The Economy Has Nothing To Do With Your Lack Of Job Security

January 7, 2009

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I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about all of the problems that I see going on with friends and family over the past few days.  Two of my family members have already lost their jobs and five more are talking about how long they have left in their present jobs.  It really saddens me to think that some of these family members are going to really struggle over the coming months and maybe even years!

With the economy in such a state, everyone is worried about their security. 

To be honest though, I personally don’t feel that they have ever had any real job security at all.  After all, most of them work for someone else and don’t really have any security at all.  They have no control over their lives as far as I am concerned and this is just set to get worse over the coming months. 

Take my uncle, the first person to lose his job.  He was sat with us all on Boxing day filing us in on all the details of how his business was struggling in the economic downturn.  His boss was finding it hard going and now heads had to roll.  Uncle John was the first to go, not because he was the last in, but because he had the biggest pay check! 

Looking back, I think that Uncle John now realises that he NEVER had any real security there in the first place.  His boss, let’s call him ‘Bill’ had been living a great life, he sat at his big chair in the big office and sent Uncle John and twelve other people out to do the hard work for him.  Sure, he made all the decisions but it was the thirteen employees that did the hard work.  They were out there following orders and making Bill lots of money.

Bill can …..

  • Make bad decisions that ruin the company
  • Can decide that he wants to retire and sell the company
  • Decide that he no longer likes Uncle John and fire him
  • Bring in cheaper labour and fire Uncle John
  • Run out of money and not pay Uncle John
  • Can increase working hours
  • Can decrease working hours
  • Might shout a lot and make unrealistic demands
  • Generally holds your whole future in his hands

The list goes on and on and Uncle John has no power to stop anything that Bill does.  If Bill does something wrong, Uncle John wont know about it until it’s too late.  Uncle John now realises that he never had a life at all, he had no security and generally made someone else money whilst he traded his life for a small share in that money.

Having a job might be something that we are socially conditioned to do, but in all honesty, you are worth nothing to your employer, no matter how much you like to kid yourself that you are.  Your whole life, as you know it, can be over with two words – “You’re fired!”

Going Against The Grain

On the other hand, when you are self employed, you can …..

  • Work when you want to
  • Get out what you put in
  • Decide when you take your holidays or spend time with family
  • Set your own earning potential
  • Have a real life

This list will also go on and on and is something that you already know. 

Now I’m not trying to encourage a mass walk out of your employment – that would just be crazy.  What I am trying to encourage is opening your eyes up to the possibilities that the internet holds for you.  Do you know that in all the economic struggle, internet sales are set to rise this year by 14%?  I don’t think that people are NOT buying, I think that they are searching out better deals online where the overheads are lower and prices reflect that.

Don’t you want your piece of that pie?  Or do you want to stay with your ‘security’?

Have a think about it ……

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38 Responses to “The Economy Has Nothing To Do With Your Lack Of Job Security”

  1. Stephen Taylor Says:

    You’re exactly right! Too bad more people don’t realize this until it’s too late.

  2. Charlie O. Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    My heart goes out to any one who looses the income source I have been there.
    You are 100% correct on the fact that if you have a job and work for someone you rarely have actual security.
    On the other hand nto everyone is cut out to be thier own boss, but for those that are
    the internet is a great place to make atleast a living and a fortune for others.
    The Biggist issue I see for most that want to get into making money online is all the distactions of which is the best place to start or be. You need to pick one avanue and follow it until you succeed the move to the next.
    Best to All

  3. Katherine Says:

    I totally agree with this and I never looked at it quite in that way. It makes me feel thankful that I’ve built up my writing and internet business and am confident that even if my earnings hit a snag, I’ll know what to do to un-snag them.

    Katherines last blog post..Increase Profits with Microblogging Through Community Building

  4. Douglas Goodey Says:

    Uncle John has now got the opportunity of a lifetime. If Bill, the fat cat, sat in his big chair while uncle John took a couple of lads out to complete the job now is the time to open up in opposition to Bill. Uncle John knows the business better than Bill, knows the clients at least as well as Bill, and they know that he can do the job, and the same applies to the men who uncle John could take in as partners. In effect steal fat cat’s business from under his chair. Uncle John also knows which men are worth stealing

    Alternatively uncle Bill could take a leaf out of his neice’s book and become an internet whiz kid. If he does I can give him a choice of 5 internet marketing businesses completely free with his choice of domain name set up and put on the business for him no hosting costs and the whole shebang, complete with products, first class tuiton uploaded and on line within 24 hours. Absolutele No Catch, 100% ready to go and F.R.E.E A newbie’s dream. He can log in today and see for himself

