Researching Your Niche?

November 30, 2007

Social Marketing

If you are doing your research correctly you need to really get inside your niche and learn it inside out.  There should be no half mesures here, it’s the foundation for your campaign – no matter if that campaign is Squidoo, PPC, SEO etc.  You MUST do your homework.

Have you considered Google Alerts?  This is a great tool if you use it well.  Just head on over to Google and click on their alerts page.  You then get the chance to create alerts to your mailbox when Google picks something up.

This is VERY powerful.  When you create your alerts make sure that you are very specific in the information you want to get back – there is nothing worse than a full inbox!

To make sure that you get the best results in the ‘create alert’ box type your alerts in “”.  For example, if I want to get links to Squidoo Queen I would type in the alert box “Squidoo Queen”.  This way I know that the results I am getting back are results that contain that phrase.

You can get some great information this way that you might not have had access to had you not been signed up.  Well worth looking into.


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