Squidoo Experts – TheFluffanutta Exposed!

July 6, 2008

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Perhaps the word ‘exposed’ is a little harsh, but basically I have been lucky enough to get an interview with Squidoo’s very own Fluffanutta.  For anyone who has been using Squidoo for any length of time, I should imagine that you would have come across him at some point, either in the Squidoo forums or one of his lenses – oh, and there is always SquidUtils that the Fluffanutta runs.

When I contacted him and asked him to do the interview he was really keen to go ahead and was totally honest in his answers.  I think we could all do with seeing some more people like him over at Squidoo.  Not only does he give us access to some amazing tools over at SquidUtils, he gives it to us free and replies on donations to maintain the site.

It’s rare to see anyone give so freely and with such honesty and integrity.  Once you see just how much help this guy gives out, you will soon find yourself getting lost in the mass of lenses that he has created – every last one of them is top notch and jam packed full of helpful information.

Here’s the interview ….

Q.  Can you tell us what you class yourself as (internet marketer, designed, programmer, affiliate marketer etc) and what does it mean you do?

A.  I am a programmer – I’ve been doing it for 20 years, and it is also my career. I enjoy building little programs and scripts to solve problems, or to provide new functionality. I also do a bit of web designing on the side.

Q.  How long did it take you to design and build squidutils?

A.  SquidUtils was built up gradually over time; when it started, it didn’t even have it’s own domain, but I had already put together the Lensmaster feeds and Amazon Link generator. After a while, it was clear that it needed it’s own site, and SquidUtils grew from there. It is constantly being tweaked and
improved, and occasionally I add new features to it as well.

Q.  How long have you been using Squidoo?

A.  I joined in September, 2006. I have around 50 lenses now (I have sold quite a few).

Q.  How much money are you making directly through Squidoo?

A.  I’m getting a steady $200+ every month from Squidoo, which is topped up a little by other affiliate programs, mainly Amazon and ClickBank.

Q.  How long did it take you before you started to make money on Squidoo?

A.  A few months. I think I started to get payments near the beginning of 2007, and they were doubling every month. By the middle of 2007, the payments were perhaps approaching $100, and the release of the Harry Potter book helped (I had a lens on it).

Q.  Which function on Squidutils is your favorite?

A.  Hmm… good question. I think my favourite function is the one that hasn’t been officially released yet, so my next favourite would have to be the Amazon Link generator – I’m pleased how well it turned out.

Q.  Would you recommend people to use Squidoo as a marketing tool?

A.  Yes? I have to confess, I’m not really into the whole marketing thing, but I have had some successes using lenses as landing pages.

Q.  How would you best describe Squidoo to someone who doesn’t know about it?

A.  It is a information site, where ‘experts’ can write about what they know, and others can come find the answers to their questions. It also provides a way to sell products and earn revenue. I think it is an ideal platform for beginners who are new to affiliate marketing.

Q.  Squidutils is free do you have any plans to change this?

A.  It is free, though there is a Donation button for any Lensmasters who wish to support it. I have considered extending it to have extra cool features for subscribers, but I haven’t come up with any yet. We will have to see…

Q.  What are you working on at the moment with Squidutils?

A.  I am most excited by a tool I am working on which will automatically check your lens for common mistakes. Things like missing photos, poor Primary tags, short descriptions and no backlinks. It is still in Beta version, and I’ll probably be asking for more testers soon. There are more things that need to be added to it before it can be released officially.

Q.  What difference is there with your amazon tool and the amazon module on Squidoo?

A.  I created this tool after the support for IFrames was removed from Squidoo. I wanted to continue using the Product Links from Amazon on my lenses, and this tool is the result of that.

There are two main differences: firstly, it looks different and it can be inserted into a Text module with the text wrapping around it. Secondly, you can use your own Amazon Associate ID, and potentially make more money. The pros and cons of this are discussed on this lens [http://www.squidoo.com/amazon-links].

I think that everyone reading this will agree that the fluffanutta has a lot to offer us as lensmasters and I would like to thank him for taking the time to do this interview with us. 

Once you go and look at some of the tools that SquidUtils offers, I think you will all be bookmarking it for future use.  Remember to let others know about it!  Over the next few weeks I’ll be going into more detail on each of the functions that it offers and how they will benefit you.

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23 Responses to “Squidoo Experts – TheFluffanutta Exposed!”

  1. Highest CD Rates Says:

    Great interview, thanks for all of the straight talk. Fluff’s tools are great and he is very helpful if you happen to catch him in a chat room!

    Highest CD Ratess last blog post..Washington Mutual CD Rates

  2. thefluffanutta Says:

    Thanks for publishing this, Kelly.

    Just to let everyone know, the new tool that I eluded to in the last-but-one question is now available for anyone to use: Lens Health-Check. Hopefully this tool will help Lensmasters create better lenses that get more traffic from search engines. Not quite finished, but still useful.


  3. John Dilbeck Says:

    thefluffanutta offers outstanding tools for us to improve our lenses and i really appreciate all his hard work.

    One of the best tools is the javascript that extends the features when editing a lens, especially when choosing tags.

    I look forward to seeing what he produces next.

    Thanks fluff!

    All the best,


  4. Bfuniv.com Says:

    I really enjoy the special dashboard at squidutil. While I use Ping goat when a new lens is made, the quick pings for a major re-write on a lens are a great time saver. Nex on my list is a look at his Amazon tool.

