No Registering To Comment

December 7, 2007

Social Marketing

I’ve decided to make things much easier for you to post on this blog.  Now you no longer need to register to comment.  Of course, this may end up being a total nightmare – I could be opening the gates for the spammers here 🙁

This is an effort to make sure that you don’t have to do anything in order to comment, contact me etc.  The main aim for this site is to provide a totally free resource for people who want to begin their online marketing business and this means that it needs to be as user friendly as possible.

Fingers crossed that I am not sat here all day pressing the ‘spam’ button!


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5 Responses to “No Registering To Comment”

  1. robert Says:

    Thanks.Already registered though 🙂

  2. Kelly Says:

    In order to try and stop the problem of spamming I have set the site to moderate the first post. Once you have had one post approved you wont need to have any further posts approved before they appear.

    Thanks for the message Robert.


  3. Art Krause Says:

    I am a victim of Google not appreciating my blog and was told that my blog was not unique enough. I could use some more information about how I can talk about nutrition and giving away free product while making it interesting enough for me to get past the critics.

  4. Anne Y. Williams Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I’m on your registered list, but I would like to know if a blog helps to advertise your business. I’m not too sure what a blog really is and how it can be beneficial to me

  5. Rick Imby Says:

    You mention we can register and get nofollow links but i do not see anywhere to register? I will go back to the home page and check that out.

    I am a firm believer in giving comments the dofollow links. I do not think that Google will help you as much as happy commenters will. I appreciate that you are giving dofollow links.

    My new blog is dofollow also.


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