  5. Anna Says:

    Yes, Kelly, you have hit the proverbial nail square on the head. I do agree it is better to be self-employed instead of making someone else rich, while at risk of losing your job. It is, however, wise to do the research needed to find the right business or niche to go into. It should be done gradually, as Peter stated, and transitioned into. I believe the reason most people fail is because they did not do the initial research to find what is right for them.
    Thanks, Anna

    Annas last blog post..Our “High Priest” Understands

  6. Peter Says:

    I agree with most of what you say,being self employed is not for everyone for various reasons and I’ve seen a fair few try and go under for one reason or another.
    I think with an online business and a job you can get your feet wet so to speak gradually and see what your earning potential is before going the whole way.
    I have had it said J.O.B means Just Over Broke 🙂 and there is a lot of truth in that.


  7. Bernard Says:

    That’s right on Squidoo-Queen. We are all born Kings and Queens and most of us sell out into serfdom because we are blinded by the so called easy way of fast money. That is why public education is so insidious,unknowingly.. Uncle Johns’ life has been stolen from him and now he can begin a life of freedom and with your help Kelly; Abundance!

    May you and yours’ receive all the Blessings God has available.

  8. Jan Says:

    Hi Kelly

    I have a bit of a different issue regarding this topic. My son is working on his last year of secondary school and is agonizing over the ‘get an education’ route or ‘get a job’ or even start off as self-employed. We (his parents) took the former more traditional approach but honestly we have so little to show for it and we are still worried about our retirement years. Our degrees and years of experience do not particularly help right now. I am just starting my own business – internet of course – and it coincides with some of the things my son is interested in. I am actively encouraging him to be involved and helping me just to see what he thinks, so that when he must make his important decisions in a few months time he has more than thoughts to work with. I would dearly love for him to get a good education and some sensible experience ‘under his belt’, but right now I don’t know if that is good advice.

    This IS a very important issue and I don’t think age should be a barrier to self-employment. I would now never consider a JOB again and the very thought of commuting and getting involved in corporate wrangles gives me goose bumps.

    You are a mum too Kelly, what do you think my advice to a 16 year old should be?


  9. Bryan Says:


    I completely agree and I am in the process of building my online business so I never have to be in a type of situation when I don’t have money or get fired or laid off or whatever else might happen. Working for myself is my main goal and I constantly work at it every day.


  10. PotPieGirl Says:

    Kelly –

    What a fantastic and insightful post! And SO appropriate right now (sadly).

    Being 100% accountable for your OWN security and financial future can be intimidating and I think that is why many stay away from the ‘be your own boss’ concept. Having a JOB gives the perception of security because ultimately, someone else is accountable for your financial situation.

    The freedom and empowerment that came from taking accountability for my own financial future is priceless. If I could, I would scream from every corner of every street, “START YOUR OWN ONLINE BUSINESS NOW!!!”

    BUT, then my kids would get teased for having a nutso Mom… LOL!

    Totally enjoyed this post, Kelly. Gonna Tweet it now.


    PotPieGirls last blog post..Keyword Research – How I Do It

  11. Hello, Kell... Says:

    Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that you are right on target with many of your points. There are way too many people that have a jaded perception of many of the options that home businesses can proviede. It is due to ignorance as most people are just not compfortable or persistent enough to pursue it or for some other reason. I think you covered a lot of good points and most importantly to remember that people need to start thinking about contingency plans in the economy we are currently dealing with. Great job!

  12. Chris Says:

    I agree that if you work for the other man, a job can end on a wim. I have a Engineering Degree and worked in The Operating Engineers Local 12 in California for over 30 m years. T made alot of money and have a good retirement with full Medical for me and my Wife. It was hard work but I loved it.

    We now own a horse Ranch just at the edge of Bakersfield, My wife Makes and Teaches Wire Wrap Jewerly and I have a Computer buseniss.

    Our website is


  13. raj Says:

    u are one of the person in the world to say staight simple truth and true about the jobs in this hard hit economic downturn, i agree with u. Also any person must concentrate on own internet business like u are teaching,though it is hard work but worthwhile so. kelly, what amount u are paying per month for your web site for advertising. you and potpuri girl looks like doing ok.kelly,tell me google adwords/clickbank products,cpc, without web page, etc is better or your/jenifer,squiddo,with web site,and article, is better. hopingyour reply and have a nice day.thanks.01-07-09, 10.02 am,cst.

