How To Make A Serious Error & Lose Out!

November 26, 2007

Marketing Tips

I wanted to get this in place ready for the launch. 

Today, I made a MAJOR error.  One that nearly cost me dearly.

You see, for the last few weeks I have been banging on doors and generally making a real pain of myself with other internet marketers to make sure that I could bring people the very best bonuses for the launch of Squidoo Queen V2.1.

That meant that in some cases, I was tracking down these illusive marketers and sending them emails, lots of emails 🙂  One of the ‘big’ names was one of my targets and I sent them a very nice email, letting them know what I wanted, who I was and what would happen.

I made one major error.

I knew that I had managed to get hold of their email address, so I knew that they would see it.  I spent a while thinking up of a great subject line to ensure that they opened it.  I soon got a ‘message read’ response back from my email letting me know that the email had been read.

A day went by, then another and another …. nothing!

I decided that I would need to send another ‘reminder’ email.  So off I went and looked back at my sent email.  I was HORRIFIED to see what I had done.

Whilst I had written the email, I was typing away, read through to make sure that it all made sense and then sent it.  Looking back I could see that it would have made perfect sense – to me!  I must have got so carried away that a simple grammatical error may have cost me ANY further contact.  Referring to MY product I wrote that it had loads of links in to this persons product, the way it read on reflection looked like I was saying, rather sarcastically too, that THEIR product had lots of links to their own products in it!

It may not sound that bad, but I can tell you it LOOKED awful.

I quickly wrote another email explaining my mistake and got a response back within the hour!  No offence was taken, but I’m not too sure.  I know that I wouldn’t have taken too lightly to a very sarcastic email coming through.

My rather long winded point is this. 

Although the internet opens up so many more doors for us, emails take away the personal touch of speaking face to face.  We decide ‘how’ the speaker means something by the way their facial expressions change.  Email does not afford us that luxury.

When you use the power of email to progress your business you MUST make sure that you are making your point appropriately and carefully.  Check then re-check what you have written.

More importantly, if you make a mistake, make sure you admit to it.  Imagine if this had been to your mailing list!  You spend the time building a great relationship with people, only to send one email that could undo all your hard work in seconds with a well meaning insult!

Think before you hit that send button!

I’d love to get cheered up by some of your horror stories, no matter what they are about 🙂


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