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February 14, 2008

Marketing Tips

I’ve spent the evening chatting to a friend online who is a fellow marketer in the UK and it’s got me all worked up!  We were basically chatting about marketing in general and where we would be going in the next few months.  What’s happening, what we are each doing etc.

Then something innocent was mentioned and it has my brain working overtime.  We got speaking about coaching and the benefits of it to people just starting out online. 

How Much Would Coaching Help You?

If you are just starting out, ideally based in the UK and looking to start making money online, how much do you think you would benefit from coaching from successful marketers?  People that have already been where you are and come out the other side?

Instead of trying on your own to learn different aspects of marketing, how much do you think you would benefit from a tailor made package that would take you through the steps of becoming successful at online marketing?

I’ve done coaching before and had some really good results, I offer one on one coaching for members of Squidoo Queen and several other products that I have produced.  This is more of a hand holding exercise to make sure that you are heading in the right direction and not making any serious mistakes.

This kind of coaching is you asking me questions and us working together to get the answers.  But what if we could take this a step further and show you how you could be taking your marketing to a whole new level?  How much would that help you?

I keep asking that question, how much would this help, because first of all, this is what I want to know from you.  Secondly, I want to know what areas of marketing you are wanting to go in.  Are you looking to:

a)  Become a top affiliate marketer

b)  Start creating your own products

c)  Both?

I want to keep the answers to this in these three categories at the moment just to gauge the areas that people are wanting to move in.  Taking them further inside those areas is for another time.

I’d really like to get a feel on how well received a ‘classroom’ type environment would be.  I’m not thinking about online coaching done by email, I’m thinking more of a week long course run a few times a year for those who are interested. 

Not only would you have the luxury of being taught by top marketers, you would also be able to pull on their experience.  Small groups of people being taken through each step of the process.

This is just thinking out-loud at the moment but something that has really got me excited.  Please take the time to let me know your thoughts on this and what you think it could do for you.  How interested would you be if these courses were available?  Remember to let me know about the areas you would be interested in learning too  😀 

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this – don’t leave someone else to express your opinion – jump in 😀 

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37 Responses to “I Have A Question For YOU Today”

  1. petemon Says:

    It would help me a great deal to have a weeks course, secondly a week were you meet likeminded people can cause great things, products, ideas, challanges you name it… Answer to your 2nd question, c 🙂


  2. Raymond Fellers Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Tim Brocklehurst, a countryman of yours is doing a similar course. I think option 3 would be my choice, but first do option 1 and then option 2 as I grow up in the business.

    Perhaps you and Tim would make a great duo. I think you both are dedicated, sincere, caring people who could do a lot of good.

    Thanks for asking,

  3. Paul Says:

    Hello Kelly,

    I am sure there are a lot of people who could use some personal coaching to get started with with their IM business. As for me it would depend on the type of coaching you are thinking about offering along with the cost as my budget is streched pretty thin right now. I am already working on some different things on my own and need to get them making some money. Personally, I would be more interested in option B. Although as I start getting my listbuilding going, I could see branching out to affiliate marketing.

  4. Hartawan Tjiwidjaja Says:

    How can earn money without paid member or buy a product, because i have no money to do it.thankyou very much.

  5. davidl Says:

    Hi Kelly

    I do not seem to be able to get advertising to my web site. I have been at it for three months. Paid a thousand dollors for post cards and recived five hits. Have used all the free and paid severl hundred dollors for other ones. No sales. I am retired and soon will run out money.



  6. Kelly Says:

    I posted this around 10 minutes ago and already have three emails saying “YES – Option 3” ….

    Great stuff guys, thanks for getting back to me. I’ll be going to bed very soon but I can almost guarantee that it will be up VERY early to come and check on what you are all saying.

    Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. :mrgreen:

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Kelly
    I feel that there is room for some coaching
    but in depth,every guru assumes that they are
    talking to seasoned marketers, no one make’s a step by step this how you do it, and show some examples on how it’s done,websites adding content
    blogs,affiliate marketing etc. etc. etc.
    food for thought might be your next million.
    Gary Sweet

  8. AlanC Says:


    I am from the UK and I rate your work Highly.
    I am living in Italy at the moment so I wouldn’t be able to take advantage 🙁 but I think it is a great idea and it must be for both.
    If I am back in theUK I would definately sign up.