  14. Roy Harrison Says:

    I concur with your article in general . Job security is a myth perpetrated by unions. In a free society that we have it would be impossible as there is no certainty in life or death. Therefore the plain reality is that there is, and never was, job security. Now it may be that essential services have a degree of security as long as the need remains. However, there is a saying ” You Too Can Be Replaced ” which I feel sums up the position for employed people.

    I regard to business, unless developing a residual income or equivalent capital, there is no security. Business losses may also reduce these reserves as these vehicles are also affected by feast or famine ! Hence, in reality businesses are also susceptible to security. However, the capital reserves should be higher than needs for the risk factors of famine. Health can be critical.

    Online businesses are extremely variable hence difficult to predict as difficult to establish and subject to quite an amount of fluxing. Capital and spread of risk will assist and personal health may be a factor of limited concern.


  15. Roberto Tessare Says:

    I agree when you said that your uncle, and people like him, don’t really have any job security. It used to be this way, when people used to work for the same company until the day they retired. Things have changed! now, There is one thing you forgot to mention about “Bill”: if the business doesn’t work out, he is the one who will lose all the money he put to start the company. another thing I want to mention is that, as a self employed, you only get to work when you want to if you organize your company in a way that things will move without you being present all time. Many people leave their jobs to start their own company only to realize that they didn’t started a company, they bought a job!

    Roberto Tessare

  16. STEVE Says:

    it a great importart point to know !

  17. Rodney Warnock Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I agree with most of what you say, however self-employment can be almost as bad as working for someone else. For instance if you are working round the clock to establish your business your may be earning good money but often may have a poor quality of life. I think that the internet offers the possibility of working when you choose and earning good money as well as being able to work from any location. Of course it depends on finding the right opportunity and that is the difficult part. I certainly hope to find the right one.
    My Best Wishes for 2009

    Rodney Warnocks last blog post..Driving Traffic with Squidoo

  18. frank Says:

    Kelly hello great web site but it tells what your about which is greater

  19. keanu217 Says:

    Good evening Kelly,
    I recieved your email requesting my thoughts on your post. Well as a living testament to what you are posting about I shall share my story with you. I was recently “fired” from a Sears call center. There , day after day we would take calls every 4 minutes from someone needing to buy a part. I was there working for 2 3/4 years. I was in the top 10 in sales out of 800 peple spread between mobile Al, and tucson, Az. My reviews were always outstanding and I was in line for an extra bonus as well. On 12/15 they cut me loose. Interesting enough I have a son who is in the hospital after just having a corrective heart surgery . All these factors figured in , and it was just before christmas. So yes I was one of the highest paid people there in an industry that has a 6 months atrition rate. I was making bonuses and then some. and this has happened before. I know for a fact that I have to be my own boss and I am working towards that goal. There is no more job security anymore anywhere it seems and so I have been working on my affiliate marketing, so far with no conversions. I have had some success with SEO as I have my site listed as #1 in yahoo . So now I am left getting food stamps as well as praying that I will get unemployment. I have 3 kids to look after. Ya wanna hear the funny part? Tonight I got a call from the people that I am trying to sell their product for that is on Yahoo that I mentioned earlier. They said that they were looking for someone that they could make a success story from. To make a long story short, they wanted me to sign up with them and pay between 1500.00 & 25,000.00 to enroll in their personal coaching program. My situation financially is not stable and I am of course just trying to survive at this point. Needless to say because I didn’t have the 1500.00 minimum I didn’t fit the profile. This happen with another product that I downloaded. What a joke huh? I guess I am at that point when a personal transformation of my life is due huh?
    Well, I won’t bore you with anymore details, but needless to say its time for me to be successful .
    Have a peaceful night, take it easy. Drop by for a visit

  20. Nicholas LaVecchia, Jr Says:


    Thank you for asking me to look at your blog. Of couse, I agree. However self employment is not a course which everyone can pursue.

    If you are self employed, or run your own business or company, and you are successful – what’s not to like.

  21. jeffrey dibble Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for e-mail. You are totally right on this. I am still working a 9-8 job. i realize my life is own by my boss and i might lose my job one of this day. So,I made the decision that i am gonna use the internet to make a living last year. So far so good.

    Wish a very Happy And Prosperous New Year 2009.

    Thanks again, Kelly.



    jeffrey dibbles last blog post..Review Of Dec 2008 And New Year Online Business Marketing Goals Resolution For 2009

  22. Mary Says:

    Kelly, You do a very good job pointing out the fact that a job never equals security. As you clearly spelled out you are always at the mercy of your employer.

    Thanks for the great article!

    P.S. Besides, Who wants security when you can have freedom!?!

