Bum Marketing – Am I Against Travis?

December 3, 2007

Marketing Tips

If anyone has read the Bum Marketing Method by Travis Sago (I strongly recommend you do) you will be familiar with the techniques and ideas that he has.  They work amazingly well.  There is however, one point that I think stands me almost against Travis here.

Travis tells you that you should be creating ‘crap loads’ of articles and then digging deeper when you hit gold.  I totally agree here – to a point.  Whilst I agree that you should be concentrating on one niche and getting the most of what is available, I also think that you should be keeping your options open.  You can see in this post where I talk about multiple income streams. 

Imagine that you have created 50-100 articles all within one niche (lets just say that you hit gold early) and then that niche is wiped out.  Things change online literally overnight, affiliate programs end, products are pulled and you have no control over this.  Your income could go from $100’s per day to $0 within hours.

So although I totally agree with Travis to a certain extent, I do think that you should be making sure that you have another income stream available.  I’m sure that Travis would say that once you have got a good income coming from your articles, you should start to research another area, just make sure that you work those areas well and get the most out of them.

Never rely on just one source of income – you could end up losing out in a big way.  Keep up to date with the niche you are working in and look for trends and seasonal fluctuations.  If you know your niche goes quiet in the winter (swimming pools for example) then remember to have planned to work on something new when this time is approaching.


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3 Responses to “Bum Marketing – Am I Against Travis?”

  1. Minsheyenwen Says:

    Kelly, excellent advise. Diversification is crucial with online marketing, too. The wisdom of the ages say… never put all your eggs (effort) in one basket (affiliate program, web 2.0 platform or a free blog). Things happen outside of your power and control. Always have a well thought ot plan A and a back up plan B (other income streams). A valuable life lesson I learned is dig the well before you are thirsty when you are in the midst of an ample source or abundance. It’s true… you do miss the well when the water runs dry! Therefore, when you are making good commissions be sure to put something away for a dry spell, a Squidoo or Google Slap.

  2. Joseph Murray Says:

    Nice post. Very informative. I’ve bookmarked it so I can follow more posts. Thanks, Joseph.

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  3. Wordpress website guy Says:

    I’m on your side Kelly. I have focused on one niche for quite a while. The main payer in the niche cut commisions by almost 30% and my income dropped. The income from my google adsense clicks dropped even more. I am still getting more clicks but the adsense advertizers are not spending as much either. Ouch

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