be monetised.  The new owner could easily do this by adding in some Amazon links or even their own product links.

$99 Squidoo Lenses For Sale

Cheap Canvas Wardrobes – This lens has had no promotion done to it yet does get some traffic through.  It has made a few random sales last year.

Brad Pitt Films – This lens has had no promotion done to it but it does receive a small amount of traffic.  Any Brad Pitt fan could give this the attention and promtion that it deserves.

SOLD – This lens has had a little promotion done but needs more to get it to where it should be.  The new owner would have a really popular lens if they took the time on this lens.

SOLD – Lego Agents – This lens has had no promotion done to it yet also gets some traffic through.  Aimed at the UK market it’s links point to Amazon UK, the new owner could easily change this to Amazon.com.

SOLD – No promotion has been done to this lens but the url itself would benefit a keen new owner.  This lens started out as a hobby lens and did make some sales in the early days.

$50 Squidoo Lenses For Sale

List Building Tips – This lens just sort of got forgotten along the way and never had any promotion done.  It is linked to via other lenses so wouldn’t take much to get it back to where it deserves to be.  This lens does get a little traffic.

What Is Affiliate Marketing – Again, this lens just seems to get forgotten about.  Some traffic does come through although no promotion has been done.

SOLD – This lens was made and then forgotten about.  There was no promotion done at all although there is a trickle of traffic.

SOLD – Digital Photo Frames – This lens has had no promotion done to it but does get a tiny amount of traffic.

SOLD – This lens was made and then forgotten about.  There was no promotion done at all although there is a trickle of traffic.

Susan Boyle – This lens was made and forgotten – no promotion and is aimed at the UK market.  The new owner could easily change that to US.  There is a small amount of traffic to this lens.

SOLD – This lens was made and then forgotten about.  There was no promotion done at all although there is a trickle of traffic.

SOLD – This lens was made and then forgotten about.  There was no promotion done at all although there is a trickle of traffic.

Please note that other lenses are not for sale as these are existing customers that I maintain for them OR that I still use myself.  If you are aware of my other Squidoo accounts, please note that those lenses are not for sale either.

I’m getting a LOT of emails asking me if/when I will be releasing more lenses or custom building again.  Let me know what niche you want to see more readymade lenses in or if you would be interested in the custom lens building below.

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12 Responses to “Squidoo Lenses For Sale”

  1. LannaP Says:

    Hey Kelly. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the lenses that I got from you this morning. I know that they are going to fit nicely into my marketing plan. These must make the amount of lenses that I have purchased from you around the 20 mark!

    Over the years you really have helped me out no end. Your lenses have always been amazing value or helped me out in terms of time etc. Thank you and remember to let me know if/when you start making them to order again.

    The Squidoo Learner

    • Kelly Stone Says:

      No problem Lanna – it’s always a really easy process working with you. I have to say that you have got to be one of my best customers for lenses, I think there is only one other person who owns more!

      You are at the top of my list should I start building to order again. Take care x

  2. George 'SEO' Marrow Says:


    Just sent you through the money. Look forward to getting the lens – do you know how long this takes? Sorry for all my questions, I just get a little worried with new things.


    • Kelly Stone Says:

      No problem George – I’ve just sent you another email and have already sent the lens over to you. It’s instant (more or less) and you should get an email direct from Squidoo, I’ve covered what you do in the email. Let me know if you have any more questions and I’ll get back to you 🙂

      • George 'SEO' Marrow Says:

        Great customer service!

        I only stumbled over your site less than a week ago and have spent a lot of time going through the material you have here. Although I could instantly see how profitable Squidoo can be, I just don’t have the time to learn something new. I for one, would be first to sign up for a custom lens so please let me know should you start them up again.

        With much respect,

        • Kelly Stone Says:

          Thank you so much George, you’ve acted with caution and that is a good thing. I’m pleased that you’ve been enjoying the posts and found them informative – it’s always nice to hear.

          Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.


  3. Rich Roller Says:

    Should have been quicker I guess!

    I’d like to see more PLR material from you personally. Anything that falls under the ‘make money’ niche I’d buy off you.

  4. Tony Payne Says:

    Good Luck with the sales, looks like you are doing ok so far.

    Aftyer 4 1/2 years on Squidoo I have yet to consider selling any of my lenses, but if the price was right I might think about it in the future.

    Certainly if a lens earns me $100 a year, I couldn’t consider selling it for less than 3 years earnings, since in the long term it’s going to earn me more than I can make from selling it.

    • Kelly Stone Says:

      Totally understand where you’re coming from Tony but with me I had so many lenses at some points that just updating some of them can feel like a full time job. I only keep the ones that make me enough money or send me enough traffic to be worthwhile – I’m happy to let the rest go 😉

      Take care.

  5. Colleen Says:

    Hi there Kelly I am interested in your gifts for sisters lens. Can you please send me some stats to supportAT60minuteaffiliate.com



    • Kelly Stone Says:

      Hi Colleen, I’m really sorry but I’ve sold that lens now. I’ve been away for a bit and didn’t update this page when I got back a few days ago. I’ll go and update it shortly, sorry about that.

      Thanks for your interest though.

      Take care