Turning PLR Into Fast Cash – Part Two

January 21, 2008

Marketing Tips

If you have not yet read part one of this PLR into Fast Cash series then you can do so by clicking here.  Through this series I hope to be able to bring you a clear plan for creating a great product by simply using PLR material.

The Keys To Creating Your Report

The basic formula for a great report is this:

  • The Title
  • Opening Introduction
  • Body Of The Report
  • Summary

It’s exactly like creating an article – only a little longer.

The title is where most people fall down.  They simply do not spend enough time on this VERY important part of their report (the same goes for an article).  It must be eye catching and make the reader want to get inside and read the contents.  Get this wrong and you can have the best report in the world – but if no one wants to read it, it’s a waste of time and effort just sat on your PC.

With this in mind you need to be thinking about WHY someone would want or need your report.  Is it to satisfy a desire – ‘Must have guide to buying expensive handbags’ or is it to learn something – ‘7 Ways To Make Money Off Squidoo In 7 Days’ or is it because it’s going to do something for them?  ‘How To Lose 20lb In 20 Days’

These titles are not ones to use, they are simply just coming up with me typing and not enough time or effort has gone into it.  You can see by the examples though that you need to make it compelling and hit the reader with what they need – not what you are selling.

Offer the reader answers, hope and above all something that will help them.  This makes it harder for them to leave than if they come across a report that just interests them.

The headline is something that only you can come up with from your research and if you have got yourself some top notch PLR material then the writer should already be aware of this and spent some time on the title too.

Top Tip:  You must NOT leave the title the same as is already there.  Did you know that over 75% of people who purchase PLR never change a single word?  This is going to be seen as duplicate content faster than you can delete it off your PC.  Making it your own is the key to making fast cash from PLR material.

But I Can’t Write – That’s Why I Got The PLR In The First Place!

I can now show you how fast and simple it is to create a title in less than 10 seconds.  Good PLR will already have a good eye catching title on it as we already said.  Now though it’s down to you to come up with an equally good one.  Here’s how.

Lets say that the original title is something like:

 “7 Killer Ways To Get A High Ranking Blog”

Just read it and then find other words to replace the ones already there.  (Remember, I am just making all this up as I type – In reality you should spend as long as it takes to come up with a great title).

How about:

  • “7 Secret Ways To Get Your Blog Ranking Up”
  • “Killer Techniques To Get A High Ranking Blog”
  • “7 Ways To Push Your Blog Ranking Higher Than Everest”

These really are off the top of my head with no research and just as I type, I’m sure that you are seeing how easy it can be though.  This took a lot less than 20 seconds for all three titles!

One thing you should remember is this.  People love things that are quick and easy to follow.  If you offer them a report on say ‘1,200 Ways To Get Your Niche Blog To A Page Rank Of 6 In Around 30 Days’ or you offer them a report on ‘7 Killers Ways To Get A High Ranking Blog In Less Than A Month’ which one are they going to go for?

I don’t really want to get into the mindset of a buyer as we could be here for the next week talking about it.  But remember that not every thought that a buyer has is a conscious one.  The subconscious is just as powerful – 1,200 ways or 7 ways?  The first is going to take them a long time, the second sounds like something that can be put together quickly with fast results.

The rest of the report is written or rewritten in exactly the same way.  Just take one paragraph, read it, then write it again in your own words.  Once you have done one or two paragraphs you will soon see how quick and easy this is. 

With the contents of the report already written for you, you are literally just putting what is already there into different words – nothing more complicated than that.

Here’s a quick example for you.  The first paragraph is the original PLR material:

For those of you that are completely new to article marketing or Bum Marketing as it is now more fashionably known as, here is a brief outline of what article marketing can do for you and your online marketing efforts.

My Rewrite:

If you are completely new to article marketing, or as it is now more commonly know as, Bum Marketing, I will give you a quick run down on how article marketing can really push your marketing forwards.

You may already notice that you are just changing around the word layout or adding other words, replacing them or generally just changing the tone of the writing.  It may well end up longer than the original and so long as you are not placing words in there for the sake of it – that’s fine.

