Writing A Great Blog Post

December 19, 2008


When it comes to writing a great blog post there are some important points to remember.  You need to remember why you are making the post.  Are you out to try and sell something?  Perhaps you want to give your readers some great content or advice.  No matter what, remember the reason – don’t try and hide it.

If you are trying to sell something to your readers, just let them know about it.  People often make the mistake of trying to disguise their post as helpful information, it doesn’t send a clear call to action when you do this.  If you are trying to sell something in your blog post then best way to do this is to let the readers know why.  Is it going to help them, what are the benefits of the product/service?  By letting them know WHY you want them to buy it and listing the benefits the product will give them and then include a strong call to action (click here to get your copy or call us today etc) will produce more results.

Other points to remember are:

  • Keep your post on topic – it’s easy to get side tracked and stray into other areas
  • Try not to ‘hard sell’ your readers – Benefits and solutions far outweigh ‘selling’
  • Encourage readers to comment, ask questions and involve your readers – it builds a community
  • Make sure you keep your posts easy to read with no technical jargon – No one wants find their dictionary
  • Promote your post using social bookmarking, email signatures etc – Good content deserves readers

Why not continue this list …..

What is YOUR top tip for writing a great blog post?

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One Response to “Writing A Great Blog Post”

  1. Fadly Says:

    Your information is very interesting and clear. It easy to easy to understand.
    But can I, instead of writing my own blog, just copy an articles which I’m the affiliate?

    Because I’m selling the products, so might as well write an article about it. Is it ok?