Social Marketing Websites That Can Help Marketers

March 5, 2010

Social Marketing

Update toA List Of Social Networking Sites.  This is an updated list of social sites for 2010 which includes social marketing, networking and news sites.

In 2010 it’s time to start reaping the rewards and benefits that social sites can bring to marketers and those rewards know no boundaries when it’s done right. 

Over the last year I have watched as some marketers use and abuse social sites, attempt to manipulate them or simply have the mud throwing approach.  It’s those very same marketers that we see posting to their blogs or on forums claiming that social media is dead!

It’s time marketers stop trying to sell directly to users of those sites (who they don’t know and have no relationship with) and more importantly – stop slinging mud at the wall and hoping that some of it sticks! 

Benefits Of Social Media Sites

Once you realise what the actual benefits are to using these sites, that’s when you’ll start to get results and build a long term marketing plan from it. 

Just a handful of reasons that you should use the sites are …

  • Your (well written) articles can rank well in the search engines
  • It helps you build credible and worthwhile backlinks to your site
  • The sites are free to use
  • You reach new readers with whom you can start to build relationships with
  • Those new readers can expose your site to even bigger audience
  • They help you build your online reputation
  • Can help to bring your site to the attention of potential JV partners
  • Your traffic levels can increase dramatically
  • Anyone can do it, there are no entry levels

Pitfalls Of Social Media Sites

I’m not going to mention the obsession that can take over your life, the time it can take to write useful content that you are just going to give away or the fact that it’s a long term strategy and shouldn’t be seen as a quick way to riches.

No, I’m just going to focus on ONE fact – If your site, blog or forum (or whatever it is that you want to promote share) is not already in good shape, you are basically wasting your time!

You could spend hours getting together a top notch article that is giving away some of your best content which the users of the site find fantastic.  The problems start when they arrive at your site only to find you ranting on about how your dog ate your most prized possession.  It’s of no relevance to them and they leave your site without engaging further.

What a total waste of your (more importantly, theirs) time!

Simply put.  Ensure that you have worthy, findable information that compliments what you share.  Make sure you make everything as simple as possible for your new potential reads to keep coming back.  A prominent RSS feed, optin box or bookmark tool is vital and consider giving those new readers the chance to share your work easily with THEIR readers and friends with other social tools like at the end of this post.

My Top Six Recommended Social Sites

For me personally, I have had most success from the following social media sites. 

Social Media Site

PR Alexa 9 2 9 3 9 12 8 249 8 99 8 211 8 317

Other Successful Social Media Site List

Social Media Sites

PR Alexa 9 4 8 4 9 6 9 16 9 33 9 35 7 246 8 345 6 6402 8 928 9 1267 7 2206 7 3854 7 4047

Remember that everything you do online within a community of any kind should add/offer value.

No Excuses!

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15 Responses to “Social Marketing Websites That Can Help Marketers”

  1. Tony Says:

    Another spot on post.

    Will you be releasing a full social marketers guide soon? I’d be first in line.


    • Kelly Says:

      Hi Tony

      Thanks for your kind words but I won’t be releasing a guide 🙂

      Enjoy using the sites though, just make sure that you view it as a long term goal and not a quick fix and you’ll do fine.

      Take care


  2. Kelly Says:

    If you have been visiting the site and seen some strange images coming and going – it seems that my new theme doesn’t like tables! 🙂

    Anyway, until I can find a fix we’re going with the images (not clickable – sorry).


  3. Jamma Says:

    I tryed quite a bit last year with social marketing and didn’t see any sales from it. One thing that is for sure is that they HATE to have marketers come along and you end up with nothing.

    • Kelly Says:

      Hey Jamma – Good to see you again 🙂

      It can often become a problem for marketers trying to balance the giving v’s selling aspect. For me personally, I like to just ‘get involved’ with the community and then when I see a ‘problem’ develop I jump in and offer a solution for free.

      Once people have been given quality guidance from you they are much more inclined to purchase an upgrade or more advanced version which can be promoted from inside the free solution.

      It’s worked well for me in several niche’s that I work in.

      Hope this helps.


  4. Kelly Says:

    I’ve managed to ‘fix’ the lists so that they are now in order of Alexa rank and clickable 🙂


  5. Mr Oddy Says:

    thank you for your list.

    I will be using it soon to find the best results

  6. John Sostak Says:

    Kelly, great advice. I cannot tell, actually do not need to, how often I catch myself veering off topic and target. It takes discipline to run a corporate or topical or niche blog.

    A quick suggestion that should be added? It is not a social media site, but a wonderful social media tool. It makes life easier when it comes to that long term social media strategy.

    Now if I could only learn to wield this ping hammer with discipline…

  7. John James Says:

    Hi Kelly

    I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I have started to blog about my journey online. Not only am I loving the fact that I am excited to be working at my marketing again, I am getting so much done – mainly because of your help and advice! Thank you.

    Also today I have got my copy of Squidoo Queen and I’ll be going through your lessons and putting them into action. I hope to be blogging about those results soon.

    Thank you for having the patients with me.


  8. Ebizzer Says:

    Hi Kelly
    Just found the link to your sites in a recent email account
    Seem you and the Pot Pie Girl work it hard and must be doing
    a good job at it……. you have a ton of very good useful info
    available and when time warrants it I will return to continue
    my quest to develop a good set of sites…

    Keep up the good work

  9. Katherine Says:

    When the social media craze hit I set up every profile under the sun. I had almost two thousand followers on twitter, hundreds of followers on facebook. Then I got so stressed out I yanked down all my profiles and my business isn’t doing any differently! I think maybe I’ll set up a new profile eventually – but I might not. And if I do, I would really think long and hard about the role social media will play on my business. I wasted a lot of time on it.

  10. Penny Says:

    Very nice list of 2.0 sites. On a side note, you might want to make your links open in a new window instead of the same window. Saves having to hit the back button.

    So many people are looking for easy ways to promote their content. What there seems to be a lack of nowadays is quality content.

    I like what you said in your closing comment…”Remember that everything you do online within a community of any kind should add/offer value.

    No Excuses!”

    I believe in that 100%. I’m really enjoying reading your content.

    Thank you!

  11. destinyking Says:

    please add in you list coz its also a biggest social media site


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