Blog Competition – Day Three, The Rules!

July 29, 2008

Marketing Tips

I want to get the details of the competition out to you today, so here goes ……

What’s In It For You?

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock somewhere for the last three days, you will have seen the posts about the prizes that are up for grabs.  There are some major prizes going on that could seriously improve your marketing efforts.  If you want to see again just what prizes could be yours over the coming days, you can look at the post announcing the prizes here.

What You Need To Do

This is easy, I’m making this as simple as possible so that everyone can enter and stand a chance of winning some of these fantastic prizes.  If you can create an email then you are able to enter this blog competition.

  1. Register to get my RSS feed, using the top right hand corner of the blog.  The best way to do this is to subscribe using email.  This means that you are able to get all the latest posts that I make direct to your inbox.
  2. Create a 450+ word ‘How To …..’ article on any subject you like.
  3. Send me your article for inclusion to the competition using the contact page support center.
  4. Just leave a comment below to let me know that you are interested in taking part or to let me know that you have sent in your submission.
  5. Digg, stumble etc this post.

That’s it!

What Happens Then?

On August 5th I will then select three winners from the best submissions to have their article turned into a Squidoo lens by me.  Your lens will then be promoted by me for three weeks.  At the end of the three weeks the lens will be transferred to you so that you can take over it’s care.

It’s the three winners (plus some runners up) who will be given the prizes.  It really is that simple.

Any articles that are sent in will automatically be entered into the competition (so long as the steps above are done).  It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece of more than 1,000 words, it just needs to be in English, at least 450 words long and contain no more than three links to your site, blog or other lenses.

Each article should have a few sentences at the end with your author bio (about you) in it. 

What You Get

Not only are you in the running to get your hands on some of the biggest prizes in the industry, you are then getting your Squidoo lens built for you, published and promoted by me.  You are also getting huge exposure for your niche, lens or site by getting featured on this blog.

How Long You Get

It all ends on August 3rd so I’ll need your entries by then.  No late entries past August 3rd will be eligible.  The winners and runners up in the competition will be announced on August 5th.

Got A Question?

Just let me know as soon as possible so that we can get it sorted out.

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14 Responses to “Blog Competition – Day Three, The Rules!”

  1. Minsheyenwen Says:

    I am interested in participating in the Blog Contest. I have read the Blog Compettition – Day Three, The Rules! I Digg i!.

  2. Minsheyenwen Says:

    Hi Kelly Stone,

    I have sent in my Blog Contest Article submission!

  3. Abbie Says:

    I’ve done it and sent in my submission. Can you let me know that you got it ok please Kelly?


  4. Kelly Says:

    Thanks for your submission Minsheyenwen, got it and it’s entered into the competition.

    Good luck!


  5. Kelly Says:

    Abbie, I have your submission and it’s entered into the competition.

    Good luck


  6. Kelly Says:

    There has also been about 8 other submissions sent into my email address, only six of them have been entered as two of them did not meet with the rules. I have emailed the two people and explained so hopefully they can get that sorted out and back to me.

    I have no problems with people sending them in via email, but you MUST include everything that was asked in the rules. There can be NO exceptions due to the nature of this contest and the people who have donated prizes.

    If there are any questions about the competition, please do send them to me straight away and I’ll get back to you as fast as possible so that you can get your entries in.



  7. Zac Says:

    got mine in now too.

  8. Peter Jenkins Says:

    Just gort mine finishid and sent in. Peter

  9. Kelly Says:

    Thanks Zac and Peter, got them both.

    Both of them have been entered.

    Good Luck


  10. Alison Says:

    Hi Kelly

    I have just sent you my entry through a support ticket – marked personal for Kelly – hope you got it ok?

    Many thanks, Alison

    Alisons last blog post..Quick Recommendation:

  11. zubin kutar Says:

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to enter the contest , I ve subscribed to your email post and also submitted my article to your contact support. Hoping to win the contest and be featured on your blog

  12. Richard Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Just sent you my entry – it’s in two parts as I forgot to add my bio file at the end of my article and your support system is denying me access to the original post 🙂

    Have been an RSS subscriber for months so that’s all in order, this comment is added and I will add you to and StumbleUpon in just a second…


    Richards last blog post..99% Of Success Online Is Selecting The Right Niche

  13. Denise Says:

    Hi Kelly, I have sent in my artlcle. Thanks!


  14. Molly Best Tracfone Deal Says:

    I really like your contest idea. Are you going to run more contests?


    Molly Best Tracfone Deals last blog post..Refurbished Tracfones