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August 1, 2008

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When it comes to building Squidoo lenses, some people are struggling to make it part of their marketing plan.  For some, they are just too overwhelmed with the whole process to even begin to start building.  Others are just (dare I say it?) …. too lazy to get started!

I’m certainly not knocking people for being lazy, I’m one of the worlds worst people for putting things off.  My worst one is Twitter, I kept putting it off and putting it off, even though I knew perfectly well that it would benefit me, I just can’t get around to using it.  See, I’m just the same.

Established marketers can find it extremely hard to find the time to implement a new strategy, even if they understand how powerful it can be.  Finding the time to learn a new platform, research and implement the marketing can be too difficult to fit into their routine.

Squidoo lenses are fantastically simple to build, but the actually ‘doing’ can put people off starting.  Once you do get that first lens created and published, you suddenly realise just how easy it is and there is no stopping you. 

The Perfect Solution For Everyone

Buy a ready made Squidoo lens!  This is becoming more and more popular by the day and people are setting up lenses just to sell them.  I regularly sell off my lenses to keep the maintenance on them down and this is your chance to get your hands on them.

No matter what reason you have for not getting your own Squidoo lens or building up your lens collection, this will give you the ideal opportunity to get your hands on a ready made Squidoo lens.

See what lenses are for sale at Ready Made Squidoo Lenses and you might find the lens that you need today.  It’s easy, simple and safe to do.

Got A Lens To Sell?

If you have a top notch lens on ANY subject, why not drop me a line and I’ll sell it for you.  (There will be a % of the sale taken by me for doing this)  It’s very easy to end up with a lot of lenses that you find hard to maintain, this is a great way for you to profit from your lens.  What you might have no need for, someone else could be waiting to snap up.

All lenses need to be 100% original content.  Yes, they will be checked through Copyscape.  They need to be your own work, have been optamized for keywords (please let me know which ones) and have been checked for spelling etc.  No broken links.

Just contact me for more information on this. 

Advertise Your Lens(s) For Free?

Would you like to be featured on the Ready Made Squidoo Lenses lens?  Just drop me an email letting me know about your lenses and I’ll try and update that section once a week to include everyone.  Each person will be able to get about a week on the site.  I’ll be actively promoting the page so there is going to be a large amount of traffic going through that lens.

Paid Advertising?

If you want to have your banner, ad or lens featured on the page for one month, then simply let me know and I’ll have your lens featured on the Ready Made Squidoo lens for one month at a cost of just $20.  I will only be accepting family friendly lenses, complete lenses and lenses that are up to standard.

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7 Responses to “Buying Ready Made Lenses”

  1. Stephan Miller Says:

    I have been in and out of Squidoo. I am not quite yet sure of the earning potential of lenses, being one to build my own sites rather than having pages on sites where I don’t have total control. I use them more as ways to promote my sites. But I would consider buying some, some time in the future. Does having more lenses have a tendency of making all your lens benefit? Say I bought ten that had some sort of ranking. Would these add to the rankings of other ones I own? Like a trickle down effect.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Hi Stephan

    If you have a group of lenses that are linked to each other and on topic (i.e in the same niche) then yes, you would get the trickle down effect.

    But, if you have a group of lenses and linked them all together and they were all on different topics then Google will probably (at best) ignore the links and not count them at all. I have created a whole post on backlinks and their benefits which you can read and this one on the importance of backlinks too.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Dean Saliba Says:

    Squidoo is something I have been looking at but it looks very overwhelming as you say.

  4. WebTrafficROI Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Any affilate commission for selling your squidoo lens…would be worthwhile looking at an affiliate commission set up process

  5. Minsheyenwen Says:

    Hi Dean,

    When I first heard about Squidoo in May 2007 it seem ovewhelming to me too. I thought to myself– one more thing to learned… one more thing to do. I didn’t focus on it again until March 2008 and I am glad I did use it to help me test and promote one of my business ideas online. I have several top Google serp and my phone hasn’t stop ringing! My offline business idea has tested successful.

    I have made 12 Squidoo lenses, published 7 lens and sold one custom Squidoo lens for $200 in May. It took me 10 mos to get around to create my first Squidoo lens– a year to from the time I heard about Squidoo to sell my 1st lens… and… it took me less than an hour to create my 12th lens last week. It gets easier to do every time you do it.

  6. Rick Imby Says:

    Building and maintaining lenses has been your specialty Squidoo Queen. How many lenses have you sold through the years?

    Rick Imbys last blog post..Two Seconds

  7. Wordpress website guy Says:

    I am amazed that you can get that much for a lens. I guess a Squidoo lense is kinda like a mini website that you don’t have to pay to host. Keeep up the good work Queenie.

    WordPress website guys last blog post..Protected: WordPress Static Home Page, How to Build One