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December 4, 2007

Social Marketing

If you love Squidoo traffic – you are going to want to move fast on this one. is now getting indexed in Google and there are still some serious marketing url’s to be grabbed.

In November Squidoo joined forces with to create another platform to work with.  Now Google is starting to index these ‘lenses’ and it’s looking good.  There is no love story this time – just plain old work and a good quality lens.

Today I have grabbed a few great urls to use, this one went live about an hour after I published it.  You can view it here if you want to see it it’s linked into my funnel and will probably change and/or evolve over the coming weeks.  This was just a tester really to see how well it’s working.

Although Squidoo have placed some good restrictions on the amount of url’s you can grab, and rightly so, there are still thousands of great ones to go at.  Concentrate on building a great quality lens and you wont go far wrong.  I always want to work on the assumption that it will go well and sail up in the Google listings rather than miss the boat as it where.

Remember when Squidoo first rose in Google ranks?  I do and I am really glad that I did.  After a few months it became a little harder to get some good marketing urls and now you really need to be creative and think about them.  Getting in at the beginning means you are getting easy pickings.

I do know that Squidoo are planning on reviewing the lenses after a certain amount of time and if you have not managed to do something with them they will send you an email asking you to release it back again.

This is well worth looking into and watching how it develops.

The lenses that I have been testing with are now listed in Google and starting to do very well for their placing.  As soon as I have some solid news to report back – this is where it will go.  I’m using the same techniques that I use to create great Squidoo lenses and it’s working.  If you want to get hold of your own copy just visit me here.


P.S  You can see my Squidoo Queen lens here – It’s about to undergo some major changes.

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