Fast Cash V’s Long Term Business Model

December 2, 2007

Marketing Tips

Normally I tell anyone who is out to make fast cash that they need to think through what they want from the internet.  I mean if you are just out to make a fast buck, are you really serious about building a long term income online?

I’m all for ways of making quick cash, none of us know when that unexpected bill will come in, perhaps the car breaks down or the washing machine blows up.  If there is a way to get some cash and fast – I’m all for it.

However, the chances of you being able to make that fast cash plan work for you in the long run is remote.  That’s why I always ask people to think about what they are doing.  If you want to build an online business then you MUST be working a long term plan.  Just working every now and then to bring in cash is all well and good, but a few hours per week can lead to a more substantial income over a longer period of time.

On the internet things change so quickly that what is working for you one month may not work the next.  The next ‘sure fire way to make some bucks’ will only last so long, which is what makes it so important that you build streams of income online.  That way if the market falls from under you overnight, you have another income stream to take it’s place.

Maybe you have been Bum Marketing for a few months, found a great niche and are digging deeper within that niche to make even more profits.  What will happen to your income if that affiliate program finishes?  Your income is wiped out.  You have nothing to fall back on.

Normally I wont entertain these big names that start promoting ways to make fast cash, I’ve learnt from experience that they never work and the long term aspect just isn’t there.  This weekend however I had to take back all of that when I was talked into getting a copy of Project Fast Cash.

I read the first chapter and went straight to work.  I’m that convinced that this can easily become a great income stream for me that I have planned out my next few weeks making sure that I have an hour or two spent working on these methods.

The secret here is making sure that you can work it into your weekly plan – Remember, if you fail to plan you plan to fail.  Each week you should start by planning out the rest of your week on what needs doing and how much time you are going to spend doing it.  Then you need to stick to that plan.

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