Can You Make Money With Squidoo Anymore?

October 10, 2012

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Does Squidoo Work StillYesterdays post on Checking Squidoo Stats caused my inbox to overflow – mainly with people who had been making the same mistakes that I had.  One email that came through asked me if you can still make money with Squidoo.  Before I’d packed up for the night, there were two more emails more or less asking the same thing.

Does Squidoo Still Work?

Can You Make Money With Squidoo

Parts of this email are really common, “I gave up before I made any money” and “Should I bother trying” are phrases that I hear all the time.  It’s a sad fact that most people DO give up before they make a single sale online – a lot of the time its because they couldn’t be bothered to put in any time and effort and wanted that ‘push button’ solution.

Squidoo does work, it never stopped working and its set to stay that way.

Less than two weeks ago I created several new lenses (not all on Squidoo Queen account) all 12 of them are ranking in Google and getting traffic.  One of those lenses is doing really well, you can see below when it was created ….

New Squidoo Lens

You can see that this lens was made on September 29th.  Below you can see that it’s already getting traffic from Google ….

Squidoo Lens Ranking In Google

I’m not going to share my keywords with you but they are all at least three words long (good tip there).  Just as importantly, you’ll want to see people are clicking through on the products that you have (or links etc).

The product that I have on the lens is HIGHLY focused to the lens content and its getting a good clickthrough ….

Clickout Stats On Squidoo Lens

Clearly Squidoo is working well, you get indexed in Google much quicker and easier than you could with a brand new blog/site.  That traffic is highly targeted keyword phrases that are finding what they want 🙂

Can You Still Make Money With Squidoo?


You don’t always make money directly from Squidoo – my dashboard is only showing a few dollars per month but I make a few thousand dollars from my lenses directly and indirectly.

Make Money With Squidoo

Each month I make sales with Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction and a whole host of various other affiliate programs but I also generate a lot of traffic too.  That traffic gets directed to my blogs, sites etc and that also generates a lot of sales so its hard to put an exact figure on my earnings thanks to Squidoo.

Bottom line is this:  Squidoo works and anyone can make money there but you a) need to put in the time and effort to create good quality lenses rather than hundreds of ‘okay’ ones and b) realise that you do not have control over Squidoo and you MUST abide by their rules – if they make a change, it could change everything for you.


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13 Responses to “Can You Make Money With Squidoo Anymore?”

  1. Squidoo User Says:

    I know that each month my stats keep moving in the right direction and its all passive! That suits me fine and I KNOW with a little more effort on my part it would start to get impressive. You don’t mention in the post if you are thinking of bringing out another guide on Squidoo, will it be soon? Your posts have motivated me and I like the look of Squidsomethingorother but will hold off if you are bringing one out again.

    It did take me ages yesterday to go through all my lenses but it was worth it. I’m off to build another lens 🙂

    • Kelly Stone Says:

      Don’t build new lenses – make sure that the ones you already have don’t need any work. Have you built and backlinks to them, have you bookmarked them etc?

      It’s time that was well spent then 🙂

      Keep up the good work (and watch this space).

  2. Natalie Says:

    Hi Kelly

    Thank you for your recent posts regarding Squidoo. I used Squidoo a few years back and a few months ago I went back and got hooked again! I don’t make a huge amount of money each month but I can testify that you have the potential there to make a very decent amount.

    Keep up the good work and thank you once again for the great lessons.

    Nat x

    • Kelly Stone Says:

      You are spot on Natalie – with a little effort and a clear plan of action ANYONE can build up a great income using Squidoo.

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      • Natalie Says:

        Kelly I am a little confused as to why you would hide your keywords. Wouldnt that be a great way to build trust with your readers if you were to share something like that?

        As much as I am addicted to Squidoo, I also realise that there is a lot of work involved to get the results that you deserve. I’m not as experienced as you and looking at some of your lenses, the html that you use is just far too advanced for me to even begin to use. Do you recommend learning all this before you start to make money?

        Thanks for the reply

        Nat x

        • Kelly Stone Says:

          Hi Natalie

          The reason that I hide my keywords and the actual url of the lens is because I have done a whole host of research on my niche’s and I don’t want anyone else to take it. I am fully aware that others will link directly to their lenses (which is their choice and fine) but very few would do that AND give you the keywords etc.

          Many of my lenses are linked to, you can see my main lensmaster account that holds many of my lenses here – Squidoo Queen Lenses – but I won’t share hours of research for others to benefit from without putting in any time or efforts. I hope that you can see why now.

          There is certainly no need to learn a huge amount of html to start using Squidoo – take action and make that start and then fine tweak at a later date. Html that I use is pretty basic as I am useless at anything technical and all of that was found on Squidoo itself.

          Basic html To Use On Squidoo
          HTML Borders Backgrounds
          How to Align Images in CSS & HTML

          There are loads more lenses that can help you make your lenses look pretty.

          Hope this helps


  3. John Toff Says:

    Hey Kel. Been a long while since I last bugged you 🙂
    Great post and very timely to,. I have been chasing monsters and trohpies for ages now, I need to stop doing that and worry about building my lenses.

    • Kelly Stone Says:

      Hey John

      It has been a few months since we last caught up. I’ve seen lots of people get caught up with the monsters and trophies – its easy done! Keep focused and you’ll get there.

      Keep moving forward and the trophies will follow naturally.

  4. Emma Says:

    Thank you for your help today, it really did make a difference.

    I plan on spending the next few days getting a clear plan of action together and then moving forward from there. There is loads that I want to read on your blog and a couple of others too so I need to make sure that I don’t get side tracked!

    Squidoo holds so much potential, I can’t wait to be posting about my success there.


    • Kelly Stone Says:

      Hi Emma, no problems at all, I was glad to help.

      I’m fairly certain that you have a solid plan already – you just need to start it! Try not to get caught up with all the distractions out there that are designed to draw you in and take your money 😉

      Squidoo holds so much potential and I’m sure it won’t be long before we hear about your successes.

      Take care, Kelly x

  5. Richard Says:

    Kelly, thanks for a great post.

    Sure that its gonna help a lot of folks who have been ‘thinking’ about joining Squidoo.


  6. Sunny Says:

    Thanks so much for the tips and for giving your honest answer about squidoo, I have been making lenses for a year now and I am still learning what works and what doesn’t. I recently found your blog and will be following you. I appreciate the encouragement you give your readers as well.