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November 15, 2010

Marketing Tips

How long has it been since the last newsletter came out?  Three years ago – oppps!  How bad is that?

Let’s quickly move on shall we?  The latest newsletter is now online to give you help and advice.  You can download your copy now from the Kelly Stone Newsletter.

Inside this edition you’ll find …..

  • When Focus Becomes A Problem
  • Wasting Time On Non Profitable Tasks
  • Squidoo Queen Update
  • Just How Selfish Are You?
  • Building Backlinks For More Profits
  • Adding A ‘ReTweet’ Button To Squidoo Lenses
  • Time Running Out For Christmas Lenses

So download it now and get reading!


Read – Take Action – Profit

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25 Responses to “Kelly Stone Newsletter Back Online”

  1. Lenny D Says:

    Good tips that you have given us in there Kelly. Looking forward to the new squidoo course that your doing. Came here from a tweet and can say that I’ll be here for some time looking through the posts 🙂 Len D

  2. John Toff Says:

    hi kelly!

    Enjoyed reading the newsletter and some good tips in there. I spent an hour or so last week looking for a way to put a twitter button on my lenses. Really good site that you recommended.


  3. Joan Banks Says:

    Great newsletter Kelly!

    Let us hope that it doesn’t take you as long to get the next one out 🙂 It was worth waiting for though. Family MUST come first and I think it is very brave of you to admit that you struggle. We know that you are not pretending to be superwoman, you are you and it is what it is.

    Speak to you soon.


  4. thefluffanutta Says:

    Nice newsletter, Kelly – I’m looking forward to seeing your new Squidoo Formula.


    • Kelly Says:

      Glad you liked it – looks like you have some new fans! I’ve had two emails today from readers saying how much they love your site 🙂

      It’s well deserved too.

  5. Jenny Says:

    AS you know kelly, I lost three of my lenses recently and noticed that you had to. You helped me get my focus back on track and to relise what it importatn.
    Thankyou Jenny xx

    • Kelly Says:

      Hi Jenny – it’s easy to get upset when things don’t go the way we want them to. We all have to remember that we are using Squidoo that is NOT ours.

      We just have to make sure that we are well within the rules and prepared to adapt to change.

      Good luck with your new lenses 🙂

  6. John Says:

    Loved it!

    Good stuff and can’t wait for the next edition. Could you give us some more tips on social networks?


  7. Tommy Says:

    thought that this was a good read.

    sent you a message about my len.

  8. Trig Says:

    Just wanted to know if you are making lenses for other people still Kelly? I’d be interested in one or two if you are.

  9. Louise Burn Says:

    Hey Kelly

    I’m not normally a commenter but I did want to jump in here today and say thank you for all the help and advice that you have given me. You really are a kind person.

    The newsletter was a great help and I’m looking forward to the next one. Even though your break was needed I hope that you enjoyed being with your family whilst they were out of school.


  10. Troy Says:

    Great, glad to see the newsletter back. Looking forward to seeing what new juicy squidoo tips are there, squidoo queen was critical to my getting started with squidoo and now I’m looking forward to new things.

    • Kelly Says:

      Thats really nice to hear 🙂

      I watched with interest when you had your competition with Captain Squid.

      You have a lot of really great lenses which I spent some time looking at today. I’ll bet that you have a few tips of your own to share 🙂

      • Troy Says:

        Ya, that was a fun competition to be sure, and I have been doing some serious tracking over the last year within squidoo, give me a shout anytime.

        (PS for those who are stuck I’m usually in the squidoo chat channel)

  11. helping yourself again Says:

    looks like you are out to help yourself with that one.

    everyone saying how great everyone is but how come no one is talking about the real issues within internet marketing? if ya not in the big boys club you stand no chance of making any moeny.

    you sell their products and then they sell yours in return

    • Kelly Says:


      I’ll be the first to admit that there IS a kind of ‘big boys club’ and they do promote each others products. But I’m not in it I’m afraid!

      I also don’t feel that they should be dragged down because of it (unless they do something silly) – many of the bigger names within marketing came ‘up’ together and had already set their friendships in place before they became a ‘guru’.

      The time I spend building relationships with other marketers is spent well but should I stop that friendship if they start to get other big names promoting them? No.

      Well done to them – MOST of the time it’s been hard work for them to get to where they wanted to be.

      • helping yourself again Says:

        i guess what ya sayin could have some point but they get into this crowd and start spewing messages out all over the place. what i ginfd strange is that when i listen to them i end up handing overmy cash and nothin eva happens!!!!!

        neva thought you would publish the post to be honest. just been let down to many times now and fell that i shud just give up now.