Top Internet Marketing Blogs You Should Read

July 6, 2010

Marketing Tips

I’ve decided to put together my top 5 internet marketing blogs that I think you might find helpful.  If you get time today go and take a look at them, there are some real gems of information in this list.

These are my top 5 marketing blogs that I read and are not ranked in any order 🙂

Top 5 Internet Marketing Blogs

#1 – John Chow

John’s blog has managed to grow and grow and is often surrounded with controversy.  Not only has he managed to get banned from Google and Digg he has also come under fire from other bloggers regarding his methods.

Regardless of what you feel about him or his blog, the simple fact is, he gets results and has secured his position as one of the top bloggers around. 

Recently John has written a free guide on how to make money blogging which is the exact blueprint that he uses.  Grab your copy here.

#2 – Yoast

I love this blog and only stumbled upon it when I was looking for a plugin to make certain aspects of my blog ‘nofollow’.  This blog is well written and has some excellent information for anyone who uses WordPress and wants to get the most from it.

Not only can you get some great advice, you can get some great plugins too that will help you with SEO, analytics etc.  Well worth browsing through when you have some time spare.

#3 – Zac Johnson

I’ve been following Zac’s blog for a long time and unlike lots of bloggers out there Zac continues to produce some outstanding posts that WILL help you.  Zac has gone on to establish himself as one of the top affiliates out there and gives you so much information that you would normally expect to pay top dollar for – for free!

Zac has recently released his Siz Figure Affiliate Blogging guide which you can download from here for free – well worth reading and gives you a slightly different approach from the normal ‘Clickbank’ affiliate angle.

#4 – Matt Cutts

Why go anywhere else for information on Google?  When the gossip hits the net, go directly to the person who is in the know!  There are some really useful (and eye opening) articles on Matt’s blog and everyone should take the time to read it.

There are also a whole heap of videos that Matt has released on YouTube that you should take the time to go through.  Whilst I’m sure that Matt is NOT going to give you all the answers you need, he’s more likely to understand what he is talking about more than some others I have heard recently!

#5 – Daily Blog Tips

I’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now and have to say that the quality of posts has increased over time.  Daniel has worked hard on his blog and that hard work has certainly paid off.

Not only can you spend hours going through solid information on the blog you’ll also find Daniel gave an interview in Zac Johnson’s eBook – well worth reading. 

There must be 20 or so other blogs that I read too – usually when I am looking for information on something I’ll go through the ones that I trust.  Whilst this list can help you in your own marketing, it’s important to understand that each one of these blogs has the same thing in common – they worked hard at achieving what they wanted!

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15 Responses to “Top Internet Marketing Blogs You Should Read”

  1. Julie Says:

    I always read Matt’s blog and find that I have much more of a working knowledge about google through it. I bookmarked the video section and forgot to go back so thank you Kelly for reminding me.


    • Kelly Says:

      No problem Julie – glad it reminded you 🙂

    • Lisa Says:

      Hi Julie

      I’ve watched one or two of the vid’s and have to say that whilst some of the information went right over my head, some of it gave me some really useful stuff so they are certainly worth watching.

      Lisa x

  2. John James Says:

    To be honest I didn’t know about Matt Cutts blog and only browsed John Chows blog a couple times. Just took a look at Zac Johnsons blog and there seems to be a fair few hours of posts to look over and that was just me scanning 🙂

    • Kelly Says:

      Go and grab yourself a coffee and take 10 minutes to bookmark any posts that you want to read and then go back each day and read them.

      Mind you, I should start following my own advice! Once I get stuck in I find it impossible to stop reading. I have to limit my time on forums too or before I know it time has flown away. Happy reading John.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I love your work Kelly and you have helped me loads with your emails and I would never have finished my first site had you not helped me so this is my regular blog read.

    What made you stand out from other marketers for me Kelly was when I asked you about bring the fresh. Instead of sending me an affiliate link or telling me to buy something of yours, you actually sent me to another marketers site and told me to read her reviews! Since I have been following along with Tiffany Dows work I feel that I now have TWO great teachers! Thank you because I would never have found Tiffany had it not been for you.

    Lisa x
    (A grateful student)

    • Kelly Says:

      Hi Lisa

      I’m glad I could help. I’ve not seen Bring the Fresh (although I have heard some good things about it) and I’m not an affiliate of the product either. Tiffany had done such a great job of the review that I knew that was the best place to send you.

      If anyone else is looking for Tiffany’s blog you can get to it at – it’s a great blog and one that I regularly stop by at myself 🙂

      I’m still waiting on those pictures you promised me too Lisa! lol

  4. Jan Says:

    I have just finished reading through many, many posts in here and have to say I have certainly learnt a lot this morning.

    I particularly enjoyed Zac’s blog because I had never read anything from him before…he was a ‘newie’ for me 🙂

    The rest of the recommendations I also agree with you that they are more than worth recommending!

    I have book marked your site to return to regularly 🙂

    • Kelly Says:

      Hi Jan

      Glad that you found the recommendations helpful. The problem is that these blogs have such great information in them that we can spend more time reading than ‘doing’!

      • Jan Says:

        Hey Kelly ~ You sure hit the nail on the head! This is why I loathe using forums simply because they are a continuing class room. Especially the WF….

        I’ve found the best way for me is to set myself an agenda. That is, I allow 2 hours a day for blogs, reading and posting. If I didn’t do that, I would have trouble writing my articles and or making my websites. Its simply way too easy to get involved when doing something that one loves 🙂

  5. Roch Says:

    Matt’s website is definitely the only place to get true, accurate information about our Giant. Thanks for compiling this list. I never heard about John Chow but had a look at his website real quickly along with his video of “the Dot Com Lifestyle” lol he seems like a funny guy. Definitely worth bookmarking.

  6. Corporate Photographer Says:

    Very interesting article on BlogPress SEO on the Yoast blog- I had been about to install this as a plugin. Maybe going to look for something else now. Grant

  7. theinternetcomm Says:

    Zac blog is really amazing with very detailed info and you will really learn a lot.

  8. Affiliate Problems Solved Says:

    Enjoyed your post. I agreed with most of what you said and I’m sure it will be of help to others.

  9. Robby Says:

    Thanks for sharing .. I enjoy reading blogs that added more info and knowledge in me..I’ll check them out!