Using Digg To Get Tons Of Free Traffic

January 3, 2008

Marketing Tips

We know that Web 2.0 is well and truly underway and Digg is one of the leaders.  Perhaps you have already heard about how easy it is to get traffic from Digg and then get flooded by it.  Looking at my blog here, there isn’t many ‘Diggs’ going on.

I’ve been doing a little research over the last few days to see if I can start to improve on the ‘Diggs’ that this blog is getting and if it will result in loads of free traffic from Digg. 

For those of you that don’t know what Digg is – it’s a social bookmarking site that allows it’s members to share them within categories like business, comedy and everything in between.  Thousands of sites get heaps of traffic from digg just by posting and then the readers will either ‘digg’ it or ‘bury’ it depending if they like it or not.

Let’s see how this works.

Most of the posts on this site have a couple or so ‘diggs’ and I want to see how long it takes me to start seeing some real traffic coming from them.  To date, I get around 50 visitors per week sent to me free from Digg, I want that doubled this week!

How Am I Going To Do This?

To be honest, at the time of putting this post together I am not totally sure on which approach to take – some people’s advice is differing greatly!

This is always to be expected online, after all, anyone can start posting about anything without knowing anything substantial about the subject.  Others who have vast experience in a given field might just decide to keep their information for personal use.  It’s finding out by reading between the lines with any information that you get to use.

Getting traffic from Digg doesn’t have to be hard – this I am sure of.  It’s just taking the time to learn about it and see what works and what doesn’t.  I have never made a secret that this is a learning blog – both for you and I.  It could all go horribly wrong or be a real success.  Either way, we will all learn something from the experience.

Let’s see how this one works out.  I’ll post later today when I have a plan worked out.

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