Getting A Squidoo Lens Listed In Google – Fast!

May 13, 2008

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If you have already been following the steps of getting your Squidoo lenses listed in Google, then you are going to love this next tip.  Everyone wants to see results for their efforts once they have created a lens and fast.

One of the most common questions that I get asked is “how do I get my Squidoo lens listed in Google fast?”  It’s a question that comes up time and time again and although no one can give you an exact way of getting your lens showing up in the search results (it’s totally out of our control) there are a LOT of things that you can do to help the process.

Do you know that your lens has an RSS feed?  (If you want to read more about RSS feeds then I strongly recommend that you read Seth Godin’s ‘What’s RSS Feed?’ post to get a better understanding of it.)  Every Squidoo lens has their own feed and this can be a great tool in getting your Squidoo lens listed in Google very quickly by using Google’s blog search.

You can let Google know about your RSS feed by using their ping service – this is simply letting them know that there is something to go and see and they will in turn crawl your lens.

I personally use this each time I build a lens, update a lens or add something new to my lenses and it works fast.  It’s not unusual to see a lens show up within a day or two using this method.

To find your lenses RSS feed, simply view your lens and in your navigation bar you will see the RSS image that is linked to your lens.  Just add this to Google’s ping service and away you go – it’s that simple 😀

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14 Responses to “Getting A Squidoo Lens Listed In Google – Fast!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Thanks for the link – I was actually in the middle of doing a whole post on squidutils as your comment came in !

    Good to see you here – anyone who doesn’t recognise thefluffanutta from Squidoo should go and check out all of thefuffanutta’s lenses, not only will you get some great advice, you can see some EXCELLENT examples of how Squidoo lenses should be built.

    You can see a list of fluffanutta’s lenses here

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  2. Peter Jenkins Says:

    hi kelly i wanted to say that i have been folloing your course on making money. i really like the way you are showing poeple with you example lenses. im still trying to get my lens built and like to say a big thanks for your help this weekend.

    can i ask why you are promoting another squid person on your blog?it all seems a little strange to me,i guess when you start out it takes long time to work out how everything works around the net.?

  3. Kelly Says:

    Hello Peter and no worries on the ‘help’ front. I totally understand that when you are new to the whole internet marketing world it can seem a little overwhelming at times. If you need any help again then please feel free to ask.

    I presume you are making reference to fluffanutta above and asking why I would promote his lenses. The simple reason for this is ….

    Because they are good! 😆

    Fluffanutta is showing people how to do great things with Squidoo that I wouldn’t have even known about had it not been for the lens – I think that everyone here knows that I am not a technical person. The lenses are well laid out and give the reader a great resource for building their own.

    I teach people how to make money with Squidoo, and marketing in general. There are things that I am just unable to do due to my lack of technical know-how so I will always recommend the best that I can find. For those of you who have my guide to Squidoo (Squidoo Queen) then you will be aware that I recommend Squidutiles there also.

    There are several fantastic people who I guess could be called direct competition, Tiffany Dow, Bob Jenkins, CaptainSquid to name a few. We all do things slightly differently but our main aim is the same – to help people learn something.

    I’ve spoken to Tiffany Dow on several occasions and she even gave me a testimonial for one of my products. I’ve read Bob Jenkins Squidoo Secrets and am a keen reader of Captain Squid’s blog (love the lenses too). Each one of these people are capable of teaching me and you something new about Squidoo and that is the main aim.

    I hope this has helped clear up some of your questions.


  4. Jennifer Clements Says:

    Excellent Response Kelly

    I really do feel that this is why you are so successful. It’s not just your professionalism or your understanding of Squidoo, it’s the fact that you are a really genuine person. Having spent a lot of time speaking with you over the last three months, I can personally say (with confidence) that Kelly is one of the nicest marketers around.

    Not only has Kelly helped me to start making sales from my lens (four so far) she has invited me to take the knowledge that I have and let her know where I could improve the lenses that she has for the course she is running. This is a real confidence builder for me and I am looking forward to adding my 2 cents worth in the next part of the course.

