Getting Backlinks To Your Site Through Paid Text Links – Reviewing TNX

May 29, 2008

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2 Responses to “Getting Backlinks To Your Site Through Paid Text Links – Reviewing TNX”

  1. Tony Says:

    Hi Kelly great information something to think about in the near future, still working on my lens, take care.

  2. Edwin Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I signed up with TNX in January this year. Installed the code but forgot about them. 3 weeks ago i was reminded abut them readng a post on a blog about TNX and ondered didn’t i already joined that.

    I logged in and to my surprise I had about 100.000 points which translated to $85. So i increased the number of links per page (standard is one) and now it’s at 220,000 points. I requested a payout of $40 to see if it worked and got the payout in 2 days.
    So i can recommand them as being a publisher with them.
    I traded some points to backlinks for a an other site and will see how that works.

    Edwins last blog post..Payment Thru Clickbank