Turning PLR Into Cash – Fast! Part One

January 17, 2008

Marketing Tips

On my post yesterday I had a comment from a reader Bruce … If you click here you can read the post and then scroll down to the comments. 

Well Bruce got me to thinking about the time it takes to create a whole new product from scratch.  I guess I have it a lot easier than a ‘newbie’ in the fact that I have experience on my side.  I can take projects that I have done and compile that into a product on internet marketing or how to make money.  One point to remember is that you don’t need to be creating a 40-80 word eBook to have your own product.

There is also the fact that I have several niches that I work within that I know are profitable and I can then compile a product within a few hours using my articles. 

 I also thought about Bruce’s problem of customer services and how to get around this too.  Hopefully I will have the answer to help Bruce out here ….  Of course, it’s only a suggestion 🙂 

On the post below Bruce’s you can see another post by Sharon saying that you can turn articles into products.  Although many of us have lots of articles on the same niche, there are plenty of people that don’t – this could be the answer for them too.

I worked on this concept a few months ago and had been selling it.  Today though, I have decided to work it again to fit in with this blog post (I’ve also stopped selling it as that wouldn’t be fair).

I hope that you can see the potential in what I am outlining here.  Obviously I can’t make it as comprehensive as I did for the paid product as I would need to write a post containing over 20,000 ….. It would take you two days to read it :-0

Depending on how well it’s received, I might make another more in depth product at a later date.   Overall, I hope that this article should help anyone who is creating sites, blogs, lenses, articles or their own products … Let me know what you think.

I’ll be delivering this mini course over the next week so that it’s easier to read and digest – Remember to leave comments if there is something that I miss or you want more information on ……

The Importance Of Understanding Content

Content is what makes that internet what it is today.  Without it you stand little chance of success – no matter what route you go down.  If you want to build a website, lens or blog you MUST have great, original content.

The internet was invented to share information and information is what people are looking for when they log on.  If you don’t offer them that information then you are not offering them what they want …. it’s a simple concept but one that people seem to forget.

One of the most crucial things to remember is that people are looking for answers.  They want you to solve their problems, provide them with their needs and wants or just show them that there are solutions.

This can come in many forms, for example, someone who is looking on eBay for the latest ‘must have’ trainers or handbag is trying to fulfil a need.  They want something and although they might start out looking for prices and then get a pair of cheaper trainers, the ‘want’ was there to make them look.

Another example is when someone is looking for answers to a debt problem.  They might search for a loan, but if they come across a site that gives them the information to end their debt problems in no time at all with no need to borrow more money – they have found a solution.

This is why content is so crucial online.  People want to find answers and if you have a site, blog or lens that just doesn’t offer content that fulfils this in some way (even if it’s letting them know that they are not alone) then you wont be able to convert that person into a buyer.

Creating content in a product is just as important.  You can have all the answers that the person needs but if you don’t have a way of making them clear – you will be hit all day long with refund requests!  This is something that wont help anyone – least of all you.

Why Quality Unique Content Is King

It’s not enough to just have good quality content these days, you MUST have totally unique content.  Simply put, this means that if you create content for your Squidoo lens, it has to be content that doesn’t appear in any other place on the net.

Gone are the days where you can place content on a site and then place an article version at an article directory.  It can only appear once.  I am well aware that several big names will tell you to post one article on numerous article directories – this just seems like a very silly thing to do to me when Google clearly state that they only want unique content and will punish you for duplicate content.

Of course, Google are not too clear on the guidelines for duplicate content stating that this is mainly a problem on a single domain name.  For example, if you are trying to manipulate the system and posting the same content across your site – My own personal experience is to play on the side of caution and steer clear of anything that Google might frown upon.

With this in mind it’s worth creating totally unique content for anything that you do.  That isn’t to say that you cannot re-use your content by simply rewriting it.  This is easier than most people think and I have more coming on this later.

Where To Find This Content?

It seems to be one of the biggest problems that people come across when they want to create content.  They now understand that without good quality unique content they are not going to be able to compete with anyone else.  Sitting there all day trying to come up with content can drive anyone to tears.  Especially if you have to create something from scratch.

Well there are answers for you here.  There is a really easy way of creating content without having to pay for article writers or spend hours trying to come up with something to say.

PLR – Private Label Rights

What Is PLR Anyway?

