How To Add Links In Your Squidoo Lens

May 30, 2008

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When you start to build a Squidoo lens you will want to place links within it, either affiliate links or links to other sites.  Adding links to your Squidoo lens might seem simple to those of us that do it day in and day out but someone who is just getting started it can all seem a little alien.

Squidoo lets us use basic html (don’t worry, it’s just a name given to a computer language) which might instantly put some people off, but we are only going to use the very basic html to create a link.  There are several modules on Squidoo which will allow you to use html, the most common and general one being the text/write module. 

Once you have logged into your Squidoo account and started to create a lens, you will need to click onto a text/write module.   Click on the ‘edit’ button and you are ready to start adding  links to your lens.

Adding A Link To Squidoo Lenses

In the image above you can see part of my lens when it’s being edited.  The code you place inside the module is visible to see.  I wanted to link to my Squidoo Queen site so entered the following link:

<a href=”“target=”_blank”>Squidoo Queen</a>

For you to add your own link inside your lenses, you would simply change where you want to send your reader when they click on the link, mine were being sent to so the link I used was to that url (highlighted in red). 

<a href=””target=”_blank”>Squidoo Queen</a>

The highlighted text here is simply letting the computer know to open the page in a new window.  I don’t want them to lose the page they are on.  This will simply open a new browser window for them to go to the site.

<a href=””target=”_blank”>Squidoo Queen</a>

This part of the code is simply what I want the link to read as.  When I place this code inside my module and publish it, the whole code will be seen as this ……

With The Link On The Lens

You can make the text say whatever you want it to read.  It could read “Click Here” or “Visit Squidoo Queen”.  The choice is yours.  I’ll give you more information on this in later lessons so stay tuned.

Hopefully this guide on how to place links on your Squidoo lens will have shown you how to successfully make your own.  You can always leave a message in the comments section if you need anything else clarifying.

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    While this tutorial covers a very basic topic, this is the most important html a beginning Squidoo user needs to know. I think that a lot of new squidoo users get confused with the squidoo modules and how to add links. I really wish Squidoo would add a WYSWG interface.

  2. Peter Jenkins Says:

    I love the way you lay everything out so simply foer us to follow. thanks kelly – pete

  3. Connie Glutyk Says:

    Love your report on adding links inside my Squidoo Lens…thanks for sharing…

  4. Stefani Says:

    Awesome instructions for those who don’t know HTML. Luckily I am pretty good with the basics. I did add this post as a resource one of my lens at:

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Gracey Says:

    When it comes to making a lense, im a complete novice… 🙁
    But thanks for the help… I have clicked on your other posts and would be reading them after this… thanks much!

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    Good to see so many of you checking back in.

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    I certainly needed to know how to do this, and it REALLY helped – mission accomplished!

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  11. Troy Vayanos Says:

    Hello Kelly

    Thanks for your information.

    I tried copy and pasting your html code as above and substituting to my website and keyword and pasting into my text/model in Squidoo. But it only showed the keyword as blue which is fine but didn’t allow me to click on it and then get transferred to my affiliate website. It stood out fine in the colour blue but it was also not underlined and when you hovered over it, it didn’t show my affiliate link like it should.

    Is there something I may be doing wrong.



  12. Jack Mentor Says:

    I have to concur with Troy here, I have exactly the same problem
    Any thoughts ?

  13. Dan Says:

    Hello Kelly,

    Thank you for your information.

    But it seems strange as I’m not able to add my link.

    I tried Squidoo Queen (For example) …and after I saved and published, it is not able to click on the link and when I went back to edit, it turns out to be only Squidoo Queen .

    I wonder what’s wrong with Squidoo?

    I would deeply appreciate if you could help.

    Thank you very much.


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    You are the woman. Well done!

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    I had the same problem as some of you above. I used this code and everything works great.

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    Really good stuff, its good to have a clear explanation of this as one little will cause it not to work.

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    Thanks for this. It was my first time making a squidoo lens, and having entered “how to add a link in squidoo”, you came up number one! thats good SEO for you. Thanks again. Colin

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