Why Making Mistakes In Marketing Is A Good Thing

October 5, 2008

Marketing Tips

Everyone makes mistakes – I make them all the time, even now, after more than six years online I do something that either loses me money or doesn’t make me any.  To me, making a mistake in marketing is a good thing, it helps you learn and develop your marketing plan and you can take something away from the experience.

When you make the mistake it’s good when you realise what you have done – it means that you have learnt something from it.  You then know that you don’t want to do the exact same thing again.  Here are some of the most common mistakes that are made in marketing.  See if you do any of them yourself and then learn by this post and make sure that you don’t continue to do it.

  • You half heatedly try some new marketing technique
  • You don’t believe in your product or service
  • Your marketing plan is non existent
  • You have no clear plan of action to follow
  • You move on before you have seen any results
  • When something doesn’t give you the results you want you leave it without looking at ‘why’

These are just a few examples of marketing mistakes that we all make at some point.  They are all simple things that you could spend a few minutes looking at and learning from.

Next time something doesn’t work for you, ask yourself this – are you putting in enough effort and what is going wrong.

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One Response to “Why Making Mistakes In Marketing Is A Good Thing”

  1. Minsheyenwen Says:

    I put my heart and soul into everything I do. I believe in myself, the products and services I offer. I have a marketing plan and a clear plan of action to follow. I still make mistakes, too. I ask ‘why when’something doesn’t give me the results I want. When I am unable to answer the ‘why’ I find it helpful to visit one of the forum’s I belong to read and research the answer or post a question to get the insight and clarity I need.