PLR (Private Label Rights) is basically material that someone else has written that you can change or edit and place your own name on.  You can change the title, change or alter the wording and place your name on it as if you created it yourself.

There are many different forms that PLR comes in, but for the sake of this article we will be concentrating on articles, reports and products of the written word.  You should be aware that PLR comes in forms such as:  eBooks, videos, audio, software etc – it’s not limited to just the written word.

All PLR is not created equally and this is something that you need to be aware of from the start.  PLR comes with terms and conditions that MUST be adhered to – break these and you will soon be in some hot water.

For example, some PLR is sold with total rights which means that you can do as you please with it.  Others come with tighter rights such as:  You can use the product as your own, you can put your own name on it, you may offer it on another website, you can offer it on auction sites, you can add it to a membership site etc.

Each set of PLR material will have their own set of terms depending on the author.  One thing to remember is that if any material comes without the terms, the chances are that you have purchased PLR that is not legally allowed to be sold – always ask for the terms BEFORE making a purchase.

Common terms are set out as:

  • [YES] Can be sold.
  • [YES] Can be packaged.
  • [YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
  • [YES] Can be added to paid membership sites.
  • [YES] Can be edited or modified and your name put on it.
  • [YES] Can be given away.
  • [YES] Can sell Resale Rights.
  • [YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights.
  • [NO] Can sell Private Label Rights.
  • [NO] Includes Sales Page.
  • [NO] Can be offered through auction sites.
  • Don’t confuse PLR with MMR or RR (Master Resale Rights or Resale Rights) as PLR doesn’t come with these terms as standard.  Check the terms and then check them again.

    Although I don’t want to spend too much time explaining to you how to purchase PLR, there are a few things that I think you should know. 

  • Just because it’s more expensive does not mean that it is of superior quality to a cheaper package
  • You do not need to join lots of PLR membership sites
  • Always check to see the limit on the number of copies that will be sold – It should be under 100 copies

Where To Start?

The best place to start is to create a report that can be given away as a ‘bribe’ to get people to sign up to your newsletters or to sell.  This is a great way to lead yourself into a full blown product.

We know that there are plenty of places that you can grab yourself some great content which comes with PLR, a simple search on Google for your niche + PLR will bring you back lots of options.  The Warrior Forum is another great place to get some top quality PLR too.

You should also remember that PLR isn’t just for products … it works really well for:

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletter Material
  • Websites
  • Squidoo Lenses
  • Free Reports
  • Auto Responder Series
  • etc etc

There are lots of ways to use PLR …. it’s just down to you how you use it.

When you look to purchase PLR articles you will find that there will be several articles on the same subject (hopefully your niche 🙂 ) and this is where you can really take advantage of PLR for some quick cash.

A standard article will be around 500 words long – give or take.  A standard report will be around 2000 – 3000 words long.  If you get yourself a 4 or 5 bundle of PLR articles on the same subject that you can combine into a report then you have yourself a real winner.

Why A Report?

Reports are much easier to sell.  Imagine being able to create a lens around your own products or even a blog.  It’s easier than you think now that you know about PLR.

Imagine that you create a 50 page product on “How To Spot A Fake Painting” you could have a great product and you want to sell it for $97 – after all, you spent a lot of time making sure that your research was totally up to date …

You have to spend a lot of time convincing people to buy it.  Now imagine that you spend a few hours creating a 10 page report on the same niche.  You want to sell it for $7.  It’s far easier to get people to buy a report that costs $7 as opposed to a product that is $90 more.

You can sell your $7 report that took you a few hours to complete over and over again for months and years to come.  All for a few hours work.

Sounding good?

You bet it is.

There are lots of advanced things to do with your report, you can have affiliate links to other more expensive products, affiliate links to paintings etc.  The ideas here are endless – you are basically using your short report to up-sell people to more which basically = more sales – more money for you.

You can get so carried away creating these short reports that it wont be long before you have enough material to combine them all into your own larger price full blown product.  You can then use your small reports to up-sell your own product.  More sales for you.

You can totally automate your small reports by using the $7 dollar scripts (you can customise these to any price) and then not only are you building a list, you can also start to build affiliates for your products too.

So many opportunities here 🙂

Creating Your Small Report

I’m not going to go into how to choose your niche here, there is a really good chapter in Squidoo Queen V2.1 and you can find some good information on finding a niche here.

