Squidoo Lens + Backlinks = Some Serious Money

May 17, 2008

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Following on from my post about why backlinks are important and my top 7 tips for building backlinks, I want to explain to you WHY backlinks and Squidoo lenses are so powerful.  Google uses an extremely complex set of rules in it’s ranking algorithm when it shows search results, but one of the things that is widely known is building backlinks works.

Google themselves have stated time and time again that backlinks, or sites linking to your site will play one of the biggest parts in your site getting shown when someone searches.  You can read more about what Google says about backlinks in their article.

Now that we know that Google is encouraging us to get backlinks, you can see why Squidoo and backlinks could be a potential goldmine.  Google ranks Squidoo highly already and some of that Google love will be seen on your lens once it becomes established.  Now all you need to do is get some strong quality backlinks to your Squidoo lens and you have a recipe for success.

Although backlinks are encouraged and can be very beneficial to your lens, you do need to know that not all links to your lens are going to be worth the effort in getting them……

Not All Backlinks Are Created Equally – Some Our Outright Dangerous!

The worst thing you can do now is to run off and try and gather as many backlinks as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.  This will instantly act against you.  The problem starts because Google wants these links to happen because you have quality information to offer the reader.  They feel that content with quality, unique information on it will be linked to naturally by others.  They are MUCH smarter than people give them credit for and know all the tricks that some people will use.

If Google thinks that you are getting links from something that they don’t approve of then you could well end up being punished rather than rewarded by being shown in the search results. 

With this in mind it’s no wonder that just ONE backlink from a respectable site will count for more than 50 backlinks from sites that are bad. 

What Makes A Good Site For Backlinks To Your Squidoo Lens?

One of the biggest myths out there is that sites with a high page rank will count for a lot towards a quality backlink.  You could well secure yourself a backlink from a site with a page rank of 8 to your Squidoo lens but if it’s not relevant then it’s a pointless backlink.

A relevant backlink simply means a backlink on a page that is relevant to the content it’s linking to.  For example, this page could (theoretically) have a page rank of 6 but if I link to a site about car dealers on this page about Squidoo and backlinks, the link is NOT relevant and wont really do much for car dealer site.

With a site that has a lower page rank of say 2, if they have a post that is also to do with the same subject and they link to you in that post, well, that just counted a lot more than the link from the site with a page rank of 6.

Throwing A Spanner In The Works

Just when you thought you had it all worked out, I’m about to throw a spanner in the works!  Just because you have a link from a site that is relevant to your Squidoo lens, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a successful link.  The site linking to you could be considered as a ‘bad neighbourhood’ which basically means a site that is being punished by Google for not coming up to standard.  In other words they are doing something wrong.

There are plenty of tools that you can use to see if a site you want to link to or get a link from is considered a bad neighborhood – a simple search on Google will give you plenty to choose from.

Google does understand though that you have no control over who is linking to you.  You will only be in trouble if you are linking to that site from yours.  Always check on a regular basis to make sure that a site is not going downhill, if it shows signs of spamming, not much content or turning into a site with hundreds of outbound links – drop it!

How You Can Help Yourself Build Strong Backlinks To Your Squidoo Lenses

If you are working on building strong backlinks to your Squidoo lens then you can start by helping yourself.  If you are doing article marketing in order to get traffic to your lens, then make sure that you link your article to your lens the right way.

Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way!  Your link should contain your keywords to show Google that it’s a relevant backlink to your Squidoo lens.  For example, if I write something along the lines of “to read more click here” and link the click here, Google wont know what the link is about.  If I write something like “to read more on Squidoo and Backlinks click here” and I make the ‘Squidoo and Backlinks click here’ a link, Google is going to know exactly what the link is for as it has my keywords in it.

If you create five or six article that are pointing to your Squidoo lens don’t use the same text to link to them over and over again, use different keywords to show Google that you have different people seeing different things.

Once you have your articles pointing to your Squidoo lens creating some quality backlinks you should consider creating a blog on the subject too.  A blog is very search engine friendly and you can create links to your Squidoo lens and articles from their.  You can send your traffic to both your lens and articles which will push your ranks up on all of them.

So long as you are creating quality, unique content on each one of these, you can quickly start to build up traffic, backlinks that are worth something and rank with the search engines.  So although it all sounds a little daunting, the effort you put in now will serve you well in the future.  Your Squidoo lenses could also be counting towards your backlinks too, so remember to link them together in the text and also on the lensroll.