If you have done your research well this whole part will be much easier, you will already know what you have to have in your article and be able to use your research to help you.  To be honest, there are times when I have done no research on a subject and gone ahead and written the article or report anyway and have found at the end that the article just didn’t sound ‘right’ or didn’t have the right feel to it.

You will already have the authors words to guide you and this is so simple once you take action and actually start to do it – you’ll wish that you had done this a long time ago.

When the first part of this article went up, I was sent an email from a reader who said this:  “I like the concept of what you are saying, but for me, I just hire someone off elance to write my articles and they only cost me $3 or $4 each.  For a report it wouldn’t cost much more than $15 so I think I’ll stick to that.  Thanks for the article though.”

Now I don’t mind someone challenging what I am saying, you’ll see that I don’t delete replies on my blog just because the reader doesn’t agree with me.  I still see myself as learning, so I welcome any one’s comments who will make me think about something more – after all, they may well have a better way than I do.

After getting this email though, I contacted the reader back and said “How long does it take you to get the spelling mistakes out and then go through and make sure that the articles make sense and flow?”  Within 10 minutes I had this back “Point taken, I’ll try your way next time.”

You can hire people to do the work for you at a really low price.  One thing that my Mum always told me sticks in my mind though “You only ever get what you pay for.”  Would YOU write a 500 word article and sell it once for just $3?  I know that I wouldn’t.

With reports, trying to cut corners is one of the worst things you can do.  A good report can bring you in hundreds of dollars in a short space of time and once you have a buyer, you can then sell to them hundreds of times over.  Offer them something that doesn’t flow well or give them what was promised and that buyer is gone for good – a waste of everyone’s time and effort.

Over the next week I will put together another article based on this series about promoting your reports and how to get the most out of affiliate links inside the reports along with up-sells and the importance of traffic funnels.  Stay tuned 🙂

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8 Responses to “Turning PLR Into Fast Cash – Part Two”

  1. marketplanhq Says:

    Kelly—This is the second browser I’ve tried (Firefox) on your page, with the same result: Your MyBlogLog widget is to the right of the left column. It covers the top part of the article.

    Your BlogCatalog widget is to the right of the right column. That is, it’s out in the right-hand margin (so to speak).

    Since I don’t think that’s the look you were going for, I thought I’d let you know.

    I’m betting that you use Internet Explorer, and you blog looks fine there, but many of us don’t or can’t use it. (I’m on a Mac, and some people use other forms of UNIX, such as Linux. They won’t have IE either.)

    Hope this helps. —Kathleen

    P.S. It won’t hurt my feelings if you delete this. It was really just meant for you.

  2. Felise Says:

    its getting better.
    well, im a musician looking for ways to sell my know how, in form of e books, packaging, videos,
    online tutorial solutions,webcam teaching etc.
    any suggestions and all in one package solutions?
    please let me know

  3. keiths Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I can do that! Thank you Kelly for your simple
    and straight forward directions on how to edit
    an article, I am going to be a lfe long fan.
    Have a great day and take good care.

  4. carolynnr Says:

    Hi Kelly: I don’t know about other newbies over at Squidoo, but I found part one and part two of your article very valuable. It’s a good way for people to get off and running to make some cash but for the long term I don’t think customers are served by re-hashed material over and over again. You might want to spend some time having your members/readers think about their own creative talents and offer those. This is not to say that as a newbie, your ideas in these two articles aren’t vauleable, they are as long as the writer understands it’s a beginning not an end.

  5. Ron Passfield Says:

    Kelly – this is very sound advice. I have resolved to write more this year, so re-writing PLR reports might be a great place to start.

    I enjoy writing but don’t give it the time I should. The hour I spend on traffic exchanges could be better spent writing.

    Your PLR articles really emphasize the income potential of PLR – thanks again.

    BTW. Your Squidoo Queen banner & ebook features prominently on my new Squidoo video site.

  6. Kelly Says:

    I am aware of the problem with firefox and am working on getting this sorted out. Thanks for letting me know and I hope to have it all working soon.



  7. abowaaled Says:

    i hope in this year to make strong working with all friends in the world.
    i like to learn and lestein to them.
    i hope new year in working and successes.
    good luck.


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