Massive Jump In Squidoo Lens Traffic

February 9, 2009

Social Marketing

If you have read my post on Article Marketing you can see an image from one of my Squidoo lenses and it’s traffic stats.  That traffic came from a few articles that I wrote and I made a few sales along the way – all good stuff.  To be completely honest though, I actually forgot all about that lens and only went to update it last week for the first time (naughty me!).

The amount of traffic hadn’t moved either way too much though before I updated the lens.  Today though I saw that there has been a massive increase to the traffic stats for that Squidoo lens.  Sure enough, when I checked my clickbank account there were more than double the normal amount of sales that it normally gets.

Squidoo Lens Traffic Stats

At first I couldn’t imagine what on earth had caused this massive increase – if you look at the post on the original lens you will see that I was pleased with the amount of traffic my articles had produced – this was something else though that I couldn’t explain.

This afternoon though I finally remembered what I had done, at the beginning of last week I updated my article that was pointing to this lens – it had dropped in clickthrough’s so I altered the author bio.

I was totally amazed by these results and I’ll be monitoring them over the coming weeks – I’ll be sure to post the results here so that we can all see if this surge in traffic lasts.  Lets hope so.

It really goes to show that something very simple and easy to do can have some really dramatic results – more traffic, more sales and a few more changes to the other articles pointing to this Squidoo lens!

Always check and monitor what is going on with your articles.  Most people write them, publish them and then forget them – don’t make this mistake.  Find out what isn’t working and make changes to it.  Small changes really can add up so go and check your articles to see what you can work on.

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13 Responses to “Massive Jump In Squidoo Lens Traffic”

  1. RickyRobi Says:


    I also noticed a good jump in traffic yesterday afternoon and last night on my best lenses. I to hope it lasts. It looks like the additional traffic is from search engines.

  2. Matt Garrett Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    so will you reveal what the changes you made to your bio were?
    it’s just about the most important bit of an article and most people really don’t use it well, including me, so any tips would be great!
    Matt Garrett

    Matt Garretts last blog post..Nothing Works

  3. Kelly Says:

    @ Ricky

    Thanks for the comment. The search engine traffic has risen dramatically for this lens (which is great) but there was only two or three visits per week from the articles (3 of them) which is not so great! When I changed the author bio box I have a massive increase to 150 visits in less than a week.

    Looking at my article stats it would seem that all the traffic is coming from the one article that I changed which goes to show that making a few changes can go a long way.

    @ Matt

    Good to see you here Matt 🙂

    The changes that I made were to offer something more for the reader if they clicked through. When I wrote the first article I did attempt this but obviously not well enough. I can’t remember the exact wording that I had on the original article but it was something along the lines of “Find new and exciting ways to win back your ex ….”

    Now the author bio reads something along the lines of ….

    “Get our free guide ‘7 Ways To Win Back Your Girlfriend’ Plus we reveal why she dumped you in the first place”

    (Words to that effect – Don’t want everyone to find me 🙂 )

    Offering something for free is always a good way to get people clicking through. The article should always deliver enough information to connect with the reader but hold enough back to make them want more – a balancing act that gets easier the more you practice.

    Another important thing to remember is to deliver what your article promises. If your article (or lens, blog or website) title offers ’10 way to’ ensure that you give the reader ’10 ways to …..’

  4. Jinger Jarrett Says:


    Always love reading your blog. Great tips.

    As an avid article writer I hadn’t thought about writing articles and using them to send traffic to my Squidoo lenses. Great idea though. Somehow I have managed to max out my link popularity using article directories to post my articles, so I’m looking for extra ways to get traffic.

    Any recommendations on other linking strategies for your lenses? Would love to hear it. Again, great blog. You make using Squidoo a whole lot easier.

    Jinger Jarrett

    Jinger Jarretts last blog post..7 Top Tips for Succeeding As An Affiliate

  5. Kim Says:

    You are right; all of those articles don’t need to be wasted. Updating the resource box is not only a great idea, but I can re-check my links.

    Thanks Kelly!

