Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies

February 4, 2008


It seems that all the fuss lately that people have been making about Web 2.0 and social marketing has left some of you a little confused.  To me, it seems that every Guru and their followers have all decided that they need to be getting this under their control.

Some of the information that I have spent most of my weekend reading is just plain bizarre – others are just way too difficult to master and there are even some that are wrong.  I have to admit that one of them is simply mind blowing though. 

My inbox is jam packed at the moment with emails from well known marketers all letting me know their take on social marketing and Web 2.0 – I’m guessing that yours is too.  No wonder you are going into a major brain meltdown!

Who should you listen too?

Me?  StomperNet?  Those others?  The list would go on and on.  It simply boils down to this.  Some of these marketers have been throwing the ‘Web 2.0’ word out like some kind of marketing buzzword.  Now they are seeing that people are making serious money from it – they want in.  It’s no longer a buzzword – it’s here, it’s happening and it’s taking them by surprise.

That’s why we have so much bad information out there.  How can they have been working on this for the last six months when last month they told you that they had been locked away on a tropical island writing their last ‘must have’ guide that has taken them six months to do?

They want in – it’s simple.

There are lots of people who I am continually learning from that are ‘real’ experts in the social marketing world.  These are people who got in on day one.  They don’t release anything other than social marketing guides – they eat, breath and live for it.

I started over two years ago with Web 2.0 and social marketing and it’s taken me a long time to master it.  Most of you already know that my income is almost entirely 100% through social marketing – it’s what I do.

I’ve been locked away in freezing Manchester for the last four months creating my next installment for you guys – it’s due out VERY soon.  I know that you guys are going to love it. 

Here’s an inside scoop for you – If you have been putting off creating a blog, you need to start now.  Today in fact.  Get it done and get ready.

With so much to learn it’s easy to get lost in all the information and not actually get started.  This is a new kind of market that is ripe for the picking – you need to be ready to take it on.

Forget what you are hearing about the ‘good ‘ol days’ you need to forget that and move on.  Do you think that you are going to be able to rely on the methods from years past to build your online business?  No, you need to be building a business around Web2.0 and build your marketing strategies around them.

The internet changes on an almost daily basis but nearly everyone has accepted that this is going to be the biggest change since the dotcom boom – are you ready?

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One Response to “Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies”

  1. Warner Carter Says:

    How often do we put off responding to changes? Until we have to run as fast as we can to catch up? Often.