Marketing At It’s Best & Worst!

November 29, 2008

Marketing Tips

Today I want to show you two forms of marketing.  Marketing at it’s best and marketing at it’s worst and I have two clear examples of them working. 

The first is marketing at it’s worst – let’s get the bad part out of the way first, especially as it’s me as the example!  If you are on any of my lists then the chances are that you got more than one email from me today.  I would like to apologise for that, I hate to send out more than one mailing per week and certainly no more than one per day!!!

There is no excuse for this and I hope that there are not too many people who are upset about them, there was good information in them 🙂  The point is that I should have checked and double checked before I hit the load button.  I had actually done the mailings yesterday for each of my lists and asked my new assistant to load them into aweber to send out today.  As Laura is new she didn’t understand my shorthand and loaded them into multiple lists.  Laura has only been with me for a week or so and shouldn’t be worried that this was her fault – it happens and shows us where we need to learn.

In marketing we need to check and then double check what we are doing before sending that out to thousands of people.  It could have been much worse and shows how we need to be certain everything is right before we do it.

Marketing At It’s Best

If you are not familiar with Harvey Segal I strongly recommend that you take a look at this book he wrote – it’s got great information in it and it’s got one of the best viral twists in it that I have ever seen.

Take a read – it’s free and then let me know what you think of this.  I know that you are going to like the information it holds and the twist just makes it the best free read you will get your hands on in my opinion.

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One Response to “Marketing At It’s Best & Worst!”

  1. Rick Imby Says:

    I am a big fan of Harvey also. His twist at the end of the ebook blew me away.


    Rick Imbys last blog post..Two Seconds