So Who Else Wants To Make Money Online?

November 29, 2007

Marketing Tips

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out online or have been here for quite a while, it can still be daunting when you want to find out some new information.

This week, I wanted to try and get some info on RSS feeds for this blog and saw that there was a lot of people selling things like “Make your RSS feeds work for you” blah blah blah. 

It got me thinking about how daunting the market must seem when you start out.  I know that a lot of my members over at Squidoo Queen are new and just finding their feet.  How hard must it all seem when you type into Google “How To Make Money Online” only to get back millions of pages.

The problem starts because they are using a search term that is just too broad.  There are thousands of ways to earn money online, so Google is showing them all the pages with that theme.  It must be mind blowing.  Which way do they go?  After all, if you are starting out, the chances are that you don’t know about Squidoo, Adwords, Adsense etc.

The chances of them being able to type in “How to make money with Squidoo” is so remote it’s not worth thinking about.  The chances of them typing in “Kelly Stone” is even more remote.

But, they might actually type in something like “How to make money online at home” or “Making money at home on the internet”, these are known as long tailed keywords, or longer search terms.  THESE are what you need to be thinking about if you are about to start marketing online.

Think about who will be looking for the product, how will they look for it and do they know that they want it yet? 

These are all really important things to consider when you are about to start promoting any product.  It’s the basics, the core of your project and if done right it means that you will be well on your way to success.

I sent out an email to my members yesterday about this very subject.  I get so many emails regarding this that I created a quick report to show the basics of keyword research, the process, finding the market then getting down to the niche.  You can see it here

It is so important to do your homework before you start looking at promoting a product.  It’s all to easy to end up trying to get a product out to the wrong market or miss out on sales because you didn’t do your research.

Think about this the next time you are about to start a campaign.



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  1. Wordpress website guy Says:

    Starting at point zero. Finding a niche and then building on it. It is intimidating early on. Especially when we all want to be like Frank. Frank Kern that is.

    WordPress website guys last blog post..Protected: WordPress Static Home Page, How to Build One


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