3 Internet Marketing Mistakes I Bet You’re Making

January 30, 2009

Marketing Tips

When it comes to internet marketing mistakes, I can almost always guarantee that there are three really common mistakes that people are making.  The emails that I get coming in, the conversations that I have with people and the product support questions I deal with ALL have a very similar theme to them.  Are you making these internet marketing mistakes?

1.  Very Little Or No Traffic

This one is one of the most popular mistakes that I see.  Not the mistake of not having traffic, but the little traffic that does arrive.  Most people wouldn’t be able to tell you where it came from or how it arrived on your site, article, lens or blog!

Without knowing this, how on earth are you going to repeat the process that got them there in the first place? 

2.  Giving Up Too Soon

This is something that has always been one of my greatest bugbears yet I have been just as guilty as anyone for this!  I guess that makes me a total hypocrite :0

It’s the cycle again, if you have been a reader here for a while you would have heard me banging on about this for a LONG time.  We start off by being seduced by a sales page, we buy into it and most of the time read it.  Then we place it neatly on a virtual pile of ‘to do’.  We then go off in search of another sales page!  If you are really good then you might spend a few days or weeks putting some of the guide into practice and then if you don’t see the results you move on.

If you never master something and or even look at the ‘why’ it went wrong you are never going to learn and move forward.  Remember the old saying – If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!

3.  No Clear Plan Of Action

Again, this is something that I too am guilty of when I first started out.  If you have no idea where you want to be or how you are going to get it, how on earth are you going to work towards something?  I always have my plans down on paper and to hand.  I know what I am going to be doing this week and I work to get them all done.  I also have my goals for the next month, year and five years!

Each week I plan out what I need to do in order to reach my monthly goal, then at the end of the month I work out what I need to do to stay on target for my yearly goal and so on and so on.

Knowing what I need to do and when is key for me or I would just roam around all day wondering what to start on next!  If you have no idea what you want to achieve how will you know what you need to do to get there?

Should you be stopping now in order to succeed?


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19 Responses to “3 Internet Marketing Mistakes I Bet You’re Making”

  1. clarence Says:

    I would say I am guilty iof that too, I wondered around here with a coffee in my hand
    wondering what to do next. Fix this or that or learn to make extra money. Bounced from
    one web page to another, found one that said ( we will teach you ) how to build a web
    site and get it up and running in you will be making money in less then 30 days.. Ha Ha Ha
    That was last October and not up yet. They taske so long between sessions, lots of
    excuses SO, I went to a company that was highly recommended and has a 5 star rating
    on how to start a web site the proper way without losing a ton of money like I did.
    They have coaches , one on one, call the phone # if you need help, they answer the phone in person, not a recording (push this # or that# ) personally . they are the greatest.
    They were personally inspected and interviewed by a rating company and got their 5 star rating. I love them and you will not be wondering around wondering WHAT TO DO NEXT… follow KELLY`S , for best help, reply.

  2. John Bonzo Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Three of the greatest mstakes we all make and you hit the nail right on the head. I need to read this same article about once a week just to remind me of my faults. Thanks for putting them down on paper. Now try to get every marketer, both new and old hand, to read your masterpiece.

    Thanks for your efforts,

  3. Richard Haigh Says:

    This one is one of the most popular mistakes that I see. Not the mistake of not having traffic, but the little traffic that does arrive. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell you where it came from or how it arrived on your site, article, lens or blog!

    Without knowing this, how on earth are you going to repeat the process that got them there in the first place?

    The above is the one that I am most guilty of…which I will over come…I am sure it is one of the answers to getting more traffic.

  4. Bryan Says:

    Great post again Kelly!

    Thanks for the info. I am actually guilty of #2 as well. I tried and tried for about 1 month and figured it must be way to hard if I made no money in 1 month. Then I got back into it and realized that there is a huge world of affiliate marketing that I had no idea about.

    I cleared my head and my notes and started over. Wow, was I surprised. My first month on my 2nd try I made over $500! I was incredibly excited.

    Great blog,


  5. Theresa Mayhew Says:

    Wow, Kelly! You’ve nailed all the things I had been doing wrong. Guess you’ve been around the block a few times.

    1. I am using Google Analytics to help me see where my traffic is coming from, how long the visitors are staying, if they are coming back and what they’re looking at.

    2. Very true. Maybe there’s an ebook in their for people who are addicted to the “next program or ebook will be the one” syndrome.