If you are using Squidoo to make money, then I am sure you can see why using Squidoo and backlinks will be able to make you some serious money when you use it correctly.  Start building your own strong backlinks to your Squidoo lenses and watch your income start to rise.

You can also find out what else will help you get your lens listed in Google with this Squidoo lens. 

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12 Responses to “Squidoo Lens + Backlinks = Some Serious Money”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Hi Jennifer

    No problems at all – glad I can help.

    Squidutils is a great tool that you can use to find your backlinks but it’s much more than that too. The tools that it offers are great for lensmasters to use to not only check their stats, ping their lenses and build amazon links (with their own amazon associates links) it offers you a whole platform to use. Next week we are lucky enough to have an interview with the owner so watch out for that one!

    Backlinks are really powerful when they are used right and Google seems to rank them above a lot of other things. If you have a relevant lens with strong backlinks you are certainly on the right track to a successful lens!

    Keep going with your lenses and keep us informed of your progress.


  2. Jennifer Clements Says:

    Hello Kelly, I have to say that I am really enjoying these posts you are making on Squidoo marketing. I’m learning so much each and every time you do one. The backlinks are a little bit of a mystery to me so I am really glad that you have taken the time to spell it out in a way that everyone can understand. I hope that I have not taken up too much of your time with my questions on backlinks or forced you to make this post when you should have your feet up on a weekend!

    Thank you for taking the time to help us out. I also checked out squid utiles like you told me to. Unfortunately it seems that my lenses don’t have any backlinks yet! Oh well, I’ll keep on going like you have told me.

    Jen x

  3. Jamma Says:

    I always feel that I should comment when you make a post Kelly, but sometimes I just don’t have anything to add to it apart from letting you know that I have found it really helpful. Don’t want you to think that I am spamming your blog though 😮

    Anyways, great post as usual and I think it’s a great lesson for us Squidoo users to learn. I’m almost done with the work you wanted for part five of the course.

    Cheers Kelly,


  4. Kelly Says:


    Jamma you have not even linked one of your lenses to your profile so spamming is going to be VERY unlikely from you 😆 Comment spam is more when people post things like “thanks” or “I have a similar post at http://www…...” etc

    Continuing a conversation is fine and very welcome, so please don’t be put off from posting. Looking forward to the article you are doing for me.


    Thanks for your comments too, please don’t worry about spamming, like Jamma you also don’t have a link to publicise.

    Jamma is talking about his contribution to part 5, he is one of the people who made money in week two so I have asked him to contribute to part 5 of the course. Don’t worry, you’ve not missed it. With other people making some contributions it can take a little longer to bring everything together, as soon as it’s done I’ll send you an email.


  5. Gary Says:


    I am in a similar situation to Jamma…I just wanted to let you know that I am learning so much here.

    PS. I’m, panicking, have I missed part 5? I’ve been watching out for it every day and desperate for the next stage. Have I missed something as I see Jamma is already working on part 5?

  6. Tony Says:

    Hi Kelly great post again, your information regarding backlinks is very well done. I always look forward receiving your post on my e-mail, until next time.

    Tony 😆 😆

  7. Stefani Says:

    Great information here. I am just beginning to build my Squidoo empire!

  8. Joe Russ Says:

    Love your articles! I’ve been reading them all morning. Trying to get the hang of linking. Keep up the goog work.

  9. Mark Daymond Says:

    Thank you for a really useful post. I am just starting out trying to make money with Squidoo and I feel I need all the help I can get!!

    Mark Daymonds last blog post..Help Me Achieve a Top 100 Squidoo Lens

  10. Michael Bee Says:

    Hi Kelly!
    Thanks for the information about backlinks. Now I am on the right way
    to make some extra cash online. My goal is to create at least 50 lenses
    by the end of November.

    Peace, Love & Joy to You !
    Michael B

  11. Bob Blick Says:


    You offer very top notch information. I purchased your book on Squidoo and I highly recommend it to anyone reading this. Make certain you follow her blog as well. Let me tell you, don’t start another Squidoo lens without reading it. I have 14 at the moment and I immediately made some changes to many of them.

  12. goacom Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Actually I came here to check how backlinks from squidoo could help my blog. However I have learnt a few other things which I had not known earlier.

    The part about linking to a bad neighbourhood site is something I find quite strange. How do we continuosly keep tabs on sites which may have gone bad and we are linking to them on reciprocal basis?

    I guess keeping eyes wide open is very important to maintain your place up there in the rankings and avoid getting punished.

    goacoms last blog post..Portuguese passport for Goans – why Portugal insists on "original document"