This Is What Happens When You Have No Clear Direction

April 19, 2012

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Clear Direction

Take a look at this site and you’ll find a really great example of what will happen to you if you have no clear direction of what you want to do and how you want to do it – something that could easily become a failure!

When I started this blog I had really big plans but somehow along the way they just kind of got lost.

Any of you that have followed me for a while will already know that I have struggled on many occasions with direction, passion and burn out.  I get easily distracted, my brain is always coming up with new and exciting ways to grow my business.  Over the years I cannot tell you how many projects I have started and never finished – too many for sure!

Last week I got my ‘ah ha!’ moment when I sat down and planned out what I would be working on and when.  There was a list the length of my arm that needed to be done – too much and the thought of getting around to it all just overwhelmed me.  After TWO days of pretending that I was working on my list and getting NOTHING done I finally realised what was wrong with me ….


I’ve spread myself too thin and just trying to keep up has made me hate what I do!

Even though I have not been blogging, not released any new products and not really been seen around, I’ve still been working really hard over the last year or so.

My main advice to anyone is to create multiple income streams – you never know when one could be taken from you.  It seems that I have taken that advice a little too far and have ended up working at least 12 hour days just trying to keep up with everything!  Running my online business, my offline business and all of my affiliate sites has become a full time job that has got way too big for just one person.

Last week I shut down (literally deleted) 16 sites.  Almost all of them were making me money but depended on me keeping them updated in order to do so.  They went – I had no passion for them and kept putting off working on them because of it.

I’ve sat down and worked out that I only actually WANTED to work on three of my sites.  The problem was that I had let so much work build up that I was overwhelmed from actually starting any of it.

This site was one of the ones that I wanted to keep and work on but something was bugging me – I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it!  The direction for it was gone, I had no idea what to write about anymore because there was no forward movement, the whole site was stale.

At one point I even thought about pressing delete and starting again with clear direction.  Reading through older posts made me realise that some advice was out of date, some things I wouldn’t want to recommend anymore and some just made me want to hide with embarrassment!

I guess we all live and learn.

The site is vague and more like random thoughts instead of being any help to readers.  My passion has always been helping others – I don’t care if that’s corny, it’s what I love to do and where I want to direct my efforts.  I also want to make money from it too and I don’t think that its wrong of me either.

Major changes have already started on this blog, mainly ones that you won’t be able to see but that make a real difference.  I’ve deleted a lot of categories from the blog too so that I can become more focused.

I’m excited, I’m feeling enthusiastic and more to the point I know where I want to be now and how to get there – I’m back on track!

It’s all about having clear direction.

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12 Responses to “This Is What Happens When You Have No Clear Direction”

  1. Sal Says:

    Hi Kelly, know exactly where you are coming from! I have enjoyed everythings I ever read from you….Your Awesome! Thanks! Sal

  2. Lucy O'Reily Says:

    Kelly I love that you are so open and honest.

    I for one HAVE missed you being around. I know that you have come through this before and you’ll do it again. x

  3. SquidooUser778 Says:

    Dont you just hate it when this happens! Think I need to have someone stand over me to keep me on track. Its just too damn easy to get distracted by everything going on around you.

    Welcome back though 🙂


    • Kelly Stone Says:

      We’ve got to cut out all the noise and distractions JJ lol – shut down your email, turn off facebook and know where you want to be 🙂

      Take it easy 🙂

  4. Lou Lou Bennett Says:

    I’ve not stopped coming here.

    You’ve always been a great help to me and I hope that you’ll continue to be for a long time yet.


  5. Beam Me Up Scotty Says:

    Hey Kelly

    I have to say that you are not the first person to be talking like this. In fact Tiffany Dow has also been talking about her lack of interest etc, perhaps its that time of year or something? The one thing that you both seem to have in common is the fact that you both shoot all over the place. I think its a great idea that you are sticking to what you know and love and I think it will help keep you on track.

    Tkae care
    Scotty x

    • Kelly Stone Says:

      I just went and took a look on Tiff’s site and sure enough she’s just updated letting us know she got her groove back on! Tiff’s great and she’s certainly one of the good guys! Follow her and you’ll go far 🙂

      It’s all too easy to let life get in the way and get lost with everything. I’m sticking to what I know and not getting lost in all the hype – a lot like Tiff mentioned in her post.

      Thanks for stopping by Scotty 🙂


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