    3. Having a clear daily/weekly/monthly/yearly plan of action has taken me from wandering the high seas of the net to focusing my efforts on paddling my canoe in the direction of a sunny beach. In other words, I know where I’m going because I have a plan.

    I’m off to my next task now.

  6. Bryan Hee Says:

    Never take action is the biggest “mistake” for internet marketers to success online.

    “Take Action Now! ” is key to Success!

    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

  7. Bruce Says:

    Yup I joined Wealthy Affilfate yesterday and it looks as good as the tour Bruce My web site should be running in three weeks . Then I will be getting the traffic I hope as for now I am just joining forums and building blogs and squidoo lenses In order to promote.Also I am finding web site products to create return traffic I could use any advice I can get but quitting is not in my future I rate it up there with(I can’t) that does not compute.Bruce

  8. Leonard Says:

    that number three is a real problem for me. Do you have some type of system to organize your steps or simple pen to paper.

  9. Hermann Hoerter Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    You are absolutely right about giving up too soon. I am subscribed to too many
    newsletters and “Gurus”. They mostly want to sell me something or recommend
    somebody else’s work. I check it out, sometimes I buy, go to the next email and see
    what it’s all about.
    In short, I am getting way too much email. Too much stuff to explore.
    Got to quit it for sure.

  10. Andrew Says:

    1. Very Little Or No Traffic
    great point. However, i was digging around the net today to find a wordpress plugin that would let me know my traffic sources. Couldn’t find one. Or rather did find one, but it wanted and API and I haven’t got a clue what one of those is. Perhaps it is like an appendix – you don’t need one but miss it when it isn’t there?
    Hints on where to get the info would be really useful. I know that since my blog started I have had about 1000 uniques (that’s in one month, not bad) but don’t know where they are from

    Andrews last blog post..grass-is-greener.jpg

  11. Garry Says:

    Dear Kelly,

    Hi on your internet marketing, mistakes, yes you are so right there Girl, the biggest mistake any one makes is taking notice afall the craps thats sent to inboxes, as I have now just about deleted all the emails and unsubscribed from their emails because they sell you an Ebook and leave you hanging waiting for the punch line and there isn’t one just as so as you will buy their next Ebook that promises crap shit again,
    No forget itI’ve closed down all my Internet business, and even closed off my subscription with the wealthy affiliate crap as well because i was with them for 18 months Faithfully paying my dues for what Zilch, so i’m saving myself an extra $30.00 a month.
    No sick of it allcan’t even get squidoo to work so i’m sorry kelly but no thank you I’m now back at doing what i love, working with my Gardens and Horses.

    Regards Garry

  12. Holly Powell Says:

    You nailed it with this. I have a database of 200+ ebooks and unlike most I have read every single one of them. But the internet makes it too easy for folks to get pulled into every product under the sun and you end up with a computer full of stuff and never really taking any action to put that good advice to work.

    It’s a cycle that most will never learn how to get out of.

    Holly Powells last blog post..Social Bookmarking Strategy #8

  13. sophielc Says:

    OMG! I’m guilty of the 3 ! Well, mostly 1 and 3, since I’m still around, poking at this and that and making a little money from a few different strategies; I guess I should really be focusing on just one and not start anything else until I get a steady income from the first but being a Gemini, it’s in my nature to want to try everything all at once.

    sophielcs last blog post..Lightbulb Moments: Cash in Now!

  14. Tiff Says:

    Definitely the second and third ones for me.

  15. David Ashton Says:

    I agree Kelly. Most people don’t know where to look to find out where their traffic has come from, which is available and pretty much standard with most if not all web hosts. I cringe when I see people looking for web counters. I can’t believe people think that is the way to do it!!

    And again, most people give up too early on anything, not just IM which is directly related to not having a clear concise plan.

    Your blog is tops by the way.

  16. Rick Answer Analyst Says:

    Planing and reviewing are often the things I do not get around to. The Web stats from Google are great once you install them. It takes fooling around time to learn the different features.


    Rick Answer Analysts last blog post..Answer Analylst Review

  17. Carol Says:

    Oh yes, you are so right on all 3. Number 3 is the one I am most guilty of, well actually 2 and 3. I have so much info. coming at me I don’t know which end is up

    God Bless!

  18. Rick Imby Says:

    It is the persistent one that wins. In most careers it takes about 3 years to become a journeyman. Basically learning all aspects of the job. Some More than three years but that is probably an average.

    Why people expect to make a living after working online for 3 months or 6 months is amazingly stupid to me.

    Learning and doing are the keys.


    Rick Imbys last blog post..Answer Analyst Video Review


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