How To Get Traffic To Your Squidoo Lens

July 11, 2008

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You’ve spent hours creating your latest Squidoo lens, you checked and double checked everything to make sure it was just ‘right’ before you hit that publish button.  Finally, a lens worth publishing, a lens that has your blood, sweat and tears stained into it.  Now you can just sit back and wait for people to come running.  You wait, wait some more, and more and finally you feel so disheartened that you stop looking.

Sound like you?  Or could you do with some more traffic to your Squidoo lens?

Today I have made a little checklist of things that you can do to get some free traffic to your Squidoo lens.  Stop wondering how to get traffic to your Squidoo lens and start making sure that you are seeing your fair share of it.

How To Get Traffic To Your Squidoo Lenses

Keywords:  You hear it all the time, the thing is, you hear it all the time for a reason.  It’s important, it’s the foundation of your lens if you are going after search engine traffic and sales.  Research the most commonly searched keywords with the least amount of competition in your niche.   Getting traffic is all about getting the right kind of traffic to your lens.

De-clutter Your Squidoo Lens:  One of the biggest mistakes that I see all the time is people who seem to get side tracked (I’m guilty of this myself) and start to talk about something that is off topic – even if only slightly.  If it’s important create another lens about it.  A top tip here is NOT to link to your other lenses unless they are relevant, it clutters your lens with things that are not ‘tightly’ on topic and the backlinks will do you more harm than good.

Tags:  Why not check your tags on Squidutils lens health checker, it lets you know what your tags are looking like.  You’ll be able to see if you need more, longer tailed keywords etc – A tool worth checking out!  Keep your tags relevant to your topic and check your stats to be able to see if there are any that you might have missed.  Your stats will show you any traffic search terms that people found you with – add them and remember to publish your lens once you have.  Having the right tags will certainly help you to get the targeted traffic to your lens that you want.

Outbound Links:  These are just as important as the links you have coming in to your lens.  Linking to a site that is not relevant to your lens is bad for your page rank and Google really doesn’t like it.  Linking to a site that has a bad reputation wont help you either – do a search on Google for a bad neighborhood checker and you will be able to see what’s what here. 

Update Your Lens:  Keep your lens updated and check your links are still working (webmasters will often move, change or delete a page).  Consider just changing a picture on your lens if you can’t think of anything to add. 

Write A Quality Article:  Write a quality article to get traffic to your Squidoo lens.  Aim for about 350-450 words and use keywords that are relevant to your lens, consider placing a link on your lens to your article, you can share the traffic between the two.  A well written article has the ability to not only give you a strong backlink, it can drive traffic to your lens for you on autopilot.

Place A ‘Favourite Me’ Link:  Add a few links on your page letting people know that they can add your lens to their favourites, when you update your lens you will be able to let them know about it.  This is a great way to get people coming back time and time again to your lens.

Add A Pole:  When you add a pole to your lens (in the modules) you will be asking your reader to interact with you.  This can encourage them to read your lens more thoroughly to make sure that they answer the right way.  It also works to keep them coming back and giving you repeat traffic if your questions are probing enough.  You also get to see what people think!

Forum Marketing:  This is an ideal way to promote your lens where it’s allowed!  Always check to see if you are allowed to add a signature on your profile if you cannot find a way to promote your lens.  It’s almost an art participating in forum marketing – ONLY offer quality advice and enhance a thread or post, never spam anywhere.

Emails:  How many emails do you send?  Consider placing a signature to your outgoing emails so that people are exposed to your links.  A good tag will often work wonders to get people swarming your lens giving you more traffic.  Remember, never, ever spam anyone at any time.

Keep checking back to the blog to get a lot more traffic to your lens.  Simple small steps can lead to massive change so aim to get at least one of these done each day.  Getting traffic to your lens is one of the most important roles of any lensmaster and if you are selling or promoting a product it should be your number one task!  After all, without it, you wont sell or promote anything.

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7 Responses to “How To Get Traffic To Your Squidoo Lens”

  1. Guy Says:

    Hey Kelly,
    nice recommendations! The Outbound Links… yes, I need to give some more attention, but how can I exactly find which are the “bad” neighbourhoods, you suggest to Google for them, but I cannot find my way..

  2. Minsheyenwen Says:

    Kelly Stone,
    Thanks for the How To Get Traffic To Your Squidoo Lens Checklist. I am keyword challenged. However, I find Squidoo Stats a helpful free tool. As you stated, Squidoo Stats shows the exact search terms – usually longtail keywords that people used to find lenses. Having Squidoo Stats has really helped me to re-enter and/or add the right tags and has definitely help me in my quest to get the targeted traffic I want.

  3. Katherine Says:

    This is such a good post – and a great nudge for me. I am currently in the habit of creating a lens and then not really promoting it. My traffic definitely needs to improve and it’s nice to have a solid plan to follow in order to do it!

    Katherines last blog post..Notes from the Office – Make Money Online Gets a Facelift

  4. Joseph Ratliff Says:

    Hi Kelly!

    My first time on your blog, and I have to say…I like what I see!

    I am Digging this…

    Joseph Ratliff
    Author of “Building Internet Wealth”

  5. Jeremy Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Great info on squidoo lens. No wonder you’e a squidoo queen. 🙂
    Thanks for the information, will take action later to build a better lens.


    Jeremys last blog post..Just finished building another niche website


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