I thought that it might help people if I created a resource page where I can share with you the tools that I USE myself.  Lately I seem to have been getting more and more emails asking me common questions like ‘which hosting company do you use?’ etc, etc.

If I start to use another product/service then I’ll add and update the list as I go.  Just make sure that you check back regularly to make sure that you keep up to date – I’m sure that some will disapear as we move forward too!

Disclosure:  Some of the products below are paid products/services and should you click on them then I may get a commission.   Each one of the listed products are ones that I use myself and not there just to gain a commission.  Some of them are not essential to your success but can help you – if there is a free alternative then I will do my best to share that with you too.

Blogging Resources

  • WordPress:  This is without doubt the most popular blogging platform around.  It’s what runs this blog and every blog that I own and is so easy to enhance and customize. is free to use and comes with a whole host of themes and plugins.
  • Free Themes:  WordPress allows you to easily change the look and feel of your blog simply by changing the theme.  There is a whole host of themes to browse through.
  • Woo Themes:  These premium themes give you a more professional look and come with excellent support.  Woo Themes help you stand out from the crowd – this blog is using one of their fantastic themes.

Domain Names

  • Namecheap:  This is the company that I use to register all my domains with now.  Not only are they great value but they also have a fantastic reputation within the industry and with their customers alike.
  • GoDaddy:  Many people use GoDaddy for their domain name registration.  A few of my older domains are registered with them too.

Hosting Account

  • HostGator:  HostGator is who I use for 95% of all my hosting, including dedicated servers.  Their customer service is second to none and never have I had a problem that they could not sort out for me (and I’ve had a few).
  • BlueHost:  I recently heard lots of good things about this company and decided to give them a go – so far so good 🙂

Email Marketing/List Building

  • Aweber:  There is no alternative as far as I am concerned.  Aweber are the market leaders for a reason – they are the best at what they do!  If you are serious about your marketing then do not leave list building until another time – do it now!  It really is THAT important.

Blog Monetization

  • Adsense:  It’s stood the test of time for a reason – there is money to be made by using it.  It’s essential that if you are going to use it that you make sure you keep within the terms and conditions, as there has been a number of horror stories over the years.
  • Clickbank:  One of the best known in the online world.  Clickbank works great for both product owners and affiliates.
  • Amazon:  It’s a favourite of mine because it converts so well.  Many people stay away from it because of the low commissions but my Amazon sites bring in a large chunk of my income.

Last Updated Sept 2011

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