Lee McIntyre Report Six Months Of Magic

January 18, 2008

Marketing Tips

Normally I never recommend anything that I don’t think will benefit you guys directly – this is certainly not an exception!  Best of all – it’s yours totally free.

Lee is one of those original rags to riches stories that is nowhere near the end yet.  He will certainly be going on to do more and more over the coming weeks, months and years – mark my words.

I’ve gotten to know Lee over the last few months through email and I can say that he is one of the most generous people that I have met within this industry – you can see that for yourself when you go and grab your very own copy of his new report Six Months Of Magic …..

Can you see anything in it that makes him stand out?  I can, he is one determined young man that doesn’t let anything stand in his way.  More importantly he takes action and massive action at that.

If you do nothing else today, download and read his report – it’s one of the best things I’ve read in a long time.  Let me know what you think.

Download your copy by clicking here and saving a copy to your PC.

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8 Responses to “Lee McIntyre Report Six Months Of Magic”

  1. lincolnb Says:

    Hi Kelly
    You just treat the people that come here
    to good. This 6 months of Magic is brand new
    released today, And I have a free download by 10:00
    To Cool

  2. Michael Says:

    Thanks Kelly
    If I read this report a year back it would have saved me a lot of work and money.
    This information will surely benefit anyone who is doing IM 🙂

  3. WealthyMind Says:

    Hey Kelly,
    I look forward to using this opportunity to my advantage and get the best out of it.
    Thank you significantly for always giving away values to your members. Needless to say that this free Report from Mr Lee McIntyre is another example of how much you want your friends to succeed. It’s awesome.

    Thanks for everything.

    On the other hand I’d love the Squidoo Queen to take a look at my first ever first ever lens built for some feedback. I am new at this. http://www.squidoo.com/direct-sales-home-based-business

    I will always be a fun of yours.
    Thank you
    My expectations will be met based how well I get involved in this forum.
    You are setting the tone for me by sending me this initial e-mail.
    I always want to learn from experts.

    Thank you so much for your time and I am looking forward to the second part.

  4. kenona Says:

    my appreciate whole the staff of squidoo to help and support me always.
    My best regards
    Emad kenona

  5. Martyn Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Great Blog, I really enjoy reading your posts and the reports from Lee are are also excellent reading. Thanks for providing the introduction to him.

    On a slightly different subject, I think there is a problem with your Mybloglog widget. It seems to display over your main blog post, as well as in your sidebar. I am using Firefox if it is a browser specific problem.



  6. Norma Marshall Says:

    Thanks Kelly,
    Have learned so much from your book and your blog.
    Hope I can figure out how to re-brand Lee’s new book!

    Best wishes…..

  7. 2much Says:

    It’s a nice “story”, but there’s not serious information that would actually point someone in the right direction if they were truly struggling….unless of course you wanted to buy something from the 5 or more affiliate links per page. Glad it was free…I would have been mad if I had paid money for that.

  8. Work at Home Mom Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks so much for introducing me to Lee via this wonderful report. I found Lee to be a breath of fresh air in the Internet Marketing arena. I love his attitude and his willingness in fact desire to give so much to his readers and members of his sites. Thanks again, I think you have changed the direction of my internet marketing career for the better!

    Jackie Lee 🙂