If I Hear That The Money Is In The List Once More!”#~

December 8, 2007

Marketing Tips

I think that most people are totally sick of being told that the money is in the list – I know I am!  In just about every guide, report or eBook that I read I see people saying that the money is in the list.  OK, I admit it, there is even a chapter on it in Squidoo Queen V2.1

It would be wrong of me not to show people what they are missing out on.  I have decided though that as much as I am telling people that they simply must be building a list – some of them are saying:

  –  I’ll do it later when I have more experience

  –  Technical stuff is not for me

  –  The monthly fee is just too much for me at the moment

There are more excuses reasons than those, but they are the main ones that I hear all the time.  Perhaps it’s gotten to the point now where people are suffering a form of ad blindness when they hear it, I don’t know. 

My responses to the above reasons are this:

  –  That was the first MAJOR mistake that I made when I first came online.

  –  I can only just switch my PC on and even I managed to do it.

  –  If you are taking your marketing seriously then there are investments to be made.

The first one is understandable, they don’t know if they are going to make money online yet.  Within your first month online though you should have realised that there is a LOT of money to be made – all you have to do is find your niche and work it.

Once you realise that you are going to become successful you MUST be thinking long term and not just quick fix.  You can read more about thinking long term on this post.   A mailing list is something that, if you do it right, will earn you more money than you can earn in a few months of working offline.

Mailing lists need to be treated in the right way and if done properly can really make you some serious money.  My biggest mistake in all my time online was NOT creating a mailing list when I first arrived.  I got carried away with everything I did but I seemed to skip over anything that was list related.  So I know why you overlook it but you need to gear yourself up and take the plunge.  TODAY!

It is THAT important to me that I treat my members as well as I treat my husband!  I’d like to say that I am joking at the moment but to be honest, I’m not.  My list is NEVER bombarded with lots of offers just because the other ‘big’ marketers are.

My members are never subjected to anything that wont help them, isn’t relevant and that I have not personally read, reviewed or been involved with.  It’s just the way it is. 

As much as I know the words “The money is in the list” is getting used way too much – it’s true and you need to be thinking about this if you are serious about building a long term online presence.



One Response to “If I Hear That The Money Is In The List Once More!”#~”

  1. Mike Figliuolo Says:

    As a technology/blogging newcomer myself, I’d love to get your thougts on the best ways of building lists (I’m talking pure nuts & bolts here). I’m using Blogger (obviously). Any recommendations/instructions would be most helpful. Thanks!