Why You Could Be Wasting Your Time Creating Articles

January 15, 2008

Marketing Tips

That title could come as a bit of a shock to some of you guys out there – After all, you know how much I love the Bum Marketing Method to create a great income.

Today however, I was reading something that really got me thinking …. It got me thinking about the ‘Why’ behind several of my products.  By this I mean ‘why I created them’.  I’d like to say that I only create products to help people and although that is one of my main reasons, it’s not the only one – money is one of the main reasons.

I should imagine that this is one of the reasons that you are reading this blog, creating lenses or writing articles.  YOU want to make money.  You also want to make a lot of money or just enough to make the monthly car payments.  How much you want to make is your decision to make, HOW you can make it is something that I can help you with.

Anyway, I digress.

The reasons that I decided to create my own products. 

Once I realised just how much money there was to be made with my article writing, I just knew that I could make a lot more money with my own products.  It’s like when I first started out writing for the local paper when I was 18.  I KNEW then that I could make money by making my words sell.  I also KNEW at the time that writing articles for the paper would pay me once, writing an article for Bum Marketing would pay me over and over again – the same way my own product would.

So if Bum Marketing can bring me in, on average, $20 per article per month – How much could my own products bring me in?  Once I worked this out – I was convinced that I had to push on and go ahead with this idea.

I remember that first day or sitting down and trying to start.  I must have started to write that first page over a hundred times.  I kept writing, deleting, trying to word things in a way that made them readable and so on.  It’s still the same to this day, I start something and the ending seems so far away that you can soon fall into this trap of actually getting started.

I cannot tell you how many blog posts that I have sat waiting to be finished, ebooks, guides and reports all in a half finished state.  This is one of the hardest things to do … getting started.

If you have dreams of making more money online than you are at the moment – have you thought about creating your own products?  Your own reports or your own guides?  If you don’t you ARE leaving money sat on the table.

Once YOU have got past the starting gate, are you going to be one of the ones who continues to write articles? 

Article writing (or Bum Marketing) are great – we all agree on this.  Where are you going to go with it from here though?  Why carry on writing articles when you could be spending your time creating your own products, guides and reports?

Here are the main reasons that people fail at this point:

  • They can’t find where to start
  • They fall into the trap of writing about what they love
  • Working in a general market instead of a niche

We have already covered the ‘where to start’ a little with my own problems.  The best way to overcome this is to plan your writing.  When will you write and how much will you write?  The most important part of this is to stick to it.

Instead of trying to create a whole 20 page guide, just think about small bite sized chunks, one page or one chapter at a time.  Just write it and leave it …. come back later (a day or so or even after you have finished writing) to tweak and change parts.

Write down your table of contents first, or for a report, just write down what needs to be in it.

Then begin ….

Writing About Your Love

This is the first thing that I did … After all, it was what I was told to do by some of the biggest names in the market.  They all seem to say “Write about something you love and the money will follow”

It’s only been in the past year or so that I realised that this is just wrong. 

Yes, if you can write about what you love, it will be easier.  But think about this.  Does a journalist only ever write about things they love?  Do you think that they sit there and tell the editor that they wont take that next ‘big story’ because it’s not something that they are passionate about?  You bet they don’t.

They write about it because it’s a big story and something that people want to read about.  In this business, you MUST be writing about something that people want to pay for.  

Being Too General

This is another no go area.  People want to learn about a particular problem or need.  If I had sat down and written the next installment of War & Peace about marketing, I would NEVER have sold as many copies as I did with Squidoo Queen.

Because I kept within a tight niche of showing people how to make money online using a totally free service, it was VERY targeted to people who wanted this information.  It also sold well to experienced marketers because they too wanted to take advantage of Squidoo and my guide showed them how.

A broad subject such as marketing is just not specific enough.  You need to keep it tight.

One of the best examples that I have seen of this is ‘Desperate Buyers Only’, it literally takes you by the hand and shows you how you can create your own product and more importantly how to find something that people want or need.  You can read more about it here.

Are you wasting YOUR time creating articles?

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7 Responses to “Why You Could Be Wasting Your Time Creating Articles”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    For the first time ever I have to somewhat disagree with you. You are right that you leave money on the table by not having your own product, however, time equals money and that is a personal decision we all make. For me, the time it takes to create, added to the time spent for customer service isn’t worth the extra money. The time freedom is as important as the money freedom. As you alluded to in your email today. Somethings are worth paying for. I use Ankur (thanks to your recommendation Kelly) for my Squidoo lens, I also have another gentleman that handles my Adwords at an extremely reasonably one-time cost just like Ankur does. My Job?? I make friends with my affiliate customers and a good portion call me and I back-end them into my free Networking Co. Sometimes I do some advertising on my own, sometimes I don’t. The bottom line is that I make a very good income and I have all the time to enjoy it. What you recommend is right for a lot of people, for me, what it costs in time is not worth the additional income.
    Keep up the good work Kelly, 99.9% of the time you are right on!

  2. Sharon Deloy Says:

    Hi Kelly:
    I agree, but you can always put your articles (that you love to write) into a product, thus getting the best of both worlds.
    You can get articles done inexpensively at elance.com or you can get a product, either software or written product also.
    I agree with Bruce that it is an individual thing, so the beginner is advised not to sweat it.

    I love your blogs.

  3. Kelly Says:

    I totally agree that this is a personal thing. I’m hoping that I made it clear that if you are looking for ‘more’ than what article marketing can give you then you should be thinking about taking it up a step.

    The most important thing if you do decide to create your own product is this …. make sure that it works!

    I actually had a member ask me to promote their ‘new marketing ebook’ and when I asked for proof that it worked … they replied that they hadn’t actually tried it.

    Don’t automatically think that you need to be creating products around the internet marketing arena either. Going for a niche is much easier to monetize.


  4. Ken Says:


    I haven’t come to your blog before, but decided to check out this post about articles after receiving your email yesterday.

    I thought I should let you know that there is a big blue box (“Recent Readers”) that pops up right over the text and makes it unreadable on my Firefox browser. Hope you can get this fixed soon.


  5. Kristie Says:

    Kelly, I agree with you on creating your own product and I did, but I made it too broad and I just love writing articles. The pure volume gets to you after awhile though, so when I begin to make money, I will look into outsourcing the writing.

    Kristies last blog post..1


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