I’m Failing, My Business Is Going To Go To Pot!

January 7, 2008

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I have to confess something to you guys this morning – I’m failing!

I’m failing in a MASSIVE way !

You see this morning was the first day back at school for my children, I got up early so that I could get everything ready for them and ended up getting really cross with myself.  Not only did I end up cross and upset, I realised that I am failing BIG time.

Let me explain.

It started when I went to get the kids school uniforms out of their wardrobes.  It was in there, but being a little lazy at the end of term last year, I didn’t iron it.  So this morning, my early morning in order to get them all ready and back to school ended up being rushed as I had to iron their uniforms, make their sandwiches, fill the car with gas/petrol and then rush around making sure their gym kits were ready too.

This may not sound like anything strange to lots of people, in fact, I know lots of the other Mum’s and Dad’s at the school this morning who had been doing the same thing that I was.  I was driving my youngest to her school when it hit me though.

I am meant to be living this great lifestyle, I don’t worry about my income, I spend as much time with my family as I want etc, etc.  So why was I rushing around like a mad woman worrying about getting back to my PC, getting the washing done, sorting out the house and generally feeling stressed out?  Because I am making the same mistakes now that I made when I was struggling to get started making money online.

Not only should I have spent last night making sure that everything was in order for this morning instead of watching a DVD, I should have gotten my weekly plan done.  I’ve been slacking off over Christmas and New Year and now it’s coming back on me.

In the last three weeks I have worked a total of 17 hours.  I made over $10,000.  Sounds great – I had a ball of a time.  Now I’ll be the first to admit that this is an amazing income for so little work.  Today though, it’s all coming back at me and I am going to start to fall down in my income and time and that means going back to a stressful life of rushing around trying to fit too much into the day and not being organised.  In short – I’m going to fail.

Practising what I preach is in order here.

For many of you, you will have received lots of information and communication from me telling you to do exactly the opposite of what I am doing right now.  Plan you week, month and year well in advance.  Take action and stay focused.

Here is what I have planned for today:

  • Getting back on top of my blogs
  • Finishing several core articles for this blog that are half finished
  • Updating my lenses
  • Sending out a mailing
  • Working on my new project
  • Answering emails/coaching requests
  • Prepare for an interview later today
  • Arranging an offline meeting with several other marketers
  • Launching a new $7 product
  • Work on five new videos for a product

I also have a pile of washing to get through, beds to be made, children to look after and general household running.

Does this sound like you?

I’m normal, I’m a real person who has a real life.  I don’t have cleaners, people to do the shopping for me or a team of people ready to do the work that needs doing online.  Just like you I have to manage my time well.

The first thing that I am going to do is clear up, my desk and then the house.  For me this is really important.  A clean desk (and house as I work from home) will get me totally focused on work.  If my house isn’t clean and tidy I can sit down to work but have one eye on the washing that needs doing.  I start to run between the two and end up getting less done.  My mind isn’t focused on what I am doing – it’s thinking about what I should be doing.

Secondly, I’m going to sit down and go over my weekly plan.  I know that I need to get my time management back under control again, the last thing I want to be doing is spending hours and hours working!

My yearly and monthly plans are in place, I need to sort this week out and prioritize my work load.  This means basically sitting down and putting a list together on what needs doing, how I am going to do this and when.  It’s all basic but vital to working well.

It seems that there are so many things that need doing in one day – I wont go back to trading hours for dollars though.  My time is precious and I choose how much I will work.  My family comes first and always will.

I have around six hours before my children are home and when that happens I stop work – they come first remember.  Once they are in bed for the next week I will have to spend a few hours each night to catch up on all the things that need doing – just not too many hours that I don’t get the time to spend with my husband or just relaxing 🙂

So much to do and so little time.

If I didn’t stop this morning and work through this problem my income WOULD have suffered.  It seems that I certainly have NOT been practising what I am preaching and that needs to change. 

Why did I have to tell you guys this?

I didn’t.  I wanted to.  Why?  Because it’s important – it’s something that more and more of you will come across as you start to push on with your New Year plans.  You are not alone and even those of us that have success can get it wrong.  We are all human and make mistakes, I’ve made plenty and will carry on making them.  Should I hide that from you and let you carry on thinking that once you become successful that things are all plain sailing – No way.  You need to carry on working at it all the time.

What are your plans for today?  This week?  This year?  Get them ready now.

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