    Good luck

  9. bessy Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I am in the US, and I totally agree with Gary, that there is not enough details in the so called “step by step” courses. Maybe I’m slow, but I need an example for everything as then I can see (hopefully) what is meant. I think this is why so many of us newbies jump around just hoping the next course will go into enough detail to get us up and running. By the way I’ve been doing this for over a year, and I have had a $200 day with ppc early on as I just happened onto a hungry crowd. Short lived and have not been able to do it again. So last several months trying the free way with not luck. I have trouble choosing a niche and the right keywords to target for articles, I’m very confused about that. Just my thoughts. Thanks for listening!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    IF YOU HAVE THE UNIQUE PACKAGE THAT WILL ACHIEVE THE OBJECTIVES/GOALS,That will worth the efforts for everybody or every person involved?

  11. Alvin Says:

    I think its a fantastic idea since in a “classroom” environment, the feedback to questions is immediate from the coaches.

    But it might be a problem for people with different time zones.

    However, I would think that option 3 is a definite YES ! And probably one more point on how to attract traffic.

    For those people like me who has a different time zone, perhaps some course material will be good ? 🙂

  12. Renegade Entrepreneur Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I believe you have hit upon a huge, untapped area that is so needed. When I switched from direct marketing, to internet marketing, I thought it would be a piece of cake. Instead, it become like taking a university course, with an absentee professor.

    The quickest, most productive way of getting on track is through coaching. There are a lot of people with programs, and membership sites, etc., but if you offer coaching that takes people step by step from theory to application and earnings, you will fill a huge need in the IM world. And if you fill a real need, at an affordable price, the people will come.

    It could also be broken into different levels -some would be able to attend a physical location, others, a video program, or webinars.

    Both affiliate marketing and product creation are important – many start with affiliate marketing because of the ease of start-up, and work toward creating their own product.

    You have an idea worth pursuing!


  13. Richaloe Says:

    thanks for your email….I live in Oxford UK and would beinterested….for two reasons.

    I am mad keen to learn what ever I can about the internet.

    and secondly…having stated work for ” the man” in 1958 I am really looking for a way to ” kiss him goodbye ”

    What I would like to know more about is : writing landing pages and list building.

    What would you do or offer that was not at WA?


  14. heidijo Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I’m in the US so that wouldn’t be an option for me. I would want the C option if I could. Another option that I would like would be for you to look at my website, email series, and squidoo pages and tell me what I need to improve to start making some money.


  15. Anonymous Says:

    Sound good. But I live in the Houston, Tx. U.S.A. Keep up the good work.

  16. qasaani Says:

    Thanks. I live in Hayes in Middlesex and I would be very interested. I want to do both.

    Many Thanks,
    Ahmed Abdulkerim

  17. Go 2 Fish Says:

    that wld be awesome , awaiting to here from you on this….. 😎

  18. Thomas Says:

    Hey Kelly this would be great for me as I am interested in becoming a top affiliate marketer. One of the major problems I have found is many gurus give you the material needed but but don’t guide you throught the process so you never really successed and you end up collecting ebooks,software,etc…
    Thomas 👿

  19. malcolms Says:

    Hi Kelly
    I think your output is top notch and that most people would want to learn from you. However in my case I would prefer firstly to learn to make a minimum of whatever the cost is to maintain a business online, especially affiliate marketing and then eventually turn a profit. Product creation and marketing can come a lot later down the path. In my opinion the cracking of niches is where most people fail (especially me). Not understanding the markets and keywords selection is a very costly headache. This is because of all the ambiguity designed into all the info products on the market. If you can really solve this problem you will have a winner.

  20. onelukey Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Yes coaching would be a big advantage, as long as it would be priced right, as when starting out, money is hard to find, after all that’s why we are going down this road. But Def all three would be the way to go for me.


  21. Kelly Says:

    WOW ….

    I have an inbox that is literally overflowing with responses to this – Looks like you guys are on the whole loving this idea!

    Looks like I have a very busy day ahead of me.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments, send me emails and contact me through the help desk.

  22. Sanasadol Says:

    Hi Kelly

    Thank you for your email. As for your questions, yes I would be inerested in the cleass room type of trainning, that some one would show you by hand how to do thing. I would be interested in both aspect of the internet business.



