Phone Obliteration Anyone?

March 30, 2009

Marketing Tips

Everyday I get emails and messages asking me to look at the latest products that hit the market.  Most people want me to promote their products to my readers and lists and sometimes I can see just by the ‘sales’ pages that it’s not going to be something that will benefit my readers.  Other times I can read a brilliant product that I really like but it doesn’t match my readers needs and, again, I have to decline.

Sometimes though, I watch and keep tabs on other marketers who are releasing products that I think would benefit my readers and subscribers.  This happened last week and I went in search of the product owner Jamie Garside. 

I’ve been watching the Offline phenomena that has hit the internet hard over the last few months and even have a small group of subscribers who are interested in it – I know I am!  There has always been a major problem associated with the offline methods that are coming out left, right and center – the phone and cold calling.  Anyone who is involved with this will know that calling people up on the phone can be something that eventually holds you back from earning thousands of dollars on just ONE deal.

Jamie released Phone Obliteration last week and I wanted to see if this product really was living up to it’s authors claims.  I contacted Jamie to find out!

Over the weekend I have spent a good few hours going through the guide and videos that go with Phone Obliteration and I have to say that Jamie hasn’t held back – everything anyone could ever want or need to know about cold calling is right there for you.

If there ever was a product that does exactly what it says it will – this is most certainly it.

We’ve all seen (those of us following along) the products coming out of the woodwork just lately by marketers showing you how you can cash in with the offline method but most of them just leave the cold calling section out or skim over it – Jamie goes into great detail on everything you need to be successful.  Not only does he show you how to prepare for the actual call, he lets you know how you should be approaching the call yourself, what and who you should be talking to and more importantly how to get results – even if you have never made a cold call in your life!

This is NOT another product that has been thrown together in record time, it’s a complete package that isn’t full of fluff and filler.  I’ve seen just about everything that has been released onto the market for Offliners and I have to say that none of them have impressed me as much as this has.

If you want to take your offline marketing to the next level – get Jamie’s product, Phone Obliteration.

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One Response to “Phone Obliteration Anyone?”

  1. Rick Wordpress website guy Says:

    As much as I hate talking on the phone I won’t get this product. I have done a bit of cold calling and I think it is because it is called cold calling because it makes my blood run cold. BRRR it is getting cold just thinking about it.

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