Getting Customers Hungry For Your Product

January 21, 2009

Marketing Tips

How great would it be if you could have customers arriving at your site, blog or Squidoo lenses letting you know exactly what they want?  If they were arriving and telling you exactly how they want you or your product to help them, do you think that you could make sales?

Of course you could.  If you have a product or service, either your own or as an affiliate, you would be able to sell significantly more if you new exactly what the problems were and had the solution for it.  Your problems begin when you do the research on your target audience and then create a sales page that caters to ALL the problems and solutions you find.

Your presentation isn’t tight enough, it isn’t tailored to anyone specifically and it attempts to solve too many problems in one go.  In an attempt to help everyone, you end up being too broad to really connect to anyone and end up with less sales.

Next time you are creating a Squidoo lens, blog or website, make sure that you know exactly who you are targeting, why they need your product and how it can help them.  Although you might come up with several reasons, tailor to just one need.  With Squidoo lenses why not create a lens for each ‘need’ and solution?  It might take a little more work in the beginning but the rewards last much longer.

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One Response to “Getting Customers Hungry For Your Product”

  1. Rick Imby Says:

    Feedback or being a user of the product yourself helps. The great thing about blogs is you can often figure out what to write about by looking for questions on your previous articles.

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