  23. Diane Says:

    Hi, Kelly,

    I am a newbie and have been reading and studying various newsletters. As you can understand, I am presently at information overload.

    When you develop this course, please inform your readers as to cost. Like others, I am on a shoe string budget.

    I reside in the United States.


  24. Samantha Says:

    OMG Kelly I’ve been waiting for you to sujest coaching it would help me tremendously and I want option 3 yes yes yes, thank you I purchased Squidooqueen, and am having trouble puting it together to get started please help thank you from Samantha sammy_27_1980@yahoo.com.au

  25. Topgunmommy Says:

    HEY Kelly; its great you’re trying to help us newbies get started.
    I’ve been stumbling along for weeks now looking everywhere for guidance. I’ve learned a great deal and have downloaded dozens of free software and PLR & MRR products to sell myself. I’ve signed up as an affiliate at several sites.
    The problem is, there’s always something missing, like instructions on what to do with software! Like how to put it all together — it’s like a huge puzzle with half the pieces missing. Yes I want to become a super affiliate, but that assumes I know how to create a web site that gets traffic and I know how to put an autoresponder into place–witch I don’t.
    Everyone says “get a list”; Ok, I got one, but what do I do with it? How do I incorporate my list into my emailer?
    Oh, I’m getting lots of encouragemnt, suggestions, and positive-thinking coaching, but none of that helps me with the tech stuff. Some say “hire some one” to do it for you, but I’m a newbie with NO money! Can’t spend money until I earn some first!
    You see what I’m getting at?

    Debra from Canada

  26. Kevin Says:

    I’ve just bought Squidoo Queen I am ‘new without a clue ‘so I am working my way through the information. I consider that a classroom environment would be ideal for me so long as we would be hands on using computers etc and building and developing a site that will at least raise the cost of the week long training. I have paid thousands of pounds for online tutorials only to be blocked by the admin/help line, after asking too many questions or asking the same question to often. I am determined to master this making money on line because I believe that on line marketing is definitely the way ahead. Though at my age I am running out of time so I need help soon.


  27. Andrew Says:

    Hi, I found your blog via Google while searching for Kelly Sweet and your post regarding For Internet Marketing In The UK | Kelly Stone looks very interesting for me.

  28. jomin Says:

    I am new to your website; just finish reading one of your free report on squidoo.
    I am interested on how to become a super affiliate; I believe anyone who is new on this game of internet marketing that you can show them how to start making some money online for their efforts will get hook and with time can produce their own products etc, etc….
    Great stuff Kelly!

  29. James Kryten Says:

    Hello! I am thoroughly impressed with your knowledge of Uk Affiliate Marketing Program. Your insights into this article about Uk Affiliate Marketing Program was well worth the the time to read it. I thank you for posting such awsome information. Signed James Kryten on this Day Sunday.

  30. Olga Says:

    Hello Kelly,

    Although I began work on my Lense some time ago I just found out about you today. y.
    You are God sent. I am so surprised and so happy to know you are offering this Course for such low Fee.
    Please tell me know how to go about to register – I don’t know my way around.
    I looked at the place where a person signs-up but I lost it – I don’t know how to get back.
    Looking forward to hear you.
    Thank you, and God Bless,

  31. Rita Says:

    Hi Kelly, I would be interested to learn, but I leave in US, not sure if UK Internet marketing is similar.

  32. Mike Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Coaching would be a great way to help me learn. Being able to follow through real case studies would be valuable. It seems that all the information I find is about how to sell information about internet marketing. 😉



  33. Wordpress website guy Says:

    I agree with the case studies idea. Some case studies that show the actual numbers. Inside a membership site you can show the adsense revenue and what you actually made on one of your ongoing promotions.

    WordPress website guys last blog post..Protected: WordPress Static Home Page, How to Build One

  34. Wally Says:

    Coaching is great but have you ever thought about building a group to coach? Kinda like Kyle and Carson are a team, build a team of people with different specialties to coach.

  35. Samm Week Says:

    The problem is we probably could use coaching a ton but knowing how valuable and paying for it are two different things. There ar4 so many expenses and “shiny things” out there that it is hard to choose what to spend my money on.


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