Wealthy Affiliate Forum Shows Some Major Success Stories!

April 13, 2008

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By now I expect that most of you know that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate’s. I have to admit that my participation has been down in the last month – you can see the posts on here about why I have not been working that much. Today though I got an email from Travis Sago (the original Bum Marketer) and it made me want to get inside and see what was going on over there.

Over at the Wealthy Affiliate Forum there are several categories that I just have to take a look at when I go in. The main one being ‘Success Stories’ I love to see who is making money. Anyway, back to my email from Travis. The email was about a post that a member had made about making money online and why some people could find success fast and others simply fail.

Travis went on to speak about his response (which was great) and it got me thinking about what it takes to become successful and what sort of ‘tools’ people need to get there. The response that Travis gives is that you need to find a hungry crowd and see if they are buying, if they are you can come along and offer them a solution to their problem – not try and sell a product just because it offers you a great commission.

It’s all well and good ‘knowing’ how to make money online, it’s another matter entirely to actually ‘DO’ it. Most of us will have seen those massive Guru launches where they promise to show you how they are making money – sounds great in theory but in reality it just doesn’t happen as easily.

Many of you will have seen just how hard it can be to start out online, you work and work and STILL don’t make any money. My answer? Simple, follow someone who is already doing it and copy exactly what they are doing. Take another look at those massive Guru launches, are they actually doing what they are telling you to do? No, they are busy getting people to create their next product when they see a gap in the market. THEY are just finding a hungry crowd (YOU) and offering you a solution (THEIR product).

I have to admit that over at the Wealthy Affiliate Forum you can see examples of some people who are simply copying what they are shown from people who are already (and more importantly still doing it) making money and freely giving their advice to those who are getting started.

Here are the top 5 posts in the category ‘Success Forum’ today:

* $2,500 profit in 3 months! *

This post was actually started back in March and is now three pages long. It goes on to say that the member wanted to start earning money online because he wanted to get a set of new rims for his car. He did it by following the plan laid out for him and listening to what the successful marketers were telling him.

* 1st Sale on Second Campaign :-)) *

This post went up yesterday and is being kept at the top by well-wishers! It’s that first sale that can take you from beginner marketer to a marketer who KNOWS that success is within reach and they can get their with patience.

* I made 6K in 6 Days *

Now this one had me wanting to know more – I mean this is some serious money that they have made. Normally the people making $1K+ per day are the more seasoned members of Wealthy Affiliate. It was simple for this guy though. All he did was realise that it was no harder to offer high priced items to a HUNGRY CROWD than the lower priced ones so long as they are a buying crowd of hungry people.

There are pages and pages of these posts over there and each one of them is worth reading. Some of them are detailed with the members plan of action whilst others are just people saying “Yay … my first sale” or “My first $50 day” etc etc.

The moral of this story is this ….

You can spend months and months searching for the tools you need to make you a success or you can keep on spending money on eBooks, guides etc and still keep looking for that missing piece of the jigsaw. It’s so much simpler than that though – just use the one tool that wont cost you a penny, your brain.

eBooks are great when you want to learn a specific part of marketing, Squidoo for example, but the basics must be in place first. Learn the basics and the rest comes naturally, BUT, never EVER give up on becoming successful.

The Wealthy Affiliate Forum is just one part of what you get access to when you join Wealthy Affiliate – there are tons of other really cool parts to it that make the membership worth hundreds of dollars per month. Just take a look for yourself.

If you do decide to join just forward me your receipt and let me know that you joined from this page and I’ll send you a totally free copy of MyBlogLog Traffic Secrets and some other really cool bonuses. You must join from this page though (which I will check before sending you the bonuses).

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2 Responses to “Wealthy Affiliate Forum Shows Some Major Success Stories!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    If anyone reading is already a member of WA then be sure to add me as a ‘buddy’ in WA Spaces! I’ve just updated my blog there (it was a long time coming) and really want to get as many of you guys as possible as friends over there.

    I’ll be checking later and reciprocating any buddy requests.


  2. Kirk S. Beck Says:

    Hi Kelly I joined a few Weeks ago, lost contact before I got started. I want to make a proper start and some money, hopefully. Best wishes Kirk