Do You Know The Secret?

March 19, 2009

Marketing Tips

I’m often found on forums through the week, one’s like the Warrior Forum or Wealthy Affiliate – normally not getting involved with the conversations that are taking place, just watching.  I’ve found that it takes up way too much of my time when I start posting, I go back, check what others are saying and before you know it half the day has gone.

When I am there though I watch and listen to what people are talking about (it’s a great way to find out what would sell well) and one thing that comes up over and over again is “What’s the secret?” or “What do you know that I don’t?” – we’ve all seen the posts.

I’ve often thought of jumping in and adding my two cents to the conversation – “THERE IS NO SECRET!”

There are lots of people that come back and say this – it’s usually not well received.  People don’t want to know that there is no secret to becoming successful, it’s all down to learning, taking action and focus.  I’m not saying that everyone will all of a sudden become rich by following these three steps but you will be able to learn what has worked for you and what you need to work on.

Once you learn something (Squidoo for example) and then take action and stay focused on the topic (don’t get side tracked with new things) you will be able to see what works and what doesn’t.  If you don’t get the results that you wanted – find out what went wrong.  Is it down to traffic?  Down to poor copy?  Or are you not giving clear call to action signs along the way?

Each of these things can be worked on and made better – you also know not to make the same mistakes again!  When something works you can simply rinse and repeat.


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4 Responses to “Do You Know The Secret?”

  1. Joey Logano Says:

    You are right, there is no magic secret to success, the only secret there is, is like you said “it’s all down to learning, taking action and focus.” Less talking and more action hehe.

  2. Jaebird88 Says:

    Oh I wouldn’t agree that there is no secret. I think the secret is Hard Work and Patience. I have been blogging on certain niche for quite some time and have built it to over 200 different posts and only now am I starting to receive any real traffic flow from it. Had I just given up I would never have gotten to the point where I can see daylight. So that is my secret.


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  3. Rick Zero Credit Says:

    To many of these people there is a secret. I wrote a quote from Frank Kern. This isn’t exact but it kinda went. Set goal Set deadlines Work hard.

    If your hard work is hanging around talking on forums then you haven’t followed Frank’s Magic Formula.

    As prolific as you are Kelly it is obvious that you follow the Secret of work.


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  4. Wordpress website guy Says:

    I think your last point in this article is so critical. Getting focused on one subject and sticking with it. Whether it is building Squidoo Lenses, or WordPress sites or getting links the focus is key.


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