  23. thriftsolutions Says:

    you are so right..
    i just wish ppl would realise it sooner..
    but i guess that will always be the case..not everyone willing to make the change and be their own boss..
    there may be other obligations that keep them in a job.


  24. Cgithongo Says:

    It was a good write up. It is true that economy has nothing to do with job security. Those employed are at the mercies of their employers. You are not guaranteed any period of time to be employed. Employer could always come with reasons to get rid of an employee, as you clearly stated, and which is very true.

  25. Kelly Says:

    WOW – That was a LOT of comments, emails and help-desk messages that I’ve got in the last 12 hours. Over 25 comments and more than 20 emails!

    @ Peter

    Thanks for your comments. I do understand that working for yourself isn’t for everyone and at the end of the day if we all did start working for ourselves who would bake the bread that we eat or build the houses that we live in?

    @ Stephen

    Thanks for commenting – it’s worrying that so many people think that they have security in their employed life. Let’s hope that as few people as possible end up losing it.

    @ Bernard

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. Mu Uncle has skills that he is now putting to good use, so I’m sure that he will succeed in the direction he has chosen.

    @ Jan

    I know what you are going through, my eldest son is at college and because of his career choice he had no choice but to go in this direction. He is in professional sports, so his club said he had to go through the educational route. The problem is, if his career ended tomorrow, he would have nothing to fall back on. He has followed his passion and we encouraged that.

    No matter how strongly I feel about building a business for yourself, passion is stronger than anything and I think that he needed to follow it or he would never have known and life would have been full of ‘what if’s ….’

    Your son has interests and if he can build from that and has that passion then for me personally, I would want him to follow that passion. The only person who can truly know which direction is your son, but when they are so young it can be hard sitting back as a parent and letting them make those decisions themselves. We know the pitfalls and tend to dwell on them more than we do the positives.

    I know it doesn’t help much, but I hope that it at least lets you know that you are not alone.

    @ Bryan

    Thanks Bryan for taking the time to comment. Keep taking those small steps and big things will soon happen.

    @ Jennifer

    Thanks for your kind words and glad that you enjoyed the post. If anyone out there is living proof of what taking action is all about – it’s you. You have really taken some great steps and are reaping the rewards! Well done 🙂

    @ Hello, Kell

    Thanks for commenting. We all need to be accountable for our own actions and future.

    @ Chris

    It’s great to see that you have achieved a lot. Both financially and in your happiness. The route you choose gave you that and it worked out well. Thanks for sharing with us.

    @ Charlie

    It certainly isn’t for everyone but those of us who have wanted more and taken the action to get there show that it CAN be achieved and that is something that is holding a lot of people back. Thanks for commenting.

    @ Katherine

    Thanks for posting. Again, you are someone who has taken what has worked and built from it. Lots of people think that they have to build a business around affiliate marketing – there are so many more possibilities with the web. Thanks for sharing.

    @ Raj

    There is no way for me to answer that for you. You need to sit down and work out which direction you should move in depending on lots of factors – can you build websites, do you have funds to invest etc. Once you have the direction mapped out you need to follow a plan of action and get there in small stages. Thanks for commenting.

    @ Douglas Goodey

    Thanks for commenting. My Uncle has taken steps forward and is moving on. Thanks for your thoughts.

    @ Roy Harrison

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree with what you have written. Even the online world can have their businesses ripped out from under them. Affiliate marketers can have their whole business gone if they only have one income source and it was to end. Thanks.

    @ Roberto

    I completely agree. I have already seen what it is like to build a business up and then realise that you are swapping hours for money. Planning and delegation are whats needed to get the balance right. Thanks for commenting.

    @ Anna

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. A great bit of advice for us all to follow.

    @ Rodney Warnock

    Thank you for commenting. You are right with what you have said and I just commented above about similar feelings. It’s all about getting the balance right.

    @ Jeffrey Dibble

    Thanks for commenting. Small steps can lead to big changes.

    @ Mary

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Well said.

  26. Kelly Says:

    I’ll try and get the emails answered at some point too today. I really would like to thank everyone for commenting.


  27. Denise Says:

    Funny you should talk about this at this time. I was “laid off” from my JOB 11 months ago and, due to the strange laws in this country, have been without an income for all that time. I have been struggling and working to build an internet business, but to date have been largely unsuccessful due to lack of funds.
    My main problem is that ALL of my friends and family keep saying “cant you get a job”, “you need to be employed”, “youve got no security!”
    HUH, what security, I had a very decent job and look where that got me.
    Anyway, would like to say that, although I am finding it tough, I would rather be responsible for my own future, at least then I cant blame someone else when it all goes wrong and, on the plus side, I can take pride in each success and enjoy my own achievements.
    Thanks Kelly, you summed it up beautifully!