Once you have your niche and have researched to see if there is a BUYING market – ie, people that are already buying products in this niche and also check to see if there are people paying to advertise on Google for your niche.  This is a great indicator to see if there is money to be made within the niche.

Top Tip:  Remember to look for a crowd of people before you look for your niche within it.  Read this a few times to make sure you understand it.  The hungry crowd will be looking for a solution – just offer it to them.

Now you know what your market is looking for, you need to grab yourself some PLR on that niche.  If you really find that you have come up with a niche that has no PLR on it, check that your research has been done correctly – it could be an indicator that there is no money to be made there.

If you are still struggling then you can go and hire a writer to produce your own material for you – but it’s VERY unlikely that you wont be able to find PLR on just about every subject (or it could be that you have found a massive hole in the market that you could fill).

Now all you need to do it create your report from the material that you have …….

I’ll be posting that part tomorrow – this article is now well over 2,500 words and as I said I want to post it in digestible bite sizes so that you can get the most out of it.

You can read part two now by clicking here.

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17 Responses to “Turning PLR Into Cash – Fast! Part One”

  1. davideif Says:

    Hi Kelly
    ARTICLES and UNIQUE content
    I understand what you are saying about posting ONE unique content article to ONE article site and then either a revised v ersion of the same article to another site or a new one BUT how come there are many article submission sites like BIZOP and SUBMITARTICLES that automate the process of submitting the SAME article to many sites IF this is not advisable and can be punished by Google etc……It seems there are so many contradictions in IM with one saying do this and another NO!!!? Views/comments??
    Keep up the good work Kelly! Thanks a lot.

  2. Kelly Says:

    This is a real problem for most marketers at any level. You will always have this kind of conflicting advice. It’s a real shame as people will always end up following the bad stuff.

    I act and speak 95% of the time from personal experience. The other 5% I will go off the advice from someone whom I trust – these people are few and far between.

    If you go to Google’s blog below, you will see that many people’s personal experience is the same as mine and avoid any duplicate content at all.

    Google Blog

    For a long time I would tell people that the ONLY reason that I can see to submit to article directories is the backlinks that you can get. If you do go down this route I would recommend that you link indirectly to your own site …. send the articles to your lens and from your lens to your site or blog.

    Sorry I can’t clear it up further for you – but this is my advice and something that I practise.


  3. Kelly Says:

    I am also aware of the problems that Firefox users are experiencing – I am working on getting this fixed.

    Thanks to those who emailed me about this.


  4. Ron Passfield Says:

    Hi Kelly – thanks for this great article. I’ve been thinking of what to do with the hundreds of PLR articles and ebooks I’ve collected. I got another 400 PLR articles yesterday as a bonus!

    The other thing I discovered yesterday is a software program that enables you to rebrand PLR videos which are becoming the new rage. You can rebrand the video with your own affiliate links. The program also lets you create video opt-ins (Anik Singal swears by this for increasing conversions!)

    I was unsure of this program and then the same morning I received 3 free PLR videos on aspects of social marketing.

    So I took off immediately and bought the program and created a Squidoo lens as a review of the program.


  5. Katerina Says:

    Thank you for such great information Kelly! How are you and your family doing and have you recovered from the fire and all that? Make it a great day!

  6. ArtByLetters Says:

    Hoorah Kelly got My first line of Designs ArtByLetters

  7. knitnpurl Says:

    Do you affiliate your work at home jobs?
    I am interested. Glenda

  8. MrCaution Says:


    I’ve been reading and learning about affiliate marketing and am currently working on a lens on squidoo. PLR is a new term to me and I’m a little
    confused on what I should focus on first. My lens is the first step and then I want to move it to a website. My goal is to offer such valuable content that I generate thousands of hits a day and then add advertising and affiliate marketing links. Am I on the right track here?

    Glad I found you out there in cyberspace and that you are a real person. lol

  9. Katherine Says:

    I’m so happy you posted this! I’ve been looking for information about PLR and have found nothing is comprehensive as this.

    Katherines last blog post..Tales from a Messy Desk – UGH I Need to Clean …

  10. George Snyder Says:

    Great article, you could have easily spilt that up to for or five posts. Couldn’t agree more about the old adage “Content is King”. Have bmarked your site and will be back, keep up the great work. Atb George

    George Snyders last blog post..Review of wpDripFeeder


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