What Niche Should I Promote?

September 25, 2008

Marketing Tips

This has got to be the MOST common question that I get asked, it seems to be a real problem for marketers.  As time goes by it gets easier, you know what to look for, you know how to start the research process and you do it as second nature.  It’s always a time consuming job though.

I have to say that as much as I’d love to help everyone who came to me asking for advice with niche research, I just can’t do that – the time that it would take for me to help and assist everyone who came to me with their different niche, different needs and levels and all I would do is research on behalf of everyone else!

There is a solution though.  Two of my good friends from Wealthy Affiliate have opened up a new site that is every marketers dream, especially those who have problems or time difficulties with niche research.  Dave and Thad are long term members of WA and offer amazing advice to all levels of marketers – they do it freely inside WA, and now they are addressing this major problem that marketers are having – Niche Research!

Affiliate Niche Club is now open and it offers everyone a solution to their niche research problem – take a look for yourself and see what I mean.  I’m a member there and I cannot believe that they are offering such amazing value for such little investment.  I’ve just been speaking with Dave on Skype and told him as much too.  This is going to change the way that some people are marketing or rather – it will change the amount of marketers who succeed.  Affiliate Niche Club is much more than just a list of niches, it’s a complete package.

Just read this free sample niche report that they are giving away and tell me what you would pay to get this each month?  I can’t believe it’s just $9.  I know of some people that would offer successful marketers 100X that per day just to get access to their research.  Dave and Thad are both successful and you can follow in their footsteps with Affiliate Niche Club.  My recommendation is that you get in quick with this one!

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