  28. Robin Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    That certainly is food for thought. Whoever would have thought Woolies would go under a couple of years ago? Now it’s Adams and even M&S are streamlining with job losses. No one is safe anymore.

    I,ve been online for awhile noe mostly promoting affiliate programs, but now is the time to take it to the next level. I’m looking at squidoo and i’ve just bought your squidoo queen v2 ebook at a fantastic price, thanks. It’s full of tips and all the stuff we need to know to get it right first time.

    Thanks to finding your squidoo lens and all the helpfull information I have a new goal to aim for, working from home. And the best part, it’ all free.


  29. Chris Says:

    Hello Jan

    From my personal life , I worked for sears,wards and such in my early years. Then I joined the Operating Engineers,they tought me about running Equipment in a 4 year apprenticeship. The way I thought about it was ,Big Boys playing in the dirt with Big Toys and getting Paid very well for it. when I retired in California I was making $30+ dollars a hour plus retiremant and Insurence. It was a good life. I went and gor a Civil Enginering degree to add to it. I have worked all over the West. The Operating Engineers is a very Strong Union and put the people first.
    If anyone wants more on this

  30. Sue McShan Says:

    An awesome job, I think, on your article. I’ve generally always been self-employed while my sisters weren’t… However, through the years it was I who loaned them money even though they made much more than I. They both were college graduates while I was not. It seemed that my family had as much as they because I watched where and on what our money was spent while they just spent money on any and everything. At this time the baby of us is still working at age 60, but would love to quit right now. I was the eldest and I reached retirement age back in 2003 because my husband died (but I did not retire) while my middle sister took her retirement this year in June at her boss’s request because her boss was then retiring herself. My sister had reached her retirement age sometime before – I think in January of the prior year. I had saved money for my retirement and my middle sister had her 401K. My youngest sister has nothing. That is our background basically. I never did like to work for someone else; both my sisters did. I guess it was in my makeup not to work for others although I worked many, many nights after the store closed and after my family was gone. Both my sisters did their 8 hours and then quit. Who was happier throughout the years? I think all three of us were basically happy in our selected jobs and our jobs filled our needs. Therefore, I feel that one should listen to their heart and/or head and follow it’s directions. There are many downfalls for both avenues of work. Perhaps in working for oneself, one selects a business that won’t make it, their retirement is not enough, there’s problems of other sorts and that’s a chance we take when we chose our route in life. On the other hand perhaps one is laid off, sometimes right before retirement, in a job working for someone else or we’re let go or downsized and many other things that could happen to one working for another. There are no “givens” in life, no promises, nothing written in stone in whatever our choice. That’s exactly why I feel that one must
    choose for themselves and choose whatever they would be happiest doing and then
    take what comes in life. There will always be layoffs, business failing, no retirement or not enough, banks failing and houses being repossed regardless of our choice. Unfortunately a lot, or maybe all, depends on when we live. And our history…

  31. Dean Saliba Says:

    Very good post. I’ve seen that there are some bloggers who have not been affected by the recent economy troubles.

  32. Edward Says:

    Something else to think…many opportunities on the Internet have a money back guarantee…you either succeed or you get your money back.

  33. Anthony Causey Says:

    I do agree with you. But I jave been trying to make decent money online for 2 years now and most of the time I get scammed. Not having the resources to advertise correctly is keeping me from earning online.So that being said, I HAVE TO WORK! It’s not because I want to put up with the daily grind, BELIEVE ME I DON’T! I HAVE TO PAY THE BILLS! If you can show me the way to profit enough to quit my job,I would do it in a heart beat.

  34. Bruce Says:

    Hi I agree with most of what you say its nice to have a job but its a lot nicer to not need one.Personaly I will retire this June anyway but I will still have to make some money online.All this advice should get me there quit easily.Istill have a business that brings in good money but not all I want to maintain the life stile I want.

  35. Molly Best Tracfone Deal Says:

    The only true security we have is the confidence we have to make money on our own. I have been self employed most of my life. I totally agree with you on this post.


    Molly Best Tracfone Deals last blog post..Refurbished Tracfones

  36. helptobiz Says:

    this is a great a nutshell this is what i try to tell my non IM friends all the time,but they still won’t listen. glad to see like minded people sometime!

  37. Wordpress website guy Says:

    Security can only come from building your own personal wealth and continuing to learn. Just my opinion and worth exactly what you paid for it..

    WordPress website guys last blog post..Protected: WordPress Static Home Page, How to Build One


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