    Jennifer Clements

    Jennifer Clementss last blog post..1

  5. Jamma Says:

    To be honest I don’t really know why we are all feeling compelled to start jumping to Kelly’s defence here. The guy only asked a question and if he’s new to marketing and could seem a little odd to him. No one would expect to drive into McDonnalds and see them advertising Burger King would they?

    Nice answer Kelly and great to see other Squidoo’ers in here with us. Personally I think that this can only better us all as a group so I say THE MORE THE MERRIER!

    Jamma – AKA James Craig

    Jammas last blog post..1

  6. Kelly Says:

    @ Jennifer

    Hi Jennifer

    Thanks for your kind words. I’m really looking forward to getting your views on how the lenses can be ‘made better’ in the next part of the course. I’m pleased that you are still taking action with your new lenses that I saw today – great work!

    @ Jamma

    Hi Jamma

    Great to see you back up and running again – Looks like you have your PC back up and working now.

    I think you are spot on with what Peter has said. When you start marketing it looks like a very different world from what people are used to offline. Great analogy with BK 😆

    Again, you are spot on with other Squidoo people being here. There are quite a few already here who have made some great progress since first starting out. Some that were around even before I was and they are fantastic.

    I look forward to seeing you in part five of the course (Jamma is obviously trying to keep this quiet but he is one of the people who made a sale in week two!).

    Keep up the great work people!


  7. thefluffanutta Says:

    There’s a special ping tool for Squidoo lenses, that includes Google Blog Search and a bunch of other services too.


  8. Jamma Says:

    Yeah what a pain in the a**e that was! All sorted now though.

    Damn, I was trying to keep it in that whole post so I didn’t look like I was boasting about it. I’ve been working on the questions that you sent over for part five, but thanks to the PC issues I’m now about a week behind. 😡 I’ll be trying to catch up this week though.


  9. Tony Says:

    Hi Kelly thanks again for the great information I didn’t know about the RSS Feed for my lens. I just only added the RSS Feed for the other area of my lens. Thank you.

    Tonys last blog post..1

  10. Kelly Says:

    Glad I could help Tony.

    Just sent you an email regarding your lens – Great Stuff!


  11. Peter Jenkins Says:

    it seems that i have caused a bit of a stur with my last comment. i never ment anything nasty by it i promise i was confused why that it all. i hope that nobody is upset with me now. kelly has gone over andd above what she needed to do to help me so i am very greatfull to her.

    totally understand that you would let people no when there is another good product that can help us now. peter

  12. Minsheyenwen Says:

    This is Unbelievable!

    Hi Kelly Stone,

    Minsheyenwen here. I purchased Squidoo Queen on 6/10/08. I had already published 4 lenes before my purchase of your guide. After reading Squidoo Queen, visiting and reading the Squidoo Queen forum posts, checking your lenses on Squidoo and reading this blog I reviewed my previous published lenses, recognized things I could have done differently and made changes. Meanwhile, I was working on several new lenses in the background in the past 30 days. I published a new one on Sunday 7/6/08. Amazing the new lens went from # 465,000 on 7/6/08 to # 73,000 on 7/07/10 and # 7019 in Squidoo ranking today. Kelly, you have warned us not to get to excited about Squidoo ranking. However, I am very excited to see these results. I know I am doing something right! Thats a good feeling.

    Yesterday, I was adding more content to one of my new unplublished lens I saved the draft and by mistake–oops I published the lens. Today, around the same time I got my 1st Google visitor to the lens for a “longtail keyword”. This is Unbelievable! The lens was indexed by Google and I received “targeted traffic” within 24 hours of accidentally publishing the lens. I attribute this a Squidoo lensmaking succes and a direct results from applying what I have learned from Kelly Stone the Squidoo Queen and thefluffanutta’s Squidutiles. I thank you both. I am very happy.

  13. Kelly Says:

    Remember to check out The Squidoo Lenses pages.

  14. Molly Best Tracfone Deal Says:

    Thanks for the update, I didn’t realize that each lense has its own rss feed.


    Molly Best Tracfone Deals last blog post..Refurbished Tracfones