    Kims last blog post..Child With Foot Pain

  6. Kate Carpenter Says:

    Great tip, Kelly!
    I have probably a dumb question, but with ezinearticles (or other ezines), when you re-do your article, are you resubmitting? Do you loose your stats? Does it take several days for it to be active again? And, is it like you are submitting a new article…in other words, does it get posted on the home page again?
    I’m kind of new at this and really need to increase traffic for free!

  7. Kelly Says:

    @ Jinger

    To be honest I’m not completely sure what you mean by ‘maxed out your link popularity’ but other good backlinks come from blog posts where the blog owner has a nofollow policy, other social media sites where you can post articles and your own blogs. I wouldn’t recommend (although this is something that the marketing world can’t agree on) is submitting your articles to more than one place unless you change a good proportion of it including the title and author bio box.

    Hope this helps – I’ll try and get a more in depth post on this next week.

    @ Kim

    Another great reason to go in and check your articles. You’d be amazed at how many people write them then forget them. They don’t even check their stats! It’s a real waste.

    @ Kate

    Not a silly question at all. When I update an article at ezinearticles it does go through the process of being reviewed but I have never noticed a change in my stats. Because I am a platinum author most of my changes are approved within 24/48 hours.

    As for it going on the homepage again I don’t think it does but I could be wrong on that one.

    Thanks for all the comments and questions – keep them coming.


  8. Tony Says:


    I have heard that Google is dropping sites from search results that have ebay affiliate links. Have you seen any evidence of this on Squidoo or do you think it could only be independent sites, or maybe not even true at all?

  9. Walt Says:

    OK, so this fascinates me. I’ve put up a few Lenses – pretty good ones I thought – that I was never able to get any real traffic to. Made a little bit of money, but not enough to write home about. So, I pretty much gave up. Never really thought about building links to pages via articles, but now maybe I’m “getting” it.

    I have used lenses to increase links to a couple blogs, but that’s about it recently..

    One thing I’m curious about – the differences between Squidoo and Hubpages. I’ve heard rumors about one being easier to market than the other, and vice-versa of course, but as far as I can tell those rumors are unsubstantiated. Are Lenses better for some niches, and Hubs better for others do you think? Could that be where the controversy lies?

  10. Kelly Says:

    @ Walt

    To be honest I don’t really use Hubpages too much – there is a good side and a bad side to them and they don’t allow you too much promotion or links. Squidoo is much more relaxed about affiliate links and is perfectly ok about them being there. I have read through this Hubpages Guide and found it to be really helpful but I’ll be sticking with Squidoo 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    @ Tony

    For me personally I have not noticed any changes in traffic for lenses that promote eBay products. I’ve heard those stories too as far back as two years ago and have yet to see any solid proof that they are real.

    Until you actually see any proof yourself I would continue to build your lenses, blogs and sites but always remember not to put all your eggs in one basket! If you did build up a massive portfolio of eBay related lenses or sites and it was the case – your whole business would be gone overnight.

    Thanks for your comments.


  11. Dean Saliba Says:

    I used to post my articles on various sites like Article Alley (not sure what the collective name for such sites are) and I also found that editing the bio part can really add a bit of traffic to your site.

    I think I need to get my finger out and start creating some Squidoo (what a funny name!) lenses to see if it can help boost traffic to my blogs.

    I’m not entirely sure I understand how they work but it might be fun messing about with them.

    Dean Salibas last blog post..How To Solve The Stattraq Install Error

  12. John Says:

    Wow..I completely brushed off the Squidoo thing as too much work and upkeep for what you get. I just thought I could use my time on other things but this is like the 3rd success story I’ve heard in the last week. I am now convinced I need to hope on the Squidoo bandwagon. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wordpress website guy Says:

    It is funny how traffic can jump from something that seems like just a minor change.
    Sometimes accidentally we do something that puts us over the hump and our lens or page starts to really rank well. One more link and maybe I will be there.


    WordPress website guys last blog post..Protected: WordPress Static Home Page, How to Build One