  5. clouda9 Says:

    😎 TheFluffanutta has it going on! I am a huge fan of the Health Check feature at SquidUtils and of this generous Squidooer! SWAH ❗

    clouda9s last blog post..Unleash Your Creative Thinking

  6. gramabarb Says:

    I use SquidUtils tools for various little fix-it jobs on my lenses. Easy ping is handy too. A great help – thanks thefluffanutta!
    Cute ‘fan widget’ by the way — 🙂 Now if I could just just figure out where to put it – any ideas?

    gramabarbs last blog post..A Quick Celebration – top 100!

  7. Roo Says:

    Fluff is a bit of a god to the squidoo community for producing some great and easy to use tools. I’m a big fan of squidutils, and my favorite function is the ability to ping half a dozen search engines when updating a lens using it.

    Roos last blog post..Revenue Sharing

  8. Jeff Says:

    Fluff is the man!

    He has really saved me a ton of time and headaches with his guides and tools at Squitutils. What I really appreciate about him is that he is not here to make a bunch of money off of you. I’m sure he would like to earn a little more, but what he really does is help others. He builds tools, gives tips and solves problems because that is who he is and that is what he enjoys.

    Hats off to you TheFluffanutta as you are really a model and stand out Squid.

  9. Best Savings Accounts Says:

    Fluff has helped the Squidoo community so much. His lenses are fabulous and his Squidutils is the best. Thank you Fluff!!

    Best Savings Accountss last blog post..FNBO Savings Accounts

  10. Tony Says:

    Great article on a great lensmaster. Squidutils and the other scripts for Stumbleupon etc have really made a difference to my productivity.

    Great job Fluffanutta.

    Tonys last blog post..My Claim To Fame

  11. Susan Says:

    I appreciate Fluffanutta so much and always pay close attention when I see his name on a forum post or a lens. Thanks for the great interview. Can’t wait for Fluffa’s latest and greatest!

  12. Nancy Oram Says:

    Fluff was the first help I found when I was totally new. I noticed immediately how helpful and patient he was to people looking for answers on the boards. Each time I use his great Squidoo dashboard there’s either something new or some really significant improvements.

  13. RedSportNiac Says:

    Excellent interview. Well done Kelly. thefluffanutta, you are great lensmaster. Your lens and tools help me a lot in understanding squidoo and to make good use of it. Hope the programming skill of you would blossom non-stop. All the best to you.

    RedSportNiacs last blog post..2008 Wimbledon Championships – Latest Wimbledon Tennis Tournament News And Video Highlights

  14. RedSportNiac Says:

    Excellent interview. Well done Kelly. thefluffanutta, you are great lensmaster. Your lens and tools help me a lot in understanding squidoo and to make good use of it. Hope the programming skill of you would blossom non-stop. All the best to you.

  15. Joan Adams Says:

    Oh, I cannot imagine Squidoo without Squidutils. I use it for just about everything. I check backlinks, I do the health check, etc etc. I thought it was part of Squidoo!!! 😳 Thank you, thank you! the interview was great! ❗

  16. Tony Says:

    Another great article again Kelly love hearing from you been taking your ideas and they are working, so until next time keep up the great work.

  17. Margaret Says:

    Fluff HAS been very helpful, and he has a cool and steady head. If things get a little ‘heated’ in the lounge, he very graciously points out things lensmasters may not have thought about.

    It helps that he’s been around since the beginning because he has ‘institutional memory’ that most places really need.

    Margarets last blog post..The Neo Con Heart and Soul of Bush’s Foreign Policy

  18. Minsheyenwen Says:

    Thanks Kelly Stone– Great Fluffanutta Exposed interview and article. Kelly Stone your Squidoo Qeen course was a good investment. The Squidoo Queen Guide gives specific Squidoo tips and things to do and the forum membership is an extra bonus! The Squidoo Queen information help me to really think about building my lens and my marketing strategy for creating and updating my Squidoo lenses. Thank YOU!

    The Squidutils tools are the best. They save me my most valuable asset – time. The Squidutils Health Check is an amazing tool. Fluffanutta’s Health Check tool analizes my lens in a matter of seconds then lets me see and know my critical mistakes and teaches me how to improve my lens on the spot. Thank YOU!

  19. LindaJM Says:

    Thank you! This is a wonderful interview, and very helpful. I love SquidUtils though I’m still discovering the various functions and getting used to using them. This is the first I’ve heard of the SquidooQueen course – I’ll check into it.

    LindaJMs last blog post..My Squidoo Diary

  20. Veretekk Training Says:

    These are amazing resources. Thanks both to you and the fluffanutta. The tools he’s built are awesome, I’m going to rework all of my lenses right now. I’ve got a bunch of work to do.


  21. Tony Says:

    Great article enjoy it very much I’m trying some of the ideas on my lens, also you been a great help Kelly keep up the great so until next time.

  22. Rick Zero Credit Says:

    I am headed ove to check out his utiliteis now. Thanks for the post and the heads up Kelly


    Rick Zero Credits last blog post..Why Not a Prepaid Credit Card?

  23. Wordpress website guy Says:

    Sounds like a great hobby he has picked up. I suppose an extra $400 a month is not too bad. I haven’t yet played with his utils but I will look at them.

    WordPress website guys last blog post..Protected: WordPress Static